Blue eyes * Magcon Story *

when a girl from a small town gets the chance of a life time to go and meet one of her favorite people she travels with her friend to magcon to meet Gabriel Mathis her favorite person read this book to see what happens to them !!! @botellojillian No copyright


8. Things getting better?

Diegos p.o.v 
"I said I did not do it!!" I yell for the twentieth time  "she fell on the knife..." I would never hurt her she is so sweet and pretty, kinda like a flower. " diego...hey son " I look back at the police man "we will let you go I guess cause you seem like your telling the truth" I smile "Thank you sir..." I look at his bage " miller " he says " thank you Mr miller " I get escorted out side and Simon comes and picked me up "thanks for the ride " Simon smiles " welcome bro" we start going to the bus. 
*Jill's p.o.v * 
"Okay we bandaged you up and got you some stitches on your wound you are safe to go and here is your medicine " I smile a little bit and Gabriel grabs my hand "we can go" I get up and start walking to the waiting room Kayla was asleep "She would not move from that spot" I smile and nathan picked her up and carried her out to the bus. "I'm glad your okay baby " Gabriel kisses my fourhead and I start to blush and he pulls me closer as we walk. As we get on the bus I see diego "WTF?" I go up to him "why are you hear " I went to slap him and he catches my hand "just leave me alone " I put my hand down and walk into the bedroom. 
♡ Gabriel's p.o.v ♡ 
"dude what are you doing hear? " diego comes up and gets in my face "they belived me " he smiles. I walked into the bedroom where Jill was laying down "baby I'm sorry " I stroke her hair and she looks up at me "I think I should go home..." I get in my knees "no please don't go...please" I lay my head In her lap "please!!" I start to cry and she strokes my hair "baby I don't feel safe..."  I look her in the eyes "I will protect you baby please..." I grab her hands "I will do anything for you baby " she smiles "baby you already do a lot, but I really think the tour would go well with out me" I squeeze her hands "baby please..." she get up " If you wanted to do anything for me you would want me safe...." I accepted the truth she wants to go home. "I will take you in the morning..." she smiles "thank you baby" she kisses me...God I'm gonna miss her kisses.

Next morning 
I wake her up and she packs her things she is going alone cause Kayla is staying with nathan. we wait in tell her gate gets called "Jill are you sure you want to leave..." she strokes my cheek "it's for the best..." I hug her tight. "B23" she looks up at me "I love you " she kisses me and walks into the gate entrance. I start to walk away with tears on my face 
*jills p.o.v* 
I turn back "Gabriel!!" He turns around and I run towards him and hug him "I can't do it...I can't leave without you if I go back it will be hell" he holds me tight " don't ever leave me, please"

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