Blue eyes * Magcon Story *

when a girl from a small town gets the chance of a life time to go and meet one of her favorite people she travels with her friend to magcon to meet Gabriel Mathis her favorite person read this book to see what happens to them !!! @botellojillian No copyright


3. Decisions

~ 3 hours till magcon~ ~jill's p.o.v~
I get ready and put on my v.i.p pass "OMG! !!"  I smile. Soon I hear a knock on the door of my hotel room door. "Hello?" I open the door to see Gabriel "hello  he smiles. "What's up?" I get closer to him "I was just seeing how you were doing " I smile "come in" he goes and sits on my bed "jill....I think" I pass him his sweatshirt back "hear" he smiles " Jill listen....I really like you" he covers his face "no.." I smile being sarcastic. He puts his hand on the side of my face are eyes connect and he kisses me. "Gabe..." I just got kissed by....him. I could not say anything, I felt like I was floating in the sky "jill.." I look at him "wow..." I kiss him again. Soon he goes and we fall and we fall on the bed. He kisses my collar bone  up to the back of my ear holding my waist tight to him. "Gabe..." I could not breath "we cant..."  he gets up "I'm sorry." I kiss his nose "don't say sorry " I go into the bathroom to fix my hair. He comes in and puts his hands on my waist. I look in the mirror to see him smiling at me once I fix my hair I go and turn towards him "your cute " I say looking into his eyes. He pulls me close and kisses my neck.  "No your the cute one I could not say anything. His kisses are so soft "I have to go baby..."he frowns. "I will be there...don't worry" he kisses my four head  "don't miss me to much princess" he kisses me one more time. I walk with him to the door and he kisses my cheek and closed the door.
~*Kayla's p.o.v*~
I get out of the pool when I see Nathan I think to myself "Omg!!" I try to and slip I thought 'oh shit this is going to hurt'  but someone caught me. I look up to see Nathan "hi" he smiles I just wanted to die "h..hi" he helped me up "thank you.." he smiles "I'm Nathan " oh I know who you are. I smile "I'm Kayla. He smiles "do you want to hang out with me ?" He asked. "Sure" and all I was thinking was I love daddy.
~1 hour before magcon~
♡Jill's p.o.v ♡
Me and Kayla get ready and Kayla won't shut up about Nathan  and how he helped her and what not. "Can you hurry up Kayla I want good seats" I call an Uber. Soon she finished getting ready and we get in the uber. "Can't wait to see him I mumer under my breath.
we finally get there and I ask the guard where Gabe was he took me to the back. I enter into the lounge and the boys smile "hey jill" I look at him confused  "you know me?" Nathan rolls his eyes "he talks about you all the time, He is in the back " I smile "thank you"  I walked  out to the back  "Gabe?" I look to see him crying "baby..." I go to where he is "Gabe what's wrong?" His blue scratchy eyes look at me "jill...I'm sorry " he hugs me "why are you sorry ?" He looks at me "I won't get to see you in tell the tour is over..." I look at him "how long is that " " I have two months left....but I will miss you" his eyes get big "come with me and travel with me and the boys" he grabs my hands "your friend can come too..." I look at him "I.."

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