My Babysitter (DISCONTINUED)

My name is Jessica Quin and I'm 17 years old.
I admit that I'm quite the trouble maker and I'm not very trust worthy when I'm left home alone but I don't see the need for a babysitter.
My mom thought it was an amazing idea to hire one though, typical mom.
Things did not go as planned.


4. My Spot And Vampires

Jessica's POV

I had my black house keys, my black wallet, my phone in my black phone case and my black earbuds in my jean pockets, which also happen to be black.

I guess you can say I have an obsession with black and well, anything dark.

I pulled out my phone and earbuds and started listening to My Chemical Romance.

I'm so sad that they aren't active as a band anymore, their music is awesome.

I walked to the beach while humming along to Teenagers.

I found a spot near the rocks where there are a bunch of dead trees surrounding it.

I usually sit on the rock that's harder to see and get to and lean against the dead, dark grey trees.

I can't believe that mom would do this to me!

She left an attractive teenage (A/N: I know in real life he is no longer a teenager but in this story he is, just go with it) boy who has the SAME hair color as me to watch me for 2 months!

How dare she!

I only made 3 friends in Sydney so far, it's better than nothing I guess.

Their names are Mase (short for Mason, she prefers her nickname, yes, girls are also named Mason) she has opal hair, Nikki (short for Nichole) and she has light blue hair and then there is Kat (short for Katherine) and Kat has light pink hair.

I'm known as Jess and I have lavender hair, some call it light purple.

We all did our hair together and chose to do pastel colors for the month.

It turns out that these girls dye their own hair and they do it together, they chose a theme each time every month.

I made it into their group and now we all do it together.

We all have nose piercings, Mase and I have eyebrow piercings and Nikki and Kat have belly button piercings.

I'm the only one that has a tattoo.

I chose a black feather and it's very small, to make sure that my mom doesn't see it, I put it on the left side of my torso where my bra would be.

So even in a swimsuit or dress (last time I wore a dress was when I was 7) no one can see it.

Unless they watch me change my bra but, no one I know of will do that.

In our little group, we all like the same bands, we dress the same, we act the same, we don't eat a lot (none of us have any eating disorders) and we are all 5"10.

Our group fits into many different high school stereotypical larger groups.

We fit into geek, punk nerd, emo, goth, trouble maker (we aren't the nicest of people) and stuff along those lines.

It's been an hour and the sun is finally coming up.

I decided to stay for the sunrise then go home, back into the dark!

In my house, most of the time, the lights are off and if they aren't, the light is very dim.

I really don't like the light and my mom respects that.

I felt an unwanted presence beside me and the earbud in my right ear got yanked out.

I looked to my right and saw Michael.

Great, he found me and the spot that I always go to when I run away from home.

"Come on, we're going back to the house." He said while standing up, pulling me with him.

As soon as he got me on my feet, I sat back down and argued.

"No, I'm going to watch the sunrise then when it gets sunny out, I'll go back to my house, where it is dark inside."

He opened his mouth to protest but I continued talking.

"No point in protesting. You haven't earned my respect so I just simply won't listen to you. You can go back or you can wait."

"Fine." Michael mumbled while sitting down next to me, clearly invading my personal space.

I moved over so he wasn't so close to me.

All of my friends in Canada were boys with one or two exceptions and I'd be friends with girls who are tomboys but in Australia, my only three friends are girls and we sometimes act like boys.

I'm done with dudes for now, including my babysitter.

I was watching the sunrise and I admired it.

It was so beautiful.

The way that the pinks and oranges and reds and yellows clashed together with the different shades of blue in the sky beside it.

The way it makes the clouds look so different and even more unique, the way they all look like they are all different colors.

The way the rising sun slowly lights up the semi dark town.

My thoughts were once again interrupted by the babysitter but this time it wasn't his voice.

He put his around around my shoulders.

"Michael, what do you think you're doing? Please get your arm off of me." I said as politely as I could but I still sounded very harsh.

At least I said please.

"Oh come on! You know you want me to do many more things to you than just touch your shoulders." Michael smirked.


"EW!" I brushed off his arm and stood up.

"I'm going back home now, please, stay here and starve to death or die of heat stroke, as long as you have a painful death." I turned around and walked home.

I put back in my earbuds and clicked shuffle on my music.

Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy came on and I started humming along to the song.

As soon as I got to my favorite part of the song, someone picked me up and threw me over their shoulders.

I let out a shriek then started punching the person's back as hard as I could.

The person dropped me then started rubbing it's back.

It's a boy who's even taller than Michael, he has a black lip ring, bright blue eyes and blond hair up into a quiff.

3 more boys walked up to him and one of them was Michael.

I gave him the death stare "You're dead Clifford."

Michael smiled at my comment, wow.

I automatically shook my head and rolled my eyes because he thought I was giving him an empty threat. 

I turned around then started walking again.

I restarted the song and continued humming along.

Those boys were behind me, walking as if they had to watch me and if they didn't, they would die.

Well, only one of them has to watch over me.

When I got home, I noticed that all of the lights were on.


I walked over to the light switch to turn off the lights at the entrance but then I got picked up by my waist so there was someone behind me, carrying me to the couch.

I tried to wiggle out of the dude's grasp but his grip just tightened so I gave up.

He sat down on the couch and sat me on his lap.


I knew it wasn't Michael because he was sitting across from me.

I closed my eyes because I HATE the light.

"Open your eyes." The person holding me whispered into my ear.

"Why should I?" I challenged.

"Because you're hot and I'll hold more than your waist later on."


Well, I need to get him to let go of me though.

I'll pretend that I'm interested and bite his neck, like a vampire.

I do it a lot to people but I'm not a vampire, I'm seriously not.

I opened my eyes a bit and saw that it was the same person that put me over his shoulder when I was walking home!

I started lightly kissing his neck then I bite it as hard as I could.

He let go of me to rub his neck, I took advantage of the distraction and raced upstairs, running into my room, hitting my door really hard.

I think that I'll get a nasty bruise on my right shoulder, it sure does feel like it.

I recently got a lock on my door so I locked it, feeling relieved that those boys couldn't come in, I let out a big sigh.

I have my own walk in closet and my own bathroom that has a shower, toilet, sink and mirror.

They are both attached to each other and they can also only be entered from my room.

It's really convenient in situations like this.

I heard a few knocks on my door.

"Open the door or we'll open it! I don't know if you're changing or something but I will open the door. You have 5 seconds to tell me that you're changing or something."

I knew that the voice didn't belong to Michael or the dude that kept on picking me up.

They still don't know that I locked it so they CAN'T open the door!

They tried to open it just now but they obviously failed.

"Unlock the door!" This is Michael.

I now know that they are all outside my door waiting for me to open the door.

"Okay, she won't come out so you three go outside her window so she knows that you're gone." That was also Michael.

I looked out my window and saw that they were all on the thick tree branch that lead from the tree to my window.

"Please open up."

Michael sounds pretty tired.

I unlocked the door and opened it to see only Michael standing there.

He walked into my room and locked the door.

He unlocked and opened the window, telling the boys to go home.

Once he saw that they were at the end of the street he turned to me with a stern expression.

"What?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows.

"You can't just kiss my friend's neck, then bite it, run away from us and lock yourself in your room." Michael said starting to raise his voice and get angry.

I started getting really mad at him, I mean, if his friend didn't keep on picking me up then I wouldn't try to get away from him and the others in case they did something worse!

"Oh well you can't just invite your friends here, let them pick me up and say nasty things to me!" I defended.

I'm not letting him win this argument.

"Well maybe if you wouldn't run off constantly, argue with me and act as if you're too good for anyone then I wouldn't have called them!"

I stayed silent then walked over to my window.

"Well, if that's your argument then fine, but I will not let you say those things to me, no, not after what I've been through. I don't think that I'm too good for anything, I learnt that the hard way so you will never say that ever again." I whispered blinking back a tear about to fall.

He reached out to touch my shoulder but I moved my body so he was even further away from me.

"I'm sorry." Michael said, but I don't believe it.

He sounds pitiful, the last thing I want is his pity.

"No, you really aren't. How old are you?"

"18, your mom made sure that I the same classes as you and our lockers are beside each others. She wants me to be at your side at all times." Michael informed me.

"Of course. Wait, you go to my new school, and you're in the same year (grade) as me?" I whispered tracing shapes on my foggy window.

"Yup, also, it's the same as my friends, your mom said it's fine. She clearly wants you to be safe because she said that it's okay that the boys help me out with babysitting you."

"Of course." I sighed in disappointment.

"You don't like the idea of hanging around my friends?" He smirked, disgusting.

"I don't. So far they all made a terrible first impression except for the one who said he wouldn't open the door if I was changing and he would give me 5 seconds to tell him that I was, he seems respectful." I told him.

What a shame, he only has one friend who isn't a jerk.

It really is too bad.

"Oh, that was Calum. The most shy of our group. We're all known as players though, trouble makers, bad boys." Michael was obviously smiling like an idiot.

"What's your name?" Michael asked me.

"I don't feel ready to tell you." I admitted.

I still don't trust him, or his friends.

"Fine, I'll call Kat and ask her." He challenged pulling out his phone.

He doesn't know her number.

He doesn't right?

He put it on speaker so I could hear their conversation.

"Sup Mickey?" Kat answered.

"Hey Kat, I need your help."


"What do you need help with? I'm sure I can come over." She said in her super perky, flirty, girly voice.


"I unfortunately can't let you come over because I'm currently babysitting a 17 year old girl. She won't tell me her name and I have to be with her 24/7. She goes to our school and she's even the new girl in your little group! I'll be babysitting her for 2 months and my group will help me. I need her name."

"I'll tell you her name but, don't let Luke do anything nasty, I'm certain that she will hurt him if he does and I will help her hurt him. Deal?" Well, now Kat is being a help to me and to Michael.


"Deal but if he does it when I'm not there, it's not my fault."



"Okay, her name is Jessica Quin."

"Thanks sweetheart, once again, you were a big help and I owe you."


"You owe me many things." Mase sung, stretching out the words.

"Yeah yeah, I know and I'll do it when the 2 months are over. Well, she found a spider and is currently having a mental breakdown so I have to go." The evil babysitter known as 'Michael' hung up the phone and smiled at me while putting his phone back in his pocket.

"Hello Jessica Quin."


Hello there world!

I'm Sam, aka Sam3180!

I have other fan fictions, one is a sequel that has not been published yet (It will be published this July 2016 btw) but I have a prequel to that fan fiction so it would mean a lot if you would go check it out!

You don't have to, it sort of doesn't matter to me.

I don't enjoy self promo, at least when I'm doing it.

You can read it, you can not read it, no pressure, I really don't care.

Anyhoo, thank you for reading, liking and leaving favorites and comments!

Also, sorry for this author's note, I feel like I should have introduced myself in the first but, well, I didn't think of that at the time, so, yeah.




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