The Savior

Ophelia Wilde is just an ordinary, unpopular and shy girl who daydreams about being famous for doing good and helping people. Everyone laughs at her and tells her to stop being immature. But when she makes a birthday wish to become a superhero, she wakes up in a whole other world where she has superpowers. She decides to use those powers for good and helping those in need. But her life is not quite as perfect as she imagined it to be and she realizes she should be careful what she wishes for.

Join Ophelia in her adventure and the danger that has yet to come.


5. Chapter 5- Superpowers

Ophelia walked into a bigger lab, with 3 people not much older than her each working on something. Her uncle introduced her to everyone. He pointed at a girl taking blood tests and said, "This is Camille. She's a bio-chemist." He then pointed at a boy Camille's age, who was mixing chemicals, and said, "This is Nathaniel. He works with chemicals." and at last he pointed at a guy writing formulas on board and said, "This is Logan. He helps me with my work. Now, Camille will take your blood and test it to see if you"

Camille came up to Ophelia with a friendly smile and said "Hey, Ophelia? Could you follow me so that I can run tests on your blood?"

Ophelia nodded and followed her to the corner of the room and then sat on a stool. Camille pulled out an injection from her lab coat. Ophelia looked away as Camille took her blood.

"All done. Now, we just have to wait." Camille said.


Ophelia was talking to her uncle as Camille entered with a frown.

"The blood test came back. Ophelia doesn't have powers." Camille said, with disappointment.

"How? That's not possible." Logan said, confused.

"I don't know. But I'll check again just to make sure." Camille said.

"I'll check too." Lincoln said, walking to the corner where Camille worked.

After some time, Lincoln realized that it was not Ophelia's blood that Camille tested. It was someone else's. He knew that someone on the team had replaced the blood. He got out of his chair and signaled Ophelia to follow him as he went to his private lab.

"What is it?" Ophelia asked.

"Someone in my team switched your blood with someone else's to make it look like you didn't have powers." Lincoln explained.

"So does that mean I do have powers?" Ophelia asked.

"Yes, you do." Lincoln said, nodding

"Who would do that?" Ophelia asked.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out. It would be easy for Camille, but anyone one of them could do it." Lincoln said.

"Have any of them done anything like this before?" Ophelia asked.

"No. So far, they had all been trustworthy. But whoever did it, wanted to buy themselves time. It couldn't have stayed secret for long. But the question is, why? And Whatever you do, do not tell anyone in that team what I told you and act normal. I will try to figure out who it is." Lincoln said, as he went to thinking. Ophelia nodded and tried to think of why someone would try to hide the fact that she had powers from her and Lincoln.

And Ophelia had a new mystery to solve. The true adventure began today. Nothing would ever be the same for her.



So, new chapter. Who do you think replaced the blood sample. And who do you like the most in Lincoln's team? So yeah, this is the new chapter. I don't know why, but i think my story kinda resembles the flash. Camille is definitely like Caitlin. So anyways, how do you like this chapter. Don't forget to Favorite, Vote and comment. I would really appreciate it.

See ya soon!


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