My Babysitter (DISCONTINUED)

My name is Jessica Quin and I'm 17 years old.
I admit that I'm quite the trouble maker and I'm not very trust worthy when I'm left home alone but I don't see the need for a babysitter.
My mom thought it was an amazing idea to hire one though, typical mom.
Things did not go as planned.


6. Adventure Time With Finn And Jake!

Jessica's POV

I sat in the corner across from my door, just so I could be as far away from it as possible.

My room is pitch black, just how I like it.

"Come on Jessica, open the door, it's us. No males are with us." The girls kept on banging on my door.

I texted them, I don't want to talk right now.

There is a key under the black mat in front of my door. I don't want to talk right now, don't expect me to orally speak. After you open the door, lock it, then give me the key. ~Jess  

I texted Mase, knowing that she would understand

We both slipped into depression, I did when my brother died and it only got worse when my dad got shot and passed away.

We're better now, we have our moments though.

This is one of my moments, it's very minor compared to what used to happen.

The door opened and Nikki and Mase came up to me, they gave me a hug.

It's been a while since I last had a hug.

Hugs are nice.

Kat followed the instructions and gave me the key.

"I know Jess, I know." Mase whispered.

Nikki pulled away and Nikki just gave me a quick hug, knowing that I don't enjoy hugs most of the time.

Mase and I sat in the corner, of my dark room, holding onto each other like the world was ending.

We both knew how it felt to have your world fall apart, it has happened to us too many times.

Kat and Nikki sat about 2 meters away from us, probably knowing not to interrupt the moment.

"Well, Kat and I are going to go back downstairs and have a good talk with Luke, text us when it's okay for us to come back." Nikki whispered while slowly standing up, followed by Kat.

They know everything about me, I know everything about them.

I feel like I've been their friend for years now, even though it has only been weeks.

The door opened and Michael stood there, letting the light back into my room.

"I had no idea, I shouldn't be so hard on you, I'm sorry about them, I'm sorry about what happened to you."

I can't believe it.

He pities me.

"This is why I can't trust my mom, I have trust issues, major trust issues, don't you dare pity me Clifford." I said through gritted teeth.

"There is also a huge spider beside you." Michael informed me.

I looked to my side and screamed, I screamed a lot.

There was a giant spider beside me.

I have arachnophobia.

It's another reason why I didn't want to move to Australia, the spiders are crazy.

I let tears fall and I tried to back away to a different corner of the room.

Mase stayed by my side, rubbing circles on my back with her thumb and I stopped screaming and instead, I cried on Mase's shoulder.

I had my makeup on, great.

I'll give Mase the money for a new shirt, I probably just ruined hers.

Mase turned to Michael and glared at him.

"She has arachnophobia you idiot."

Mase turned back to me and tried to sooth me.

I'm having a mental breakdown.

I'm having trouble breathing, I started hyperventilating.

I'm also overheating and sweating.

Mase looked at me and held my shoulders.

"Breathe, just focus on breathing Jess. Breathe, take a deep breath in, let a deep breath out. Just breathe Jess."

With Mase's help, I steadied my breathing.

"Good good, see? You're going to be fine Jess, I promise." She whispered while hugging me again.

I hugged her back and held onto her as if my life depended on it.

Michael killed the evil killer in my room (aka, the spider) and cleaned off his shoe.

He came back and walked in Mase and I's direction.

"Luke won't be going near you, okay? We're going to stay home for the day. Mase will stay with you for the moment, I'll be in my room." Michael turned around and left, closing my door behind him.

"Those boys are just trouble." Mase mumbled, pulling away from the hug.

I nodded, I totally agree with Mase.

"I'm sorry about your shirt." I looked down, ashamed that I didn't take off my makeup.

"Oh this? It's fine, it happens with my older sister ALL the time! She's blind to the players and fuckboys. They use her, they fuck her, then they leave her. She's always crying on my shirts, with even more makeup on than you do." Mase laughed, easing the sad mood in my room.

"Well, my parents said that I have to be at school after lunch, sorry."

Back to the depressing tension!

"It's fine, what about Nikki and Kat?"

"They left, their parents weren't okay with them staying here if those boys were here, unfortunately, only one of the boys left." Mase informed me looking down.

"Well, I still have YouTube, music, earbuds, speakers, Netflix and Finn and Jake, I have more than enough." I smiled at the thought of my dogs.

Where even are they?

"Well, if I want to get to school, I got to go now, bye Jess."

"Later." I waved goodbye and she closed the door.

I sat for 10 minutes, debating whether or not I should go find my dogs and I decided to go look for them.

I usually watch Adventure Time With Finn And Jake, with my dogs Finn and Jake so I have to at least know they're still alive.

I took off my makeup and hid my face with a black hood.

I checked my phone to see if any lights were on and with my luck, all of the lights in the house, except for my room, were on.

I turned them all off and walked outside, I roamed the halls, trying to find my two dogs.

I eventually heard hyperventilating in a room to my left, I opened it and saw Calum, Ashton and Michael, playing with MY dogs.

"Excuse me but those are my dogs and I need them back. Finn, Jake, come here." I pat on my knees and the dogs came to me.

"What are you going to do with them?" Michael asked.

Why would he care?

They're MY dogs, I can do what I want with them.

"I'm going to watch Adventure Time With Finn And Jake with them, I do it a lot, I won't kill them, they're my dogs." I turned around and walked Finn and Jake to my room.

"Fine, but I'm coming with you." Michael decided, walking behind me.

"Do you have to?" I whined, I don't want him to literally be with me 24/7, that's just annoying and creepy.

"Yes, I have to. So far, I haven't been doing a great job at watching over you, so I have to redeem myself. Also, Luke put back all of your protein stuff before he left."

I ran downstairs when I heard that my protein was put back.

I need my breakfast, which is an extremely healthy smoothie.

It's crazy how nutritious it is!

"What are you making?" Michael asked me while walking into the kitchen as I took out all of the ingredients.

"My breakfast, I don't eat much so I have smoothies and coffee in the morning."

"Can you make me some?" He pleaded, looking at me with 'puppy' eyes.

I laughed at the idea of him enjoying my breakfast.

I nodded while I took out the kale.

"I will make you some, but you have to wait in my room."

I know that if he sees what goes into it, he won't drink it.

Michael nodded and went upstairs.

My smoothie has a lot in it but some of the ingredients are vanilla protein shake powder, honey, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, a little bit of kale, milk and crushed graham cracker crumbs.

Why graham cracker crumbs?

Well, they add flavor and I enjoy eating graham crackers.

I blended everything together and put it in two glasses.

I put some in my usual giant Starbucks travel cup, like the ones with the straws and I put some in a regular cup, but I made sure that it was plastic and not glass because I have a feeling that he might drop it.

I walked upstairs and noticed that my door was open.

Michael was sitting on my bed petting Jake and he wasn't paying any attention to Finn.

"What about Finn?" I asked Michael getting his attention.

"I thought that this was Finn and the other one was Jake." I laughed and shook my head at his comment.

"YAY! You made me some too!" Michael exclaimed getting off of my bed to grab the plastic cup.

"Yes, I did. I usually just make enough for me so the ratios might be a bit off but I tasted some of mine and it tastes perfectly fine." I smiled knowing that he probably won't like it.

He took a sip and he looked disgusted!

"What did you do?" He asked.

"I made my breakfast smoothie and gave you some of the extra. If you mean you don't like it, I wouldn't be surprised. It's very healthy."

"It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I'm not used to, healthy stuff." Michael took a sip after explaining that he doesn't eat healthy.

"Well, you're living with me for the next 2 months so you will get used to the taste of healthy and you will eat healthy." I said confidently while sitting on my bed, bringing my dogs with me.

I got out my laptop and signed into Cartoon Network, it's were I watch a lot of my cartoons.

I wouldn't be able to watch Cartoon Network because of my T.V provider but when we moved, we switched and now I can watch it.

I clicked on a random episode of Adventure Time With Finn and Jake and watched it, sipping my smoothie, with Michael right behind me, a but too close for comfort.

I finished my smoothie and put it on my bed side table.

Does Michael know that he's a bit too close?

It's weird because it feels normal.


Hey there!

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I feel accomplished!

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