The Savior

Ophelia Wilde is just an ordinary, unpopular and shy girl who daydreams about being famous for doing good and helping people. Everyone laughs at her and tells her to stop being immature. But when she makes a birthday wish to become a superhero, she wakes up in a whole other world where she has superpowers. She decides to use those powers for good and helping those in need. But her life is not quite as perfect as she imagined it to be and she realizes she should be careful what she wishes for.

Join Ophelia in her adventure and the danger that has yet to come.


4. Chapter 4- Memories


A 5 Year old Ophelia came to her Uncle's lab like she usually did, after school.

"Uncle Linc!" Ophelia screamed as she went to her uncle.

"Oh, Ophelia. How was your day at school?" Lincoln asked his only niece.

"Fine. What are you making?" Ophelia asked with curiosity.

"I am making a machine through which you can travel through other worlds. All i have to do is switch that button and everyone who goes through will go to a whole new world." Lincoln said.

"That is so cool. Can I go?" Ophelia asked.

"It's not yet complete. But maybe one day" Lincoln said to make her feel better

Everything was turning out perfect for Lincoln. His machine was a great success and he had everything he ever wanted. He thought life was finally going to be better, but what he didn't know was, sometimes life just gives you everything just to take it away. This was one of those times. The machine had imperfections and Lincoln hadn't thought everything through.

Suddenly the machine turned on by itself.

"Is that supposed to happen?" Ophelia asked with curiosity when she saw the machine on, sucking everything that was near it.

"No. Stay away from it. I'm gonna turn it off" Lincoln warned his niece. Ophelia nodded in response and Lincoln tried to find a way to turn it off.  Ophelia knew her uncle had told her to stay away from it, but curiosity took the better of her. While Her uncle was near to turning it off, Ophelia went near it. Lincoln finally found a way to turn it off by a timer. 30 seconds until the portal was closed forever. But  Lincoln was too relieved to notice how close Ophelia was. And in the last second, Ophelia went in.



"You're...You're my uncle" Ophelia says as she remembers her childhood.

"Yes. I took you in after your parents died" Lincoln explains.

"So now I'm finally home." Ophelia says with a smile. She had missed this place, even when she didn't remember it.

"Yes. You are" Lincoln says, nodding

"Wait, what about, my adoptive mother?" Ophelia asks.

"Well, there's this device that will allow you to look at the other world from here" Lincoln says.

"And I have been meaning to ask you; In those 'messages' you sent me, I had powers. So does that mean I have powers, now that I'm here?" Ophelia asks.

"Yes. At least, if my theory turns out right. Me and my team will have to test your blood to know for sure." Lincoln says.

"Your team? You have a team?" Ophelia asks. Lincoln smiles after he hears her say that.

"What?" Ophelia asks.

"Nothing. It's just that you still ask so many questions. And, yes, I have a team of scientists. They helped me get you back here. And if you do have powers, they will help you save the day and be the savior of this world. Okay, maybe, just this city. Now, shall we start?" Lincoln says as he heads out the door and tells Ophelia to follow.

And Ophelia could tell that this was the begging of a new adventure.



So this is a new chapter. It's longer than the last, I think. Anyway if you like this story, please vote, favorite and comment. And tell other people about it if you can. It would mean a lot. Thanks for reading. See you soon!


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