Blue eyes * Magcon Story *

when a girl from a small town gets the chance of a life time to go and meet one of her favorite people she travels with her friend to magcon to meet Gabriel Mathis her favorite person read this book to see what happens to them !!! @botellojillian No copyright


4. Interruption's and more desisions

" I..." the stage manager comes out "come on Gabe time to go" He kisses my cheek "think about it ". We walk in and I head to the stadium. 
"KAYLA!!" I go and look for her "OVER HEAR!!" she got front row seats "thank god I go and sir next to her soon the show starts 
~Gabriel's p.o.v ~ 
I go out "How are you doing!!!" I yell in the mic "Hello portland!!" Nathan said. I look to see Jill she smiles at me "okay everyone..." I walk up to her and she looks scared. "Give me your hand " I tell her. She grabs my hand, I pull her up. She whispers "Gabe??" "Everyone this is jill...Jill has been there for me through a lot....I think she can say the same for me, I am in love with her....I had feelings from the first day we meet in the hotel I thought, wow she is so beautiful her eyes are all red from crying "jill...will you be my girlfriend " she smiles and hugs me "yes I will " she says I kiss her nose. "Can we get on with the show " Nathan smiles. Jill hugs me and gets down next to Kayla "I just got he girl of my dreams" 
~After the show ~ 
Jill's p.o.v 
Kayla and I go to see Gabe and Nathan when we finally got there Nathan smiles with Kayla and me and Gabe take cute pictures and everyone saying "I ship you guys" soon I go to the lounge waiting for Gabe to come.
Finally he comes and lays his head on my lap looking at me "your beautiful " I smile "I made my choice " I smile he gets up "you say yes??" I nod my he'd "yes!" He gets up and hugs me spinning me around " I'm so happy " he says "and a little dizzy " he falls onto the sofa. We start to laugh. I know I won't regret this...hopefully.

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