{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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23. Chapter 22

"What do you want?" I ask,nicely,even though I shouldn't be nice to this douchebag. "I wanted to ask you something." Terrance says,coming closer to me. I back up. "What?" I look back behind me and back at him. "What do you have against me?" He asks. "You tried to,um,murder my boyfriend." I answer. "But other than that?" "You tried to take my best friend away from me." "Other than that?" "Quit doing this please." I tell him. "Why?" He asks. "Afraid of me?" "I shouldn't be alone with you." I reply. "Fine,call up your puny boyfriend. Call up your stupid brother. Call up your wimpy friends." He spits. "Terrance,I just..." My voice fades away. I sigh. My phone buzzes. I look down at it. Ashton. I type in that I'm up in the hallway. I put my phone in my pocket. We stand there in silence. Ashton comes up the steps. "What're you doing here?" He asks Terrance. "Just talking." Ashton looks at me. "He said you were puny. He said Michael was stupid. He said Luke and Calum were wimpy." I tell Ashton. He nods. "Don't bother my girlfriend ever again." "Why?" "Because you'll hurt her." "Sure. Like I would hurt a girl that pretty." I pause. "Only I can call her that!" Ashton says after a moment. "You don't own her." "So?" "So,she can do whatever she wants." "She's still dating me." "You're overprotective." Terrance rolls his eyes. "Only because I don't want her hurt by idiots like you." "Like I said,I'd never hurt a girl that pretty." "Oh really?" "Yeah,reall-" I cut him off. "Stop. I'm dating Ashton. I don't care if he's overprotective. I still love him. Terrance,you did hurt me. Sure,not physically. But emotionally." I say. "What'd I do?" Terrance asks. "You called my boyfriend puny. You called my brother stupid. You called my friends wimpy. Take a look at your self. You have flaws too. And to be honest,Ashton isn't puny. Michael isn't stupid. Luke and Calum aren't wimpy. So look before you fucking leap," I tell him. Terrance scoffs. "Now,leave my fucking house. Or we'll call the cops." He goes down the steps and leaves the house. I hug Ashton. "I love you." I tell him. "I love you." He echoes.

We make our way to our group in the party room. "Hey." Allison waves at us. "Hi." I say. We dance and dance until someone yells up the stairs that the countdown is starting. We all chant until one,and Ashton and I kiss when it's 12:00 am on the first day of the next year. I smile and we all have a blast.

I wake up in my bed,with Ashton's arms around me. I smile. I get up,pick out an outfit,and take a shower. I change into a sweatshirt that says New York in bold black letters,black skinny jeans,and black combat boots. I step out of my bathroom to see Ashton sitting up in my bed. "I thought you left me." He tells me and I sit beside him. "No,I would never do that." I remind him. "Maybe one day you will. And I'll regret whatever I did,I know it." He whispers to me. "Don't worry,handsome." I say. I stand up and go to my vanity. I do my usual makeup and put on my glasses,instead of contacts. Ashton gets up and hugs me. "Last night,you were laying on the couch in the basement,and you fell asleep. So,I picked you up and brought you upstairs. Michael told me not to stay here with you but I did and I fell asleep." He tells me. "Good." I tell him with a smile. "Michael's gonna be pissed." He says,still holding me. I sigh. "He's always pissed." We go downstairs and eat breakfast. No sign of Michael,yet.

After breakfast,we decide to go hang out at the park. We watch as the snow falls to the ground and Ashton's phone rings. He gets up and answers it. I walk away,giving him privacy,and sit on a bench. I pull my coat sleeves down to cover up my hands and smile to myself. (Weird,I know.) Ashton sits beside me. "That was Michael. He doesn't know a thing." I nod. "Cool." "Anyway,I'm gonna head home,okay?" He asks. "Okay. Bye." I tell him and he kisses me before walking away. I sit there for awhile longer. Just smiling. And thinking.

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