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Basic the same thing, but the more the better.


3. A burning friend

Author note: Okay this should be the last story I publish for this week, not that am tried but it should be noted that I must publish them on time, so I thank Jesus for a successful publish, now then onward to what you are expecting.

Proverb note: have you been angry or do you hate someone for doing something to you, then forget it and live your life (righteously), when you are been pull to wrath, think of thoughts that make you happy (thoughts that are not wicked, not that you didn’t know), if that doesn’t work leave the place and pray to lord Jesus, if you are trap, pray it in your mind, now after you depart from him/her, clear the thought of been annoy as a bad memory and live your life well in the sight of the lord, thank you for reading and I hope you understand.

Hector who was lying down on the bed, look up and saw two eyes that was looking straight down at him, the figure on top of him most notable feature was his burning hair, Hector had lot of thought rushing in his head, most of which were decide if it was friendly or not, they stay like this for about some minutes, both highly confuse of the other one, it was Hector that broke the silence, “would you please get off me?” he asked, the person on top wasn’t so following the idea of let the invader of his home go coat free, with a untold intention he use his hand to push Hector down, as Hector was about to get up, “who are you?! And did you did to Fred?!” he yell at Hector who was confuse beyond belief, here he was assaulted in his own home and accuse of harming a guy he didn’t know off, “listen, calm down, I don’t know who your friend is or why you on my house, I just-“ “what are you talking about! This house and my bed you are sleeping on! You can’t just walk in here in the middle of the night and just take my home!” he yells again cutting Hector, “and do you mean by not knowing where Fred is! He was just here when I left!” he yelled and Hector could see that he was in the vague of beating the life out of him, “honestly, I didn’t see anyone here, and besides, none of the place look like there were a fight, if I did attack him, then most of the chair would be broken” he tried to reason with him, it finally work or seem like it, the person jump out of the bed and walk a few distance back, prepare to fire lots of fireballs at Hector, Hector already fore saw this, due to his training and took hold of his Uchigatana, ‘why does I have to fight this early in the morning’ he thought, as he gently touch the blade of his weapon and it glow green, “am warning you, I don’t want  any problem, just back off” instead of answering, the person fire  a huge fire ball at Hector who jump out of the way, he grunted as he felt his arm burn by the little fire that pop out of the huge fire when it hit the wall, the guy smirk and release a stream of fire at him, Hector stood there with his sword, waiting for it.

There was a lot of thing Kirby like, for one is food, that Is number one in his choice, they never get too old for the young star warrior, these were his greatest weakness though, he would eat anything he think is food, even if it just plain poison, Kirby also like hanging out with his friend, some people think he doesn’t understand them, but they are wrong, in fact, Kirby is actually learning, if he could speak he would have little problem speaking because he saw his friends do it,  he is in fact a quick learner, Kirby know when it was time to defence and play, he knew because his gut (or whatever it was) told him, he often wonder who his parent were, a lot of people think he is too young for that type of thinking but they are wrong, actually, Kirby know a lot of thing that could awe a person, all gotten because he pay close attention to his friends, but enough of praises, Kirby isn’t smart, just a quick learner that all, in fact it nothing special in his race, they could master basically anything if they put their mind to it.  Kirby was a happy fellow, always giving a smile at new object or when he wake up or anything, if he is walking he is smile, not because he is thinking of something, but he like to stay on the positive of life, which he could do more often without Nightmare, and King Dedede (he actually stop trying to kill him, and have left him alone for 8 months since Nightmare destruction, he still won’t talk to him though). But today Kirby was sad, his stomach hurt like crazy and he has been vomiting stars, it happen two weeks ago, Tiff was worried and Meta knight assure her and told Kirby that it due to him eating the warp star, Kirby gut would get used to it eventually, but he should stay away from fighting and should stay home, for even the slightest fight may kill Kirby, he had Sword and Blade guard his home day and night, tiff made a lot of visit, which help since Sword and Blade didn’t really talk to him or hang out, too busy trying not to let Meta knight down and prove themselves worthy to him, tuff sometimes came but he stop coming and soon even Tiff stop, and the orange bird didn’t help as he kept on insulting him, it was the third week and after this he would be free to move about and hang out with his friends instead of being suck here, Kirby wander around  for a while, not much space in here, Kirby then went to turn on the TV, which he learn to do from watching Tiff do it, he sat down and watch the TV went static, it been like this for a while, he usually watch  the TV regardless,  Kirby however wasn’t in the mood, his stomach hurt so much and no one was round, Sword and Blade went off hiding, in order to ambush anyone who tried to attack the suffering pink puff,  Kirby then grunted and started to vomit star pieces out, he pant first before fell backward and groan as his stomach began to hurt him again, it always did.

“Ouch!” the guy with the burning hair hiss as a mark slice it way on his cheek, “there more where that came from” Hector threaten, he just glare  at him and breath out a stream of fire ball, Hector jump and fire a pink wave which  hit him and turn to pink liquid on contact, he couldn’t move so Hector then fire a green wave which blast him to the wall.

Hector panted, “do you want to call a quit!?” he said, the guy stood up and ran at him yelling.

Hector ran at him as well, he slice his other cheek as they pass each other, the person turn into a ball of fire and charge at him, Hector charge at him as well with his Uchigatana glowing white, as they almost made contact Hector use his Uchigatana to whack the burning ball, it cause an explosion, sent the guy flying to the wall, while Hector stood his ground, still panting.

“Please listen, I don’t know where your friend is, if I did, I would have ended you now” Hector pleaded, it was Hector style to reason his enemy out of it, if they still refuse, he would leave, if they cause harm to other, he would beat them up and lock them up, if they escape, he would put them back in, killing was not an option for him, except for the case of Nightmare monsters and the dark Orbs, in his option, they didn’t have a soul to be reason with, so he end them as if he ended killer machines, the guy stood up but weakly, he was in great pain and knew the guy in front of him was the stronger,  “i…I…won’t…give…up…gi…give…m…me….back ….Fred….n…now” he manages to say, Hector sigh and put his Uchigatana back and walk  toward the door, there is a door in the far east that lead to a tunnel upward that lead outside, Hector was startled when a yellow Waddle-Dee fell from the tunnel that was cover by the rock, he stand up and look at the guy and Hector, “ummm what happen here?” he asked, the guy share at both of them and look down aware of the shame, Hector decide to head out to not bring any more awkwardness, but the waddle Dee stop him, “ um who are you?” he asked, Hector share at him and sigh, “am Slayer Knight, but my real name is not important to you, sorry to bother you friend and house” he said , Waddle Dee look around and rub the back of his head, there was a fight alright, “um, am Fred Dee, or just Fred”, he greeted,  the flame hair guy walk away not bearing this blow to his pride,  “um Leo where are you going?” he asked, Leo stopped at the door but didn’t reply or answer, Fred sigh and look at Hector, “so, um, Slayer knight” he said a bit afraid of him, due to his dreadful name and the Uchigatana  handle, that came into view quiet easily, he soon summon up the courage and spoke, “what happen here, it look like a fight came here” he said, “that was what  happen, we fought cause Leo thought I slayed you, but it soon ended” Hector said, decide to not bring out much detail right now, Fred walk over the broke wall that Leo whack into, “okay….. Anyway, I sorry Leo did that, he is pretty hot headed in more ways than one or two” he said trying to humour the sensation down, Leo couldn’t stand this and walk out, Hector adjust his hat in a cowboy fashion, he was fond of, and went to the table, “so, where did you came from” Fred asked, “here, I came from here” Hector said, more like to himself,  Fred smile and walk to pick up the stuff that were laying around, “can I help?” Hector asked, “sure, this going to take a while for me alone” he said, Hector went to the wall, deciding he can fix that, but impending danger that was coming never cross his mind.

Author note: Well that is it for this chapter, hope you read it in a free time, or your relax, it better to read stories, during that time, see you next time.

Proverb note: Don’t make complain, it make people not see you in a light way, don’t yell or change the subject, stick to what you are trying to fix, and note, when you are angry, let it fly, or it will bursts out sooner or later, may God help you as you do this way.                            

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