☼ Sun Kissed ☼

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1. [O] SUN [O] KISSED [X]


Always feeling that wonderful sun heating up my back, my spine tingling with the sensation of warmth. Never a dull moment by the sandy beach, the aquatic life that submerges underneath those beautiful waves. The feeling within my heart that pounds further like a nail digging into my skin, it's like love at first sight, I feel the tingle, I feel the sensation that it leaves behind. Sun kissed, it's the two words I use to describe how this summer treats me with respect. It looks down on me, the blue sky that continues to remain endless, the white puffy clouds that never take away the view. All of this beautiful scenery to admire, it's like the world knows how to treat me right. I've never felt so relaxed, chilling on the beach with nobody but myself, all the others just surfing along the shore. I'd wait for a tide to come in, it would allow me to ride the waves from early till dawn, it's like all of the wonders within the ocean come to light when my eyes sparkle underneath the sunlight.  I feel like I'm taking away the sunlight whenever I apply the suntan lotion on my back, it's like I'm screaming for the weather to leave me alone. But my secrecy within that keeps me smiling, it's the endless waves that make me happy. Smile, it's all I can do when the crystal clear waters flow along the many layers of sand. All of those grains push in between every little digit, all my toes feeling the sharp sand pain that remains whilst drying off.  

Not wearing sunglasses today, not without my brother by my side. He would always apply the suntan lotion on my back without me asking, this one time he didn't apply any lotion; leaving me to burn with the bright sun. I felt so close to the blinding light above me, it's like we could finally touch. The view that admired me, it's like all of the beauty in this world just wanted me to be the center of attention. Nobody is getting through these wonderful waves, I love the crystals that shine underneath the sand. Father told me that these shiny shards were long lost from a crystal cave deep below the surface.  

This beach is full of fantasy, it's full of wonder, and the more I visit- the more I want to discover the hidden wonders that leave me alone without a second thought. It's like the pink shiny shards never leave my sight, I always find something on the beach. Within the empty crab shells, the cool breeze whistles through them like an angelic instrument playing its part in a band. Every sound that this beach has to offer is like my heaven. There is no such place beyond the waves, only those who fear the deep waters will never find what they are looking for. I once went across the ocean shores, I went ahead of the entire crew- I found myself stuck with mermaid, and then a wonderful shipman had taken me on board, they washed me clean. He believed that cleaning the wounds that jellyfish would leave behind is a sailor's conspiracy. He told me that all jelly that flows in the deep depths belongs to the Dead man's chest, an anchor that had fallen years ago. According to the folks lore, it's as if the ocean hides more than just secrets, its hidden away many great mysteries that remain unsolved. 


  "J.L? Is that you? I wasn't expecting to see another mermaid on the beach." A heroic voice rocked the beach the moment I stepped up.

"Huh? Xavier? No way did you come here to see me!" My eyes lit up the moment I saw the curious muscular hero.  

"Ha, it's not everyday I stumble across an ocean dweller, is it possible that you never submerged with the others?" He scratched his head, not thinking about the reality at all.

"Actually, I'm not an ocean dweller, I'm an average girl spending some time on her favorite beach." I pushed my toes between the sands; I didn't want to feel too awkward.  

"Wait, so you come here because its your favorite beach?" He looked at me bewildered by my own life activity.

"Hehe, yeah, I always come here without wanting to submerge myself into the crystal seas."  

"That's not possible, you wouldn't be here by yourself. Don't you know about the dangers on this beach?" He sounded so worried; it's like I had eaten a poisonous fruit or something.

"Actually, I know a whole lot more about this beach and its 'dangers' that you seem so sure on." I giggled, I couldn't hide the secret from him any longer.  

Just as he continued to look at me confused, his tongue sticking out like he was a brainless zombie. His two pearls which happened to be his pupils glowed in the fading light. No wonder I had a crush on him from back when we were in high school, he always had my back. Now, after several months of having nothing to do with him, he wants to know more about me? He is worried about my safety? I'm living my life to the fullest, spending it in the one place I can call, Heaven, and he wants to take that away from me. It's like the more I think about the beauty on this beach, the sensations that this little island gives me- the more he wants to ruin my happiness.  

Could it be that he is just a grizzly old pirate who has nothing better to do? Was he the one my father had spoken about back when I was growing up?  No way, how would he have known Xavier; the guy would never show up to my own birthday parties, he would never share a moment with me. My father was wise, but he was never a mind-reader, and no way could he ever predict the future. If the ocean really were a dangerous place, then I too would be fearing it like all the others who hide away like hermit crabs. Xavier is just an average pirate, no way is he responsible for the dangers on this beach. This warning sounded more like a threat, come to think of it- it was more a threat to the entire ocean dwellers. I'm not an ocean dweller, but I do know about the mermaids, the  aquatic  life that lives beyond the waves.   

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