{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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3. Chapter 2

"Emily,wake up. We're here." My dad shakes me awake. "Already?" I ask,squinting at the sun. He nods. "Yup. Let's get your stuff out first." I nod in agreement and we get out my boxes. I carry them inside but immediately stop. This house is bigger than I thought it would be. I gasp and look around from the front door. Karen comes up to me. "Welcome,Michael is at the movies. Anyway, let me show you around. Your father has been here before." She shows me to my room first. The walls are a sky blue. I set my box down and look around the spacious room. She takes me back to the front door. "This is obviously the entrance. And if you go through this," we walk through a walkway. "We come to the dining room," The table is set and there is a nice centerpiece,which is made of crystals I'm presuming. "Over here is the kitchen. And back through here is the basement,which has the tv and a foosball table," I nod,taking it all in. We go back to the dining room. "Now,the plates and such are in this cabinet. And back here is the study." She takes me in a room filled with books. "Woah." I say. She smiles. "I know. It's a lot. So,let's get back to the entrance," We go to the entrance and I watch as Dad carries my boxes to my new room. "Let's go down here," Karen tells me and we walk into a room with a grand piano. "This is the great room. Your dad told me you play the piano. Michael plays it too." She says. I nod. "I've been playing it since I was eight." The great room has three couches and two chairs behind the piano. There is a bay window behind those chairs as well. Miss Karen takes me back to the front door. "Let's go upstairs again," we climb up the stairs and we go past my room. "This is Michael's room. He doesn't like it when I go in there without asking," I smile. "And across from his is me and your father's room," She opens the door to show a huge bedroom with a canopy bed. We go back into the hallway and she shows me the bathroom. We go past the staircase. "This is what I call the viewing room,but it's not really called that." I laugh and look at the chairs and couch. "It seems like a nice quiet place." I say and she nods. "It really is," we go back downstairs and through another walkway to the left of the front door. "This is the party room. We have a few parties each year and this is where most the people go. There is a bathroom in there too." We walk into the big room. A few tables are set up and there is speakers and a place to order food. "This house is awesome. I love it here,Karen." I hug Miss Karen and she smiles. "Well,I'm glad you think that. Let's go help your father out with those boxes." She replies. We put boxes in the rooms that the belong in. I start decorating my room. My bed is actually a canopy bed as well. So I put my pillows and blankets away first. I just put things where I want to until I run out of things.

I pick up my phone and try to find my way to the great room. I went left at the front door instead of right,which led me to the party room. I turn around and go straight ahead. I end up with the grand piano in front of me. I sit on the bench and look at the song book in front of me on the stand. I flip through it and decide to play a song I knew by heart. Ours by Taylor Swift. I played it all the time in Melbourne. I start playing it. When I finish,I get up and see Dad standing at the entrance of the room. "Ah,that song. It's your favorite thing to play." I laugh. "You know me so well,Dad." He nods. "I'll be in the master bedroom." He turns around and walks up the stairs. I smile. I sit on one of the chairs and look at my Instagram. I then text in the group chat with Allison,Kylie,and Megan.

Me: guys. This house is huge.

Kylie: rlly? Did u decorate ur room yet?

Alli: yeah,did u?

Me: yeah,but it's not done yet.

Meg: send us a pic when u do.

Me: I will. Don't wrry

Alli: have u met Michael?

Me: no. His room is next to mine,but I haven't seen it yet

Kylie: oh.

Alli: gotta go. Txt u later

Meg: me too. My bro wants to go shpping

Me: bye. I'm gonna look around some more.

Kylie: bye.

I got up and went to the kitchen to get to the basement. "Hey. I heard you playing the piano. You rocked that song." Karen says from behind the counter island. "Thanks." I reply and go to the basement. I look around some more. The tv is huge. And there is a desk with a computer on it. There is a pool table and the foosball table. I go back upstairs and head to the study. I look at the book titles and notice my favorite series. Harry Potter. I smile. I go to my room and leave the door open. I look out the window and see a car pull up. I leave my room and go back downstairs. Man,am I gonna get some exercise with those stairs. I get down just in time. The front door opens and Michael walks inside. We waves to some guys behind him as they walk past. Michael has bright red hair,which I'm assuming is dyed. He has eyebrow piercings. He's wearing an all black shirt and black skinny jeans. With converse. "Hey,you must be Michael. I'm Emily." I say as he closes the door. "Hi." He replies. "Oh,Michael," Karen comes out from the kitchen. "You're home." "Yeah,what's up?" Michael answers. "Well,why don't you go get cleaned up for dinner. You too,Emily. Dinner's gonna be ready any minute." Miss Karen tells us. I nod and climb up stairs after Michael. We go into our separate rooms. I put on a cute long dress that's gold and gold high heels. I take my hair out of a ponytail and brush it out. I open my door and walk downstairs,again. I hear Michael's door open and he's wearing a dress shirt and dress pants. With ,you guessed it,dress shoes. I go into the dining room where Karen is just setting down dinner. It's steak. We all sit down and begin the first meal together.

"Michael,what'd you do today?" Karen asks Michael,who's sitting next to me. "Well,I mowed across the street and I went to the movies with my friends. Then we hung out at the park for the rest of the day." He answers. Karen nods. We talk about Melbourne and stuff like that. Then,Dad gets down on one knee and proposes to Karen. She says yes,of course. And Michael and I just sit there,confused about what just happened. "What just happened?" He whispers to me. "I have no idea." I answer. Assuming that dinner is now over,since Karen and Dad went to call people about the news. I get up and Michael does the same. "So,I guess we're step-siblings now." I say as we go up stairs. "Yeah." He replies. "So,who are your friends?" I ask him,following him into his room. "My friends?" He asks. I nod. "Calum,Luke,and Ashton." "But,what are they like? When do I get to meet them?" I say as he leaves his room and I follow. "I don't know." He says. I follow him into the basement. I look at my Instagram. "Hey,what's your Instagram?" I ask. He ignores me. "Okay then." He texts someone. I follow him around the house some more until the doorbell rings. "I'll get it!" Michael yells. I go to the great room and make up my own song on the piano. I hear Michael and his friends talking at the entrance. "Who's playing the piano?" One asks. "My new step-sister. Her dad proposed to my mom." Michael says. I stop playing and get up. "Hi." Another friend says to me. "Hi?" I say. Michael sighs. "Guys, this is Emily. Emily, this is Luke,Calum and Ashton." Michael points to each one as he says their names. "You're good at the piano." Calum says. "Thanks." I say. "What's Melbourne like?" Luke asks me. I shrug. "It's boring to me." "Okay,okay. That's enough. Go back to playing the piano." Michael pushes me into the great room and he guides his friends up to his room. "She's nice." Ashton says. I stand there. I go up to my room and do more decorating. I go back to the great room and play on the piano some more. I soon hear Michael's friends talking and coming down the stairs. They come up to me. I stop playing. "May I help you?" I ask. "Do you want to play FIFA with us?" Michael asks. I consider this. "I haven't played in a while,but sure." I get up. "You play FIFA?" Ashton asks. "I did a few years ago." I answer. "Let's go." Michael says. Calum and Luke ask me tons of questions as we go to the basement and Ashton just kinda,stares. It's cute actually. "Do you like it here?" Luke asks. "Yeah. It's cool here." I say.

I beat them three out of four games. Michael won the last one. I go into my room and watch Netflix on my laptop. After an episode of Cake Wars, I hear them go past my door. I go out on the balcony and notice that Michael has a balcony too. I can kinda see inside his room. I see Ashton. I smile. I kinda like him. I go inside and then fall asleep.

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