Eggie remix

Basic the same thing, but the more the better.


2. Back to Dream land

Author Note: okay here another chapter of the Eggie Remix, am sorry for any delay but let focus on the future, okay, there is anything special going on so enjoy the Proverb note.

Proverb Note: What is True power? it isn’t the ability to heal people, or to  see the future, True power, is the ability to go fearlessly to preach, how is it power? Because the Holy spirit have given you the courage and the words to speak, to endure, to be the children of light, that type is true power, not many Christian have reach this level, few even use a faked for it, like preach only in church, but YOU, are not in a general public, you can make a change in your life, you can get this power and obtain Salvation, thank you.

The ship zoom off, heading toward the bright yellow planet shape like a star, inside Hector set a ier of departure, he wasn’t staying long, after warning Meta knight, he plan to return to the skull departure and telling what he might know of this Orbs, for one, he dislike them already, and also them seem to act like the Mystical Dark Matters who lived in the age of Galactic Knight, he knew they were different but how much, they kill the host after they leave, that one thing new, during the thought, Hector didn’t notice a Black Orb in his ship, it float around and eye him, “just a bit closer and I be at Pop star” it muttered darkly, Hector could however, feel it dark presence. It was like stay in an active Volcano, his body was heated, he carefully turn around and took a peep on it, he then set the Ship on auto drive, the Black orb did suspect a thing, until he jump out with his sword out pointing at the orb of darkness, “Show yourself!” he shouted, the Black orb slowly float to his view,  it’s body was burning in purple fire, a single red eye look at him, “you kill my friend, he was close to me, and now I will fulfil my mission and raise an army in that Planet” it spoke, “am not letting you do that” he said raising his Uchigatana filling it will green energy, “I can’t be stop, I will take even your soul to fulfil my destiny!” it said as it dash at him, but it was easy took out when he release his green wave and it hit the Orb square in the eyes, he then put his Uchigatana back and sat at his chair, ‘I better be careful for any sign of Black Orbs, but this is getting insane!’ he thought, the ship soon enter the planet and was hover in the sky, Hector then type the next Location, which was Wispy wood, he was aware of that place, as he normally wander around the last time he was here, which was about Six hundred and seventy four years ago, he smile as the forest got into view, he didn’t want to alert anyone about his presence much,  so he land as a far sign of the Woods, less chance of meeting anyone, ship finally landed  and began count down, ‘6:10:98’ it show on the screen, 98 second, 10 minutes, 6 hours.

Walking out, he was surprise to see that it was night, he must not have notice, but he took it as a good sign and continue walking o, he has a great Memory, so it was easy to go through the area even at night, he walk on for a while until a dome house came to view, “who could have been living here? I mean, no-one lived in Wispy Wood, apart from Wispy and a few other animals, I hope there is a plan to construct house on this forest” he said out loud, he then just smug and let the person to his nap, walking onward he soon reach the Cappy town, this like the house was unusual, back in his days, which was when he could only speak Poyo, the Town didn’t exist, but another one was there, his town, ‘must have been siege and destroy’ he thought sadly, ‘this new town must have Meta knight, I must find him and be on my way, before the ship leave me suck here’ he thought, and ran toward it, or would have when his cell phone rang, “Hello” he answer, “hey, it’s Star knight “ the caller said, “not a good time, sir Star Knight, I have Six hours and…” he was cut off by the phone shutting down, ‘it seem that I forgot to buy new battery’ he thought, ‘oh well, that happen’ he reassure himself, he then walk toward the town.

As he walk through the street, he just couldn’t help but remember his town, where a few of his own Species lived and flow, it was painful so know that his old friends were murder by the Nightmare and he wasn’t there to help, he wave off the thought and walk toward the castle, he knew where Meta knight lived, his ‘Flying Phoenix Magma Blade’ has the ability to track down people who he wish to find, so he follow the thoughts that came from the sword to his mind to guide him, it lead him to the back of the castle,  where he saw Meta knight training, Meta knight was a night trainer, he does this when he can’t sleep, then he would leave and head to a quiet place to train, he wasn’t training behind King De-de-de castle but was doing a few quick slashing, “Sir Meta knight” Hector whisper, Meta knight heard it and turn to face him, he didn’t recognize him, understandable since they barely met, “who are you?” he said drawing Galaxcia out and point it at him, “just an Allay with limit time, listen then are things going go on that you want to know” he said in a haste,  “how can I trust you? You could just be a remaining Nightmare trying to fool me” Meta knight said, “whether you believe me or not, time isn’t no my side, so I tell you what I know, sir” he said before continuing, “there is darkness coming, in a shape of a ball, it refer to itself as the Black orb, and there are more, I encounter two, one, brain wash my entire team and try to have me kill, the other, want to raise an army, no doubt it want to brain wash all of Pop star for it master, I think it name is the Dark Orb, beware Meta knight, I think there is a third or even a fourth or thousands, keep my warming in safe mind” he said, Hector always talk like that when warning someone about something, “it sound almost unbelievable, I can I be sure?” Meta knight, though he already took his warning in heart, “when it comes, Meta knight, when it comes, you shall believe” he said about to walk but Meta knight call out, “if you are sure this would happen, then why don’t you help us?” Meta knight asked, “Why? You and a certain guy took down Nightmare, this should be easy for you, I have test the Black orb power, not impressive, but powerful, you be fine” he said walking away, Meta knight stood there, wondering if what he said was true or not.

Hector ran as full speed, he had not notice that his timer was actually wrong, hi watch which also have a timer was, 0:56:23, he just don’t understand these timers,  he ran to the forest and got to his ship in time, “that was too close or too early” said as he notice that the ship timer was 5:21:12 are counting down, “one of this is a bomb” he said, crazy yes, but when different timers are found, it is safe to assume that either your watch or the ship is a bomb in counting, he put out his watch just in case, the watch is more reliable than a ship, so in most case the ship is the bomb, how can you know because Ships actually show a bomb timers, it a safe guard system to protect against bombs, so either his ship was warning him or his watch and ship was malfunctioning, ‘well with 12 minutes left, either it will fly away or blow up, or blow up in mid-air, not good’ he said before running out, as he was out, he took a safe distance from it and watch as he saw the back door close,  it then rise up and flow away, before blowing up in mid-air, “it must have been set to blow up, well that Black orb for you, now how do I get out of here?”  he said aloud, he then walk out of the area and started to look at the ground to find his underground house, a long time before he was born, his Uncle build a underground house, as a hideout, his father lived there with his Uncle before the Nightmare attack them, he was living in that hideout from the day he was born to the day he was token to be a Galactic knight, which was about 490 years, he know the location, because Wispy woods hadn’t change.

“come on…….open up” Hector said as he was trying to lift a large stone, the stone was way bigger than him, he then gave up and try to lift it from the other side, to his surprise  it open up with ease, he then open a door that was under the stone, he open the door and jump in, the door then close and the stone eventually  drop back down.

He look around for a while, nothing change, and that was right, the whole place look like it was yesterday that he left, it was so neat and well arrange, it puzzle him to great distance, he look around for anyone but didn’t see anyone, he walk toward a picture of him and his uncle,  he was sure that someone had remove it from its regular place and set it here, he walk toward the table, it had a cloth with a picture of butterflies, it was like how his Mother made it before she dies,  he look at the ground, the same, ‘someone must have been living here, but who?’ he thought, if there was anyone living here, he would step out of this place for the person, he notice that there was a television there, but he didn’t feel like watching it or even sleeping  or even eating, he couldn’t trust this world, he have been out soon long and there might be more Orbs who could possess him in his sleep, he nodded and sat on his bed to get a bit of rest, but could have find himself drafting for a deep sleep, he shake his head and decide to walk around to remove it out of his system,  as he move he notice that he was getting tired of that, he went back to bed lie in it for a while, but that while overtook him and he felt asleep.

Author Note: Well that finish this part, I want to reveal that Hector has three type of blade, 1 Uchigatana, Flying Phoenix’s Magma blade, and Thunder dragon blade, all this can be fuse as one to make the Tri-Nova blade, more about these blade and more, next time.

Proverb note: When you see someone doing something wrong, don’t rebuke them in your mind, that what start complaining and Malice, instead if you don’t have the nerve to rebuke and correct them openly, forget it, and pray to Jesus to help you, for if you can’t correct him, who can you correct? So remember being a Christian mean be prayerful and being someone who is known to hate evil and can’t be mention among them, thank you for reading.               

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