{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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15. Chapter 14

I close my locker and get ready for lunch. A girl with dark brown hair walks up to me. "You're Allison's friend,right?" She asks. I look at Ashton behind,then back to her. "Uh,yeah. Why?" I answer. "I'm Terrance's cousin,Melissa. You convinced Allison to break up with him," I nod slowly. "I'm here to make a bet." She snaps. "Okay,what's that bet?" I say. She looks me up and down. "In a week,you have to have a team of 12 to play football (soccer) against my team. You win,you get left alone,unless you do something. I win,you have to be humiliated by Terrance and his friends,for the rest of the year." She grins. I shift uncomfortably. Football isn't my strong suit. Or any sport. "Challenge accepted." I say. We shake hands and when she walks away,I wipe my hand on Michael's locker. Ashton laughs.

"Okay," Allison begins. I look up from the noodles on my tray. "So,you are going to play football?" "Yeah. If my team loses,I'll be humiliated by Terrance for the rest of the year." I frown. Ashton puts his arm around me. "Don't worry,Emily." He smiles at me. "We can write a song to sing at the game." Calum says. Speaking of songs,the guys' are becoming more and more popular. "Yeah,don't worry." Michael tells me. I smile and take a bite of my food. "Who's gonna be on my team anyway?" I ask. "I could." Allison suggests. "We'd be singing so we can't." Luke says. "I know." Michael says. "What?" Ash asks. "Quinn,Kelly,Sofie,Carri." Michael answers. "That's," I pause to count on my fingers. "5. I need 7 more?" I say. "There's Sydney." Calum says. "We're in Sydney." Allison tells him. "No,the girl,Sydney." Calum says back. I nod. "And there's Jackie." Luke adds. "Still need 5" I say. "Gretta,Lucy,Natalie." Ash suggests. Michael nods. "And Kory." Calum adds. "That's twelve." Allison says. "Now we have to ask them." I say. Allison nods. "Let's split up." Calum says. He pulls out a pencil from his binder and grabs a napkin.

Michael: Kory,Quinn

Cal: Jackie,Lucy

Luke: Gretta,Syd

Ash/Em: Sofie,Carri

Alli: Kelly,Natalie

He shows us all his chart. "Ash and Emily?" Luke asks. "There wasn't enough for each of us and Ash doesn't want her to be alone." Calum replies. We nod. Ash and I have to ask Sofie and Carri.

"They are both in English class,so we could ask them after biology." Ashton says as we walk into biology class. I nod. After the bell rings,Ashton and I find Sofie walking into English. "Sofie!" I say. "Yes?" She stops. "Hi,I would like to have your help." I say. "Go on." She says. "I need you to be on my football team for a bet. I'm going against Melissa. And yeah,so please?" I ask. "Sure. I love footie!" "Thanks,Sofie!" I say and thumb it to our group chat called 'Operation Football.' So far we have Me,Allison,Sofie,Quinn,Jackie,Syd,Lucy,Gretta,and Kelly. We see Carri and we walk up to her. "Hi,can you help me?" I ask. "Sure,what's up?" Carri asks. "Okay,so I'm in this bet. I need you to join my football team against Melissa's. Think you could help?" I ask her and she nods. "Melissa is a jerk. I'll help." "Thanks." I text it in the group and shut off my phone.

After English and PE,we have all the players. I gather them in the gym,which we got permission to use. "Okay,thanks for joining. I may not seem like the sporty type. And I am not. But,I really would like to win this. And not break a nail." I say and we all laugh. "So,do your guys' father's have some sort of football jersey?" Allison asks. Everyone nods. "Wear them at the game," I say. "My boyfriend and brother's band is writing a song and it says that,so we want to just make it the truth." I look over at Allison. "We've only got a week." She says. "We need to get to work." I add.

After practice,I can say we are a great team. We did good. "Thanks for coming. See you tomorrow." I tell the girls. Allison and I walk to the music room,where the guys are writing their song. I'm looking over my shoulder at Allison,laughing,as I open the door and I turn to see Scott Mills sitting in the music room. Scott Mills! "Hi." Ashton says. "Hi." I say back. "How was practice?" Michael asks. "Great." Allison says. "Oh,right. Emily,Allison,this is Scott. Scott,this is my sister and my girlfriend,Emily and Allison." Michael says. "Hey." Scott says. I wave. "Hi. We're huge fans." Allison nods. "How's the song going?" I ask. "It's going great,actually. We just have to work on the melody and part of the chorus" Luke tells us. "That's great." Allison says.

"How'd you get Scott Mills to work with you?" I ask Ashton at our lockers,to pick up our bags. "Michael reached out to him and he answered. Actually a few days ago. We just didn't know what to write,until today." He answers and we start walking. "Oh. Well,I can't wait to hear it." I say. "I can't wait to see you play." Ashton tells me and I kiss him. "I didn't break a nail today. I hope I don't break any at all." I say. He chuckles. "Of course." I laugh. And we hold hands. He takes out the lyrics they have so far. I read them. "This is awesome,Babe!" I say. "Glad you think so." He smiles.

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