The Wings of an Angel and a Demon

what happens when Gina falls for this demon Adrian? Will it work out? What happens if they do fall in love?


1. Love is Strong

Once there was a busty angel with mocha skin, long black hair that flowed like waves with deep brown eyes. She wore a slender white dress that had a slit on the right side. She was known as Gina.


Gina: She was in purgatory to pick up souls that were ready to go to heaven when she noticed a handsome man.


He appeared to be a man but was actually a dangerous demon that served under Prince Asmodeus. He was slender, had the face of a model with wavy brown hair and crimson red eyes. He wore a crimson red and black plaid open shirt with simple blue jeans. He was known as Adrian and he was smiling mockingly as he noticed Gina.


Adrian: He waited for her to come to him like she was prey and wanted her to come to him. If he could get an angel in bed then every demon would be so jealous of him; least that’s what he thought.

Gina: She eventually did come to him curious of what this demon was like. She asked him what he was doing in purgatory in the first place.

Adrian: “Ah just came to collect souls my dear,” he smiled wickedly at her.

Gina: “Who sent you? Let me guess Beelzebub.”

Adrian: He merely smiled at her from being interested in him. “No I was sent by Asmodeus.”

Gina: She looked down at him. “Oh….him, I see. What’s your name anyway? Mine’s Gina.”

Adrian: He smiled at his prey, “Adrian.”

Gina: She looked at him even more untrusting. “How did you become a demon?”

Adrian: “Easy I was a jackass in life, loved to screw and rape women, even loved to cheat on them.” He sipped his martini not leaving his eyes from hers.

Gina: “Well that’s just mean. Rape is just horrible,” she said with a bit of an edge in her voice. “You’re nothing more than a cheating man whore rapist.”

Adrian: “Ah but did you ever think that hell changes us? Makes us see the error in our ways and try not to escape.”

Gina: “No because if you were sorry then you would still be tortured; not turned into a demon.”

Adrian: “Ah a wise angel I see. After all, who would want to escape paradise? Being a demon is my paradise which even you angels couldn’t understand. You might say it’s because we love to torment others which is true for some but not for me.”

Gina: She listens thinking he’s a big talker. “

Adrian: “For me I love managing the lustful world of Prince Asmodeus. All that forced sex, having the rapists be raped and other torment. To me that’s a fun time.”

Gina: “You’re one strange demon,” she said cautiously.

Adrian: “Well like I said, even an angel wouldn’t understand.”

Gina: “Just because I don’t understand doesn’t mean I’m not interested.”

Adrian: He smiled wickedly at her, “Oh really?”

Gina: “Really. Having everything you want, finally getting rid of all that pain and misery you once had is wonderful. Yet you think a world of pain and misery is paradise. It makes no sense.”

Adrian: “Easy, I love pain and torment.”

Gina: She listened intently as he talked.

Adrian: “Well when I did live in the human world I was abused by my father who would beat me for no reason at all and beat my mother as well. When I was 16 I beat the shit out of him and killed him. I was never caught ofcourse and yet I turned out to be like him in a way. However, he’s in Satan’s domain not Asmodeus’s. I never see him but sometimes I think I hear the screams of agony. It makes me very happy when I hear them. I believe my mother is up in heaven.”

Gina: She had a sad look in her eyes, “I’m sorry.”

Adrian: “Ah no worries now. I’m glad that I got meet such a beautiful angel today.”

Gina: She blushed a little as Adrian grinned as she blushed.

Adrian: “So you know something about me. Why don’t you tell me something about yourself?”

Gina: “Well when I grew up I was picked on a lot because of how I looked, acted, etc. Hardly had any friends. Felt suicidal at one point. Guys liked to use me…..but I was very good at building things so I worked as a construction worker. Then I found someone who I thought was my soulmate. I had 5 children with him and he was a high class business man who loved to touch my daughters when I wasn’t around.”

Adrian: He asked curiously, “Hmmmmm what did you do?”

Gina: “Well since he was such a dangerous man I carefully got away from him and took my children with me. We moved to England where he would never find us and I got my job as a construction worker again. I’m glad I was able to get away and that I was able to save myself and my children away from such an evil being.”

Adrian: He looked at her as if she was the strongest women ever.

Gina: She saw his reaction and smiled, “Everyone has their hardships, some more than others. I believe it’s how you deal with the situation determines what kind of person you are. I would help others in any way I could. Every other Saturday the kids and I would go volunteer for a charity.”

Adrian: “So what’s it like up there?”

Gina: “Wonderful, I’m in paradise and I get to see my kids and their kids grow up. You get to be your ideal person. I died of old age but I got back to when I was 21 in heaven.”

Adrian: “Well at least you got to die old natural while I was killed by some gang members when I was 24. Here in hell you stay the same age as when you died.”

Gina: She pondered at that, “Must suck if you died old and get tortured.”

Adrian: “Well it depends on how bad your crime was. If it was small then you get sent to work in the domain you were assigned to right away. If it was more serious then you get tortured for however long they see fit then go to work for the domain. Some are still being punished after centuries.”

Gina: She said thoughtfully, “Yea that makes sense.”

Adrian: “I’m sure you angels have lower and upper class ranks of angels. Well we have ranks too. If you want to stay as a lower class demon like me then you can. I’m sure both heaven and hell have tests and such for you to earn your way up if you want to be a higher ranking demon or angel.”

Gina: “That’s true. Here I thought you would be a lying demon who never told the truth.”

Adrian: He smiled at her, “Well not all demons tell the truth like I do.”

Gina and Adrian: They both finished up soul collecting.

Adrian: “Well I hope I’ll see you again Gina.”

Gina: “And I hope I see you again Adrian.”


               As they departed and went back to their homes they both thought of each other fondly. Gina was able to keep her facial expressions with delight as always while Adrian looked like a love sick puppy. The demon who was a Minotaur called Corson noticed his best friend’s reaction.


Corson: “Anything happen in purgatory there Adrian?”

Adrian: He merely tried to look as if nothing happened since for some strange reason his heart was beating faster and he didn’t know why. For an even stranger reason he wanted to keep Gina a secret. He squeaked out, “N-No N-Nothing happened.”

Corson: He merely rolled his eyes knowing Adrian had a secret but knew not to push it.

Adrian: He walked over to the demon who collected souls and sent them to Asmodeus.

Demon: He had a wolfish grin and said, “Adrian you better keep your emotions to yourself else others will think you’re in love or something.”

Adrian: He tried to calm down a bit as he laughed. “Me? In love? You know me better than that.”

Demon: “You say that now but all demon can fall in love. Even you.”

Gina: She went to her thinking spot as she thought of Adrian and smiled happily as she thought of him. “Maybe he’s not so bad.”

Her bestie Jordan came in with her blonde long hair with pink and green hair dye, eyes as blue as the sky, milky white skin, and slender. She was wearing her usual outfit, white platform boots, black fishnet leggings, a short gold skirt, white slimming shirt with gold trim, black fishnet gloves, a collar that was gold with white trim with her nose ring and 4 pierced earrings.

Jordan: She heard Gina as she looked at Gina oddly. “What happened in purgatory?”

Gina: “Nothing.”

Jordan: She didn’t believe Gina for a second, “Yea right. I can see the glow in your face. You met someone.”

Gina: She sighed knowing Jordan wouldn’t give up till she got the truth. “Alright maybe I did meet someone.”

Jordan: “Oooooo what’s his name?”

Gina: “Adrian.”

Jordan: She smiled confidently, “What’s he like?”

Gina: “Well he’s sweet and really listens to you. He’s a bit full of himself but he’s very kind.”

Jordan: She smiled wider, “You gonna see him again?”

Gina: She blushed bright red. “I don’t know.”

Jordan: She giggled. “Ah Gina if you really like him them I’m happy for you. Now let’s go give those souls to Uriel.”

Adrian: He sat in his recliner whenever he had to think. He was thinking of what these strange feelings were. “I never felt this way before. I don’t understand it. Maybe I should talk to Corson, I don’t know.”

Jordan: She always got too excited when she heard news or whenever she wanted to do some crazy stunt. “Uriel guess what? Gina found herself a man.”

Uriel: He merely chucked. “Oh really?”

Gina: She elbowed Jordan.

Jordan: She ignored it and told him everything.

Gina: “You blabbermouth.”

Jordan: “You know it.”

Adrian: He went to Corson and told him everything then said, “I just don’t understand these feelings. They burn.”

Corson: He laughed, “You’re in love clueless.”

Adrian: He was upset by his answer, “I’m not in love! I’m just weird!”

Corson: “Deny it all you want but you’re in love. You know me, I’ll keep it a secret and you can come to me about anything,”

Adrian: He sighed, “I know, and I know you understand things that I don’t. However, I’m not in love.”

Corson: He looked at Adrian seriously, ”You gonna go see this girl you love so much again?”

Adrian: He looked at Corson as if he was insane, “What?! How could you ask such a ridiculous question! Ofcourse not! I want to get rid of these feelings!”

Corson: He looked at Adrian seriously, “Maybe you should; to make sure that you aren’t indeed, in love with her.”

Adrian: “I guess you’re right.”

Corson: “Aren’t I always?”

Adrian: “No.”

Jordan and Gina: They flew to Jordan’s room.

Jordan: “I think you should see this guy again; and no I don’t think Chamuel is involved.”

Gina: She sighed happily in her own little world.

Jordan: She crossed her arms and smirked. “Just look at you; you clearly want to see him again.”

Gina: She hugged herself as she blushed. “Yea maybe, but I don’t know when he would be there or if he’s busy.”

Jordan: “Why not try in a few days after all you don’t want to seem too eager.”

Gina: She smiled up at her friend. “Yea that’s a good idea.”

Corson: He told Adrian to wait a few days to see if he still wanted to see her.

Adrian: “Yea that way I can see if these feelings go away or not.


A few days later….


Adrian and Gina: They came to purgatory and instantly saw each other in the crowd and both approached each other.

Gina: “Hey how’s it going?”

Adrian: “I think I’m sick.” He thought to himself, yea love sick.

Gina: “Oh dear was it something some demon did to you?”

Adrian: His heart fluttered as he said, “Y-Yea, someone did.” He had this sick feeling that he didn’t want to lie to her but for now it was his only thought.

Gina: She held him close and said soothingly, “Awww you poor think.”


People were staring at them but Gina didn’t care but Adrian did.


Adrian: He blushed and pulled away. “I’ll be fine.”

Gina: She looked at him oddly as if she did something wrong.

Jordan and Corson: They were both curious as they looked to see their friends. Both their eyes got wide.

Corson: “An angel?”

Jordan: “A demon?”

Gina: She looked at Adrian with concern.

Adrian: He took both of her hands and kissed the backs of them. “Don’t worry I’ll be fine. Plus I’m not used to being……touched that way.”

Gina: She said sasdly. “Oh I see….”

Adrian: He quickly saw her reaction and said, “It’s not a bad thing, I was just surprised is all.”

Gina and Adrian: They talked about each other’s past some more as they sat on the couch.

Gina: She was lying on him as they played with each others hands. After a while she said, “You’re so sweet.”

Adrian: He was surprised by this as he blushed. “No I’m not. Demons aren’t kind or sweet.”

Gina: She smirked, “If so then why did come to see me and why are you snuggling me?”

Adrian: He kept blushing as he thought, damn women know everything. “I just wanted to see if there was any souls to collect.”

Gina: “Yea right. You keep blushing and I know you’re happy. Clearly you wanted to see me again.”

Adrian: He sighed in defeat, “You’re right.”

Gina: “So what will you do? Since I can clearly see you are unsure.”

Adrian: “Well I am torn. I don’t understand what these feelings are. They make no sense to me.”

Gina: She nodded knowing it must be hard for him to not know what his feelings are.

Adrian: “All I know is that I’m happy being around you and never want to leave you.”

Gina: “I feel the same, however I know that these feelings are love.”

Adrian: “How could these feelings develop so fast? I just met you.”

Gina: She giggled. “I know you’re scared but I agree friendship should come first but I know that you love me and I love you.”

Adrian: He grinned, “I just had to fall for the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Gina: She blushed as he said that.

Adrian: He sighed, “Maybe we should go home and think about it.”

Gina: “Well I know you’re scared so I’ll agree with you.” She kissed him sweetly.

Adrian: He kissed her back and blushed when they parted.

Gina: “Well I’ll see you soon.”

Adrian: “Good else I’d be sad.”


When they came home they found that their friends were very angry at them.


Corson: He dragged Adrian to his chambers. “AN ANGEL?! A bloody angel? I thought you were better than that Adrian.”

Jordan: She did the same as Corson as she screamed at Gina.

Gina: She glared at Jordan, “I thought you supported me for whomever I choose to be my love.”

Jordan: She snarled, “I thought you were talking about another angel or at least from purgatory, but noooooo. You just had to be with a demon. Don’t you know that if you two were to get together that you would be sent to purgatory and could never come here again.”

Corson: He said something similar to what Jordan said to Adrian.

Jordan: “Do you want to lose your paradise to some demon?”

Gina: Her heart was starting to break as her friend screamed at her. She started shedding tears without realizing it.

Jordan: She calmed down a bit. “Hey shhhh I know it’s hard. You gotta get him out of your mind. I won’t tell anyone since I don’t want you to leave this paradise but you can’t be falling for him.. He’ll only cause you pain and heartache.”

Corson: “Adrian do you seriously want to leave this torment and pain paradise? That’s what will happen if you fall for this angel. You’ll be sent to purgatory and can’t ever come back. Plus, if you pick her, what is you guys broke up? You’d lose her and this paradise.”

Adrian: He sat up in shock. “Fuck you Corson. You know damn well that I’d never pick some angel over this place.”

Corson: He looked at Adrian seriously, “Adrian I’ve seen how strong love can be. Remember Bune? He fell for some angel and gave up being a high ranking demon to be with her. He’s in purgatory, he gave up everything he ever once cared for to be with that angel. If you don’t think the same could happen to you then you’re a fool.”

Adrian: He raised an eyebrow, “Oh really? I highly doubt that.”

Corson: “Look Adrian love can make someone give up everything they have just to have the person they are in love with. I think you should just forget about her and try to find someone here.”

Adrian: “Like who? All the girls here aren’t attractive on the outside or the inside to me.”

Corson: “You’re falling in love and you better snap out of it or I’ll make you snap out of it,” he said dead seriously.

Jordan: She said something similar to what Corson said.

Gina: She held her head in her hands as the tears wouldn’t stop. “I can’t, I just can’t. He’s so wonderful and makes me so happy.”

Jordan: She said angrily, “Well you better get him out of your head. I won’t let my best friend get hurt by some demon.”

Gina and Adrian: They went to their rooms to sulk and hated the idea of being without each other. They both thought of the idea of getting close and if they would truly give up their paradises to start a new paradise with each other.

Adrian: He punched a wall as his fist cracked a hole in the wall. “Gawd fucking damn it! I don’t know what to do.”

Gina: She sat up on her bed thinking how bad it would be if they kept seeing each other. “Le sigh, I don’t know what to do.”

Gina and Adrian: They both went for a walk to clear their head and ended up in purgatory and bumped into each other. They held each other tightly as they told each other what happened.

Adrian: “I think we should see each though. Maybe in secret where our friends can’t see.

Gina: She was a bit nervous but said, “Yea I’d like that.”

Adrian: “Good now let’s go find a place.”

After a few months of dating their friends went to purgatory to see if they could find them.

Jordan and Corson: They found their friends and pulled Gina and Adrian from a passionate kiss.

Jordan: She slapped Gina. “You’re an idiot for not listening to me.”

Corson: He said the same thing to Adrian while punching him through a wall.

Adrian: He brushed off the plaster. “How would you know Corson? You never had these feelings before.”

Corson: “I may not know what they’re like, but I don’t want you to give up what you got.”

Adrian: “What? Give up loneliness and not have these strong feelings ever again?” He growled and punched Corson through the ceiling.

Jordan: She shook Gina, “Stop it! Don’t you love it in paradise? Don’t you love seeing your family? I thought you did. But you’d rather be with someone who would hurt you rather than staying with me.”

Gina: She looked up at Jordan as her heart was breaking. “You’re wrong. YOU’RE WRONG!! What do you know of how I feel?”

Jordan and Corson: “I hope you two never find true love.”

Corson: “I hope you two know that if you do that you will be sent to purgatory forever without warning.”

Gina and Adrian: “Some friends you are!”

Gina: “You can’t even be happy for us.”

Jordan: She growled: “We’re trying to help you see you would make a grave mistake; but you two can’t even see that.”

Adrian: He said angrily, “No all you’re doing is trying to separate us. You know what I’d rather be with Gina than be with you!”

Gina: “Do you mean it?”

Adrian: “Yes I do.”

Gina: She held Adrian tightly as she cried with joy. “I’m so happy you feel the same way.”

Corson and Jordan: They both knew that they lost their friends right then and there as the cherry brown doors appeared.

Jordan: She said sadly, “I lost you to a demon.”

Adrian and Gina: They opened the doors to find it was the entrance to their new home which was a fancy mansion.

Jordan: She knelt down and started crying. “Why wasn’t I enough?”

Corson: He put a claw on her shoulder, “They were the ones who didn’t listen to reason. They only wanted to find this love.”

Jordan: She nodded, “Your right.”

Gina and Adrian: They were so happy as they entered. Magically rings appeared on their fingers.

Adrian: He blushed, “I guess we’re married for eternity.”

Gina: “Good.”

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