{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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29. Chapter 28

The bell rings and everybody goes out to the hallway. I open my locker and take out everything. Everything. I close my locker,wait for Ash,and we intertwine our fingers and walk out of the school. It's the last day of being a junior! (A/N: and it's only been 28 chapters! XD) Ash stops. "What's up?" I ask. He giggles. He pulls me on his back. I laugh and Allison climbs on-top of Michael's back. "By the way,there's practice today." Michael tells us. We all laugh as Calum climbs on-top of Luke's back. We make it to Ashton's garage and the band plays and tries out songs.

I wake up sitting in a chair. "What the?" I ask when I see the white towel around my shoulders. "Oh,shit. She's awake." I hear Michael say. "Oh no." That's Ashton. "Knock her out or something. Okay,just kidding." Calum. "When are we gonna eaaaaaatttt? I'm staaaaaarrrrving." I laugh at Luke. "What are you doing?" I ask,nervously. "Don't worry." Michael says,and does something with my hair. My precious hair! "What the fuck are you doing to my hair?" I ask again. "Don't worry,we're just,making it prettier." Luke assures me. I roll my eyes. "I don't want my hair,'prettier.'" I tell him. "Trust me,you'll love it." Calum says. "Gimme a mirror or something!" Ashton hands me a mirror and I see my hair is being dyed. Fucking dyed. "What are you doing?!?" I ask. "Dyeing your hair a pastel pink," Michael says. "Duh." "Why? I never asked you to!" "You'll look great." Ashton tells me. "Quick question. Is Allison in on this?" I ask,as a new thought comes into my head. "No. Why?" Luke says. "Let's dye her hair a bright blue." I say,smiling.

I smile in the mirror. "This isn't that bad,actually." I say,looking at my hair. "Good,cause that took forever." Michael tells me. We walk out into Michael's bedroom. "Okay,next stop. The hair dye store." Luke says. It's 8:30 ish and Allison should be sleeping. We head to the hair place and buy bright blue hair dye. Alison's mom doesn't care if we dye her daughter's hair,and let's us do it. We carry Allison into the bathroom and she remains asleep. We begin the process and she wakes up halfway through. "What are you guys doing?" She asks. Ash and I giggle. Michael smirks."Dyeing your hair a bright blue,duh." Michael tells her. "WHAT?!?!" She practically screams. We all laugh. "Calm down. And also sit down." Calum says. Allison sits down,surprisingly and Michael finishes dyeing her hair. When it's all dried,it actually looks good. She stands up,and sees my hair,her eyes widen,and her mouth turns into an O. "What?" She asks. "It was them. And you were next." I tell her. "At least you have a pastel colour." She mumbles as we walk out of the bathroom. I laugh. We then go downstairs and her 3 sisters rub up to her and start messing with her hair. "Cool! I want that colour hair!"The youngest,Kami. "Me too!" That was Sammy. "Ugh,why don't I get hair like that!" Oldest,Laura.

We all go to a diner,Smokin,and just chat. When Luke's food arrives,he just wolfs it down. "Luke,dude,calm down." Calum says. We laugh. "Summer again." I sigh,taking a bite of my salad. "Yeah,no homework,no studying,more sunlight." Michael says. "More days for dates." Ashton continues,giggling. After finishing up and paying we go to our houses. Michael and I hang out,watching tv. "Hey,question." I say. He turns to me. "What's the question?" He asks. "If,well,you know,you and the guys,go on,like,a tour,or something,w-would you take me and Allison?" I don't know why I'm nervous,but I just...I just don't want to stay behind,you know? He smiles. "Hopefully." I nod and get up. I climb up the stairs and go to the study. I sit there and think. My phone rings and I answer it. I didn't realize I was there for a half an hour. "Hey," Luke. "So,Michael didn't pick up his phone,so is he there or..." His voice trails off and I laugh. "Yeah,hold on." I run downstairs and tell Mikey that Luke tried to call him. "Oh,okay. Lemme call him." "Sorry,he's gonna call you,bye,Luke." I say and Luke says bye. After Michael and Luke finish up on the phone,Michael comes upstairs. "Special announcement,apparently. He wants us to go to his place." I nod and we walk down to Luke's house with Calum. Ash is already there and Allison comes a minute after us. "Okay. So,we got this DM,and,um,so lemme read it," Luke says. "'Hey,@5SOS. The boys listen to your music on your EP,and you have quite the fanbase. Summer 2014 has a huge tour for One Direction,and maybe you guys would like to be the openers?'"

"So,not this summer,next summer?" Allison asks. "Yeah." Luke says. "Well,you guys are the band. It's your decision." I say and Allison and I back up.

They decide to get more information about it and they'll work it out. Michael and I talk about it after dinner. "Oh,and look,we have a bunch of new merch on the website." He tells me and I nod. I have like,15 merch items from them. "So,a tour. Wow. That's insane." I say. "Yeah,but,hopefully,we'll get to bring you and Allison." Michael closes his laptop. I scroll through my recommendations on YouTube. "Maybe," I say. "Maybe."

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