Red Rose

This story is about the year dynasty in china. Slaves and Nobles were rumbling around with sad miserable lives. In one specific a woman who goes through hell to save her only child and to get revenge. Daughter not only was born in the dynasty area but also raised in the future. A rose ring separates both mother and child only to meet again and accomplish revenge. Daughter is the legendary red rose ninja. She comes for her bounty disappears into the night leaving a red rose to shine.


1. The beauty of a rose is born

In the thirteen hundred in the china dynasty. A legend was born of the Red Rose. A Red Rose with a beauty so unforgettable, great amazing fighting skills. But first, let's meet the creators that made the legend come true. One day there was a little girl named Wan-Bae who is a slave girl. Poor with no money but just gaining misery. All in good she ever fondled on always is roses she treasures them like her own life. In that evening she came home only to find her dead mom on the ground. Excruciating pain seeped in her small heart. In one moment she saw who murdered her mother only for a second but he also left something behind. A clue to who he really is. He left a Red Rose behind. Being left alone in sadness only brought her suffering. She meets a small boy who became a new slave in the noble man's house. He's name is San-Doong.

After year's passing, they both grow together closer more in love every day. Now at the age of fifteen years old both accept their love for each other. Feeling happiness once again disappeared in a second After a new nobleman started to take over the house. He did not accept slaves to be together or in love, he said it was treason. Poor San-Doong and Wan-Bae two pure in love souls were separated. After that Wan-Bae never saw her true love again. That became the end of her slight hope of happiness. Now to drown in dark misery. The nobleman gave her two choices either you become a prostitute or be my own personal servant. Scared of everything she picked the personal servant. 

But this choice she made she regrets the most. Wan-Bae became the personal servant for Lord Jin Woo. She will always treasure the memories she had with San-Doong. She always kept him in her heart in till one night. Lord Jin Woo is twenty-five years old a young nobleman who always greedily wanted Wan-Bae all to himself. But Wan-Bae furiously hates him. One night Lord Jin Woo came a little drunk from the whore house. He went into his room and called in Wan-Bae. As a slave servant she listens. But that was the biggest mistake she has ever done is to listen. As she entered the room Lord Jin Woo grabs her and whispers into her ear to be quiet and to be all his the whole night or she will be sentenced to be killed. The poor sixteen-year-old accepts only because she needs to avenge her mother's murder and to find her true love again. So Wan-Bae got raped that night only to suffer  more. Little does she know that her true enemy it's really Lord Jin Woo. Wan-Bae screamed and cried every night. But she had no other choice she was hopeless and weak.

six months passed and her belly grew bigger and bigger. Then they told her she's with child. Because since she's so young she really did not know about that. Also, Lord Jin Woo found out about the baby and he did not want the elders of the house to find out about it. So selfishly he sent killers to kill her in secret. By then Wan- Bae already had the baby. She remembered the elders talking about a ring that would bring lots of fortune and happiness. She took a chance to save her baby and to get away from the hell hole she's in. She stole the ring that has a red rose on it with gold circled around it what a beautiful ring. She took a risk she knew they were gonna send killers to her so she ran for her life and into the forest. She finds a cave and hides in it for a while to rest. And so they did send killers to her to bring her head and her babies. The killers gaining up on her. She knew that she might have to leave her baby behind so she wrote a letter to her daughter. And left on top of the babies blanket a beautiful red rose. She decided to leave the ring with her daughter also. she put the ring on her daughter's small finger and poof Wan-Bae's only child disappeared vanished into the air. Wan-Bae shocked for she couldn't believe what she just saw. That day Wan-Bae disappeared too. Poor sad miserable mother.

Wan-Bae for years has been hiding secretly looking for her child and planning how on to avenge her mother and for herself. Lord Jin Woo heard from the killers that Wan-Bae and her child have passed away. Lord Jin Woo felt at ease and free. But he won't be for long for him and Wan-Bae created a legend called the red rose an assassin with a beauty of a rose. This is how Red Rose came to be.

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