Character Profile: Anila "War Angel" Mosquainne

Science Officer War Angel is one of the most brilliant soldiers to sever with the Slave Killers. Her conflict between serving the world of scientific progress or the battlefield made her one of my favorite characters to write.


1. The Rise

“For the record, I am Lt. Commander Anila Mosquainne, the Slave Killer called ‘War Angel’. A Terranian Science Officer in the P.C.A.S Rangers, I fight for life and glory. I fight for every day.’’


When Alina was a young child, she looked up to Pamelia Pow as a surrogate sanice. She had always been fascinated by what she heard of Pow’s exploits became a loyal disciple of the P.C.A.S’ Head of Science.


Despite being, as observed by Dr.pow, “a natural scientist”, Alina demonstrated highly effective Overworld combat and survival skills, making her an easy Ranger candidate.


Anila found herself conflicted by her desire to stay loyal to Dr. Pow and tackling the war effort from a scientific perspective, and the opportunity of being a Ranger and possibly working her way onto the Azon’s Dark Ranger unit ‘The Motherless’


Anila was able to accomplish both her goals by maintaining a ‘Science Officer’ designation as a Ranger which carried over when she was promoted into the Dark Rangers Special Forces.


Alina’s advanced scientific knowledge made her invaluable in the field. Gaining the callsign ‘War Angel’ in part for her legendary ability to use her scientific knowledge to turn near-defeats into crushing battlefield victories, War Angel fulfilled her dream of being recruited into The Motherless, an assignment she held until Oblivion.

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