•Trench Coat Angel• (Castiel)

Lucia Abner ran away from home after she and her family got into a fight. Little did she know that after meeting a mysterious green eyed man at a bar that she would soon know the existence of things that go bump in the night and the ones that protect humanity from those evils.


1. Chapter I

Chapter I


"Can I just get a beer?" I asked the busty blonde behind the bar. Her green eyes sparkled as she smiled and handed me one, taking my money and turning to the next person to take his order. I popped the lid off and took a sip, the liquid leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. I sat the bottle down when it was about halfway gone, laying my head on my arms. I wondered how my family was. Did they miss me? Did they even notice I was gone..? After the things we said to each other, I didn't even want to think about them. But I couldn't help but feeling as if there was something they just weren't telling me.

"Hey baby." A burly man sat beside me. He had a black leather jacket and his hairline was receding. He looked to be about 35 or so. Screw off, I thought as I rolled my eyes and scoffed. He smelled like he showered in liquor for a week. And there was.. Something else that I couldn't quite put my finger on. "How about we go back to my place?" He was trying to be seductive but it only made my stomach twist itself nervously into knots.

"No thanks." I looked away hoping he would take a hint and leave me alone. I slightly leaned away from him, his stench nearly making my eyes water.

"Come on baby, don't be like that." He scooted closer and I felt my throat tighten from the smell of his breath. "Fuck off," I growled. God, it smelled so bad. Like.. Like death.

"Ooh, a feisty one. I like that." He snaked his arm across my shoulders and before he could react, I slugged him in the jaw. He fell from the seat and hit the ground unconscious.

That gained the attention of nearly everyone in the bar, a good twenty or thirty pairs of eyes staring at me. I grabbed my beer and chugged the rest of it before getting up and going outside.

"You need to have some fun, Sammy. Loosen up a bit." A man's voice echoed from across the parking lot. Two men standing next to a Chevy Impala were arguing.

"I don't want fun, Dean. We need to find Cas and finish all of this." The boy I guessed was Sammy snapped. The other boy, Dean, crossed his arms over his chest and stared at the other boy. The rest of their conversation couldn't be heard because they lowered their voices.

"Can I bum a cigarette?" I asked a man leaning against the brick wall who was smoking. He wore a black t-shirt and jeans with cowboy boots and a buzzcut. "For a pretty lady like you, of course." He grinned and pulled out a pack, handing me one as well as a lighter. I lit it and gave the lighter back with a small smile.

"Smoking isn't good for you." A voice came from behind me making me jump. A man stood there with brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing a leather jacket and black jeans. I recognized him as one of the men arguing near the Chevy.

"Neither is wearing a leather jacket in 90 degree weather, but you seem to have that under control." I snapped back, taking a puff of the cigarette, blowing the smoke right in his face. He just smiled, showing a mouth full of perfectly white teeth.

I normally wasn't too nervous around guys, but I could feel my palms getting sweaty. It made me really uncomfortable and my first instinct for it was to run away.

"I'm Dean. Dean Winchester." He said, offering his hand. I took it and smiled. Wow a firm handshake. Imagine what else those hands could do..

I pushed those negative thoughts away when he started speaking again. "And this is Sammy."

"It's Sam." The other boy snapped, shooting death glares at Dean. "I'm going inside." He murmured before leaving.

"Don't mind him, he's just a little salty." Dean laughed. "I uh.. I never got your name."

Ohmygodohmygod. "Lucia Abner," I smiled. My cigarette was nearly gone so I went ahead and put it out.

"Beautiful.." Dean murmured. I furrowed my eyebrows and stared at him like he'd slapped me. "Excuse me?" I hissed. I hated compliments. They could mean something one day and the next it was meaningless.

"I- I was just saying. You're really beautiful. And so is your name. Which is why.. you're so beautiful?" He paused and buried his face in his hands for a second.

When he took them away he was smiling. "I'm Dean. I'm an Aquarius. I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and frisky women." He paused. "And pie.

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