My Babysitter (DISCONTINUED)

My name is Jessica Quin and I'm 17 years old.
I admit that I'm quite the trouble maker and I'm not very trust worthy when I'm left home alone but I don't see the need for a babysitter.
My mom thought it was an amazing idea to hire one though, typical mom.
Things did not go as planned.


1. I'm Not Good With Introductions

Jessica's POV

Hello there!

My name is Jessica Quin and I'm not very good with introducing myself, or anyone.

I'm 17 years old and I'm 5"10, so I'm not very tall but I'm taller than a lot of people.

I have naturally brown hair but I dyed it so it's currently lavender, my hair is very long, 1 inch from my hips to be exact.

I'm an A student but I'm a rebel, and sort of emo.

I always wear black, very dark purple, crimson red and different shades of grey.

I usually wear ripped skinny jeans or just black skinny jeans and whenever I wear a sweater, the hood is always covering my face.

I listen to music like 24/7 and I LOVE reading, weird for a rebellious teen, that's at least what I'm told.

I also wear a lot of over sized plaid shirts, or plaid shirts that fit.

I watch a lot of anime and I LOVE Marvel and DC Comics.

So, I love superheros and many different styles of cartoons, including Adventure Time With Finn and Jake.

I have 2 dogs named Finn and Jake, weird right?

My older brother committed suicide when he was 19, so I was 14 and my dad died a week before my brother did, except my dad got shot.

I live with my mom but she is very busy so she's rarely home.

We moved to Sydney, Australia for her job, we used to live in Ontario, Canada and this was the first time that we moved for her job.

We've been in Sydney for about a month and a half now and I still don't have a tan.

I don't want a tan, I love my pale skin and I don't want my chances of skin cancer increased by being in the evil sun!

I'm very pale and I have really dark blue eyes so I was always called a demon or devil.

I don't go outside much, only when I have to and even then, I wear a lot of sunscreen and I cover up my skin with my clothing.

I enjoy watching gore and I want to be a surgeon because I'm good with blood.

I swear to God that I'm not a vampire.

I'm also an Atheist and I'm vegetarian.

So yeah.

That's all you need to know about me for now.

Right now I'm in my room blasting Black Veil Brides and singing along to all of the songs.

My mom came into my room with an annoyed look on her tired face.

"Jessica, I've been calling for you to come downstairs for dinner for about 10 minutes now. We're having pizza, I got vegetarian."

"YES!" I unplugged my phone from my speakers and closed the app I use for music called Spotify.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, I love pizza.

I ran downstairs, grabbed one slice, sat on the couch and turned on The Simpsons.

It's also an AMAZING animated show!

Surprisingly, my mom sat on the couch with me, she never does.

"So Jessica, I have some news, which do you want to hear first? Good or bad?" My mom asked me, clearly eager.

"Bad news." I managed to say with my delicious pizza in my mouth.

"Well, I have to go on a business trip for 2 months. But the good news is I'm getting you a baby sitter! He's tall, pale like you but more tanned, he has piercings and dyed hair. He looks like those boys in those boy bands you listen to! I think you'll like him!" My mom exclaimed with a big smile.

"They are NOT boy bands! They are rock bands and HOW is this good news? I'm old enough to stay home alone! Plus he's a dude! I don't hang out with boys anymore mom!" I argued furious.

She CAN NOT call rock bands 'boy bands' and she CAN NOT hire a babysitter!
It sound like she wants me to hook up with this mysterious babysitter.

Well news flash mom, I'm not!

"No, you're not Jessica. Whenever I let you stay home bad things happen. You set the living room on fire as well as Jake's tail! You threw a giant house party that had alcohol and you were so loud that the neighbors from the end of the street heard you! You NEED a babysitter. I'm leaving tomorrow at 5:00 am, the babysitter should be here at 5:05. You're going to stay up and welcome him, then you can go to bed. He will be your babysitter for the whole 2 months. Finish your pizza then go to bed. I'll wake you up and get you a latte from Starbucks when I wake up. Goodnight honey." My mom put her dishes in the dishwasher and went upstairs.


I did what my mom said though, even though I'm really mad at her.

I put my dishes in the dishwasher like usual and then went to sleep with my earbuds in.

Tonight, I fell asleep listening to Fall Out Boy, yesterday it was Panic! At The Disco.

No matter what happens, I will not be his servant.

I will not do what he tells me to do.

~4:58 am~

"Jessica, time to wake up. Come on honey, wake up." A voice encouraged me while slowly shaking my shoulders.

My music stopped playing so I could hear the voice perfectly fine.

I want to know who it is.

I opened my eyes and saw my mom holding my latte.

I took out my earbuds and put them on the table beside my bed.

"Here you go, drink up because you'll need the caffeine. I'm going to leave now, the babysitter will be here soon so go downstairs and wait for him. You can watch T.V. I love you honey, don't do anything stupid and don't scare him." Mom handed me my drink and I took a sip but then stopped myself knowing that it would be too hot.

"Bye mom, I'm going to get dressed then go downstairs, I'll be quick. I love you too."

My mom left the room and I started getting dressed and I did my makeup.

I put on my dark grey ripped skinny jeans with my black high top converse and put a black over sized hoodie on top.

For my makeup I did my foundation, concealer, very light contouring, my lips with dark purple lipstick, thick winged eyeliner, white and black eye shadow, white eyeliner on my waterline and mascara.

It's my usual makeup actually, I only change the lip color.

I do wear quite a bit of makeup but I don't put on a lot of foundation if that helps.

I put on my signature black choker that had a green alien charm stuck to it then went downstairs.

While waiting, I drank my latte, it didn't last too long.

At 5:15 there was a knock on the front door and the doorbell went off 4 times.

Must be the babysitter.

I opened the door and his appearance matched mom's description perfectly.

He looks like someone from the bands I listen to.

This babysitter is pretty attractive.

He even had lavender hair, exactly like mine.

He wore a black leather jacket and it looked SO expensive and high quality!

"Oh I get it! I know I'm pretty sexy but the staring gets annoying." A deep voice interrupted my thoughts.

He seems like a jerk.

Not too good with first impressions.

"You are nowhere near sexy, I was looking at your jacket. Unlike you, it looks pretty decent." I defended with a nice burn!

"Oh yeah sorry I forgot, the ice is in the freezer, just in case you need it for that burn." I told him.


I am amazing!

"I'm Clifford, Michael Clifford." 'Michael' the babysitter said pushing me inside entering the house.

Well isn't he rude?

"Your name?" He asked.

"You know you're not James Bond right?." I raised an eyebrow at him.

"I asked for your name." He said again, raising both of his eyebrows for a dramatic effect.

"Well, you're not gonna get my name. I don't want you here and I hope that you know that. I'm going to leave now, I'll be back later. I don't know when. Later James Bond wannabe!" I yelled leaving my house.

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