It a play back on my fail work (which hadn't fail, if it had I wouldn't be doing this) enjoy and once again know it Moral.


1. The Fog

Author Note: Hello Viewer or really Reader, I would like to tell you that I am cancelling Sir Kibble Adventure: Night vs Day, reasons is because of reasons that I am not going to bother you about, but don’t worry, it will come back one day or someday, better, and more easier to publish and understand, am not going to bring it back any time soon though, that it. Anyway, more about this story, Eggie, I didn’t give any information about it so that you could find out for yourself what it is, I know much of you will think it is about an egg, but no, it not, the title is not for play either, it about a thing we should think about much, Eggie, not an Egg but a thing, find out for yourself, after this proverb.

Proverb note: when you get something as a reward or gift, do not ignore the person, but said thank you, so that they will feel appreciated like how you feel appreciated when you do something good, so in summary, don’t think about yourself but wonder how will they feel if you do this action, or how would you feel when someone do this to you, in every action you are performing for someone, think of that, so that you will avoid being self-centre. Thank you for listening.

It was a sunny day, the sun rise up on the sky and share warm light ray to all who need warmth, a certain guy was sitting down on the chair doing nothing, he was just enjoying his day, he, in description, was about fairly tall, he had put on a jacket and wore a blue shirt inside the jacket, the Jacket itself was orange in colour and had pocket in the front, this guy was about 16 years old and had worn green shoes, but they were off at the moment, he had spiky blue hair with two ruby red eyes sharing to the great beyond, he also wore a pair of black gloves who has a sphere icon on the middle side, he wore on his fore head a pair of goggle, that was pretty much his description as far as anyone was concern.

This certain guy got tired of sitting on the chair and decides to go for a walk, leaving the chair behind he left with little concern about it, as he was taking his walk across the forest, he couldn’t help but wonder how he get here in the first place, it was blizzard, he wasn’t paying much attention to his surroundings so it was no wonder he ended up from the town to the middle of the forest, he decide not to think about it but to continue his walk,  he pat his trouser so make sure his Gun-del-Twi was still there, it was, he sigh in relief, he didn’t have time to search the whole forest looking for that Gun, he search around for anyone aside for himself, seeing no there, he pick up his Gun del Twi and fire a few harmless round on trees, the trees then grow fast and flowers began to bloom, he smile, he had set his Gun de Twi on nature setting, and it seem to have work, he then put it back and continue his walk, he was planning on spending the in entire day here, blooming more trees  when his phone ring, “hello” he said calmly, “Dan, where are you!?” the caller called harshly, Dan close his eyes and breath in and out before saying, “Sabata san…I mean…..Dad!” he said quickly but not quick enough, “where are you” he caller said dangerously calm, Dan knowing there is no escaping, give up, “at the forest” he said, “stay there” the caller said before warping there himself, the caller or Sabata had a calm face but Dan could see he was in trouble, “Dan” Sabata began, “have you ever consider that perhaps that I left you at the town for a reason”, Dan look down for a while before answer, “but dad, I don’t think they want me, they……they……they always see me as nothing but an Immortal, I think it my eyes…dad” he said, “we don’t care what they think Dan, I and you may never be accept but that does not give us the chance to abandon them, we protect them whether they like us or not” he lecture, Sabata hate lecturing people but if it is the only way to get them not their feet then so be it, even Dan, Dan still didn’t look up but asked, “but are we immortal, Dad?” seeing his son getting confuse with Immortal, and thinking bad for himself, always made Sabata angry, because he had to do more lecture, which he hate, but still, “you nor I are immortal, Immortal or undead can’t feel or think about emotion, so get a grip, the fact that you didn’t burn this forest to the ground is a perfect example” he lecture, Dan finally look up with a understanding look, happy that this little event is over, Sabata grab Dan hand and warp out to get his money, though he could work for free, because he get more money from Undead hide out than from his employers.

Sabata and Dan had it pretty easy for them, though Dan never knew his mother, and Sabata was still depressed over Carmella, they were still happy, Sabata took the Immortal hunting as a way to get money seeing that Django always rich in Sol from the hide out he busted, Sabata left the sol city(as he had been living there for a while, like two years) and went on to live on his own, though Django and him always cross path, when Sabata was 20 years old he had Dan, from whose mother he would not reveal to Dan, Sabata at first saw Dan as unneeded weight and was planning to give him to Django and Lita as their son, but heard that Django had turn out of control and was running loose, Django had lost control of his vampire state….again, so Sabata made up his mind to catch and kill Django, which he did, he purify Django and ended his little brother…sadly, Sabata then took Dan and left to the unknown part of the world afterward, life was enjoyable when Dan became 5years old, but was a nightmare when he an infant, the crying, and the poo and many other baby things, but he(Sabata) survive that state, Dan has his eyes and his mother hairs colour and their powers combine, so Dan is a Twilight Child, a fuse combination of a Lunar beauty and a Solar child, though it was weird how Dan became a Twilight child and not him or Django, since their father was a solar child and mother a lunar beauty, just weird indeed.

“Dan get on your bike we are leaving” Sabata said walking toward who was outside the town, Sabata has gotten his money with a tip, after telling his employer that he had purify the vampire gang that was causing trouble for the town, Dan nodded and got up and went and drag his coffee out of the bush and press a button and it change to a bike and got on,  Sabata didn’t have a bike, didn’t need one, “meet me at Zone, Omega, slash 5, in not less than one hour, okay?” he said, “okay, but Dad?” Dan asked, Sabata was not looking at him but was counting his money, but was paying full attention to him, “what if I meet a Immoral on the way?” “Then call me” he answers, “alright!” he said putting on his goggle and speed out, Sabata had just finished counting and with a rise of his Gun de Lun, he warp out to the moon to see Carmella. Meanwhile Dan was speeding toward the location when he saw something weird, “what was that?” he said as he stops the bike, the thing was dark in colour and was a fog of some sort, it said quietly, “Sabata, Sabata……..You…….you…….will pay……..i kill…!…betray……!” it said in hurt, Dan brought out his Gun del Twi, but he was’t planning on attacking yet, this might be a reasonable Immoral, “Hey, fog cloud!” he shouted, “what do you want with my dad?” he said putting his gun down as a sign of peace, maybe if he disarm himself the immoral will not attack, “Dan?......Dan!........Dan?........Dan!” it said as it notice Dan, Dan was confuse, it know him?, “how did you know my……!” he was cut off when it disappear,  Dan was dumbfounded, he got on his bike and left.

Sabata was at the Moon palace, he share at the snake coffee, he had made in honour of her,  just to the left was Django coffee, the two people that mean the world to him, now resting in coffee, now only Dan was the only the thing that was left for him, that and his job, “Carmella…..” he said as he share at the coffee, she wasn’t in there though, but still, his cell phone rang, and he instantly warp out thinking Dan had reach the area, as he reach the area, he didn’t saw Dan but the fog of smoke, “who are you? or what are you?” he asked bringing his gun del Lun, two red  glow on the smoke and without warming two large snake came out of the eyes, they was both cobras, Sabata was about to attack when it and the cobras disappear,  ‘what just happen’ Sabara thought, Dan just came there and didn’t witness the event, “Dad!” he said catching Sabata attention, “Dan? When did you came here?” Sabata asked, “not long from now” he said, “hmmm so Dad?” he said quietly, Sabata raise his eye brown at the sudden shyness, “do you know anyway fog immoral, cause I kinda met one at the road” he said, Sabata place his gun back, “no, not one I met, but I just recently fought it now” he said still trying to make sense of what just happen, “well, it mention you, and I think it want you dead” he said, Sabata was more puzzle, ‘it knows me?’ he thought deeply, “Dan, did you fight it?” he asked, worry that one of the snake may have bit him, “no when it saw me it started calling my name and left, what I don’t understand is, how does it know us?” he said rub the back of his head, Sabata sat on a rock and thought over this, Omega zone slash 5 is a garden at the west of the town, Sabata don’t have a bike but Dan does, so he mark places and make sure Dan remember them crystal clear, there are 700 places he mark and told Dan about, but Dan know only 50, Sabata Gun Del Lun is a higher version than his Gun Del Hell, it does the same thing but greater powers, he was power up some time after he learn to master his Luner beauty power, it is far more powerful than the Gun del sol and Gun del Twi, it can do their skill with greater power and has all elements.

Sabata share upward and stood up, “Dan, come here” he order, Dan came and Sabata look at him straight in the eyes, he normally does so when he mean what he say, even when Dan doesn’t like it, “we are doing to find and destroy this thing” he said, before getting up and look at the sky, he wonder if or what Django would do in these times, too bad his dead and all, ‘I got to have a lead of this thing’ he thought, Dan walk over a few distance, “I think we should go to a liberty of immortals or something”  Dan advise, “good idea, I know a place, it was a gathering of immortals before I came in and wipe them out, but there are pretty good books there, but this might be a new immortal, it has snake and fog, so it is a fuse of both or more, and it know us so that means it be follow us, for a while” he said, “when was I when you did that?” Dan asked, “in the moon, why?” Sabata answer, when Dan was young he used to keep him in the moon palace for safe keeping, when he was out purifying immortals, “so I think we have to go to a certain someone” he said, Dan was confuse, “Mom?” he said guessing, “no, the old time hag” he said, “who is that?” he asked, “just some old witch, that like to be called that, she know the past and the future but fail to know the present because she is blind” he said, “ so she can tell us this thing past, huh” Dan said figuring it out, “no, she can tell me this thing past, you not coming” he said, Dan hate it when Sabata goes on something and doesn’t bring him too, “why?!” he shouted, “that easy, I need you to find it and destroy it  but don’t purify it yet, I need to asked it some question, if you find trouble or can’t defeat it, warp back to my location using the leaf” Sabata explain, Dan cool down and walk to his bike, but before he could start it, Sabata call, “and one more thing, if you happening to be near a town, don’t say am your father, Ignore the question, just go on, and stay away from San Miguel, it dangerous” he advise before warping out, Dan was stun, Sabata always warn him that when he is sent on a solo mission, in fact he said the same thing this morning when he was sent to guard the town while Sabata take care of the vampires, it make him think that the town ‘San Miguel’ must be a place full of immortals and it mostly the reason why his mother is dead, so Sabata does not want him there so not to have him kill too, he made a mental note to check it out later, starting his bike, he ride out to find the fog.

It was the bright of morning when Dan left the Forsaken Town , the whole event took place in the night and Dan had spend hours on end looking for it, but found no trace of it, meanwhile thing where different somewhere else, at San Miguel, Lita was sleeping next to the tree, she was dreaming about she and Django, only to wake up to the harsh reality of him being dead when a dew water fell on her close eye, it has been 16years but she never forgot about him, no one did, standing up she wipe the dew out of her eye, it has been long since the news of his death came, Sabata personally said it and brought his Gun del Sol out as proof, he then took the baby he gave to Ziziz the sunflower girl, and promise never to show his face on this town, since he reason they all hated him, he walk out dropping the Gun behind him and warp at the entrance, it took a really long while to make her stop crying but she manage to calm down and look at meeting him again in the next life,  till then she keep the city safe for him by making the tree stronger, she smile when she saw the heart and the ‘L and D’ in it that he personally made after he himself confess his feeling, it was strange but she would have took longer anyway to confess, she then decide to check on Violet who was running her shop for her, she took a glance of the picture before leaving, Back to Dan, Dan was on the ground wounded  and near the point of death, Dan had just been surprise attack by a Immortal bird and its giant spouse, Dan defeated and purify them both but fell on the ground afterward, he was dying but he couldn’t, ‘need to move’ he thought, then a dark fog surround him, he eye grow wide when he realise what is happening, he tries to stand but couldn’t for he was pull to ground by a unseen hand, “Dan?....Dan!......Dan?......Dan!” it cries, “let me go!” he yell, but then he felt a hard bit on his neck, he scream and his blood was pouring out, “Dan!!” it scream, and bite his left arm, blood pour out, but Dan wasn’t going to let an invisible Vampire get his/her way, his body glow yellow and he unleash a Fire burst, but it did nothing but got the other side of his neck bitten, he yelling in pain, and felt bite mark form everywhere, blood fill the ground but he was far from dead, as he was trying to use his nature element to heal himself, and it was working, “Dan……please don’t….die…….for….give….him……don’t….fight…….me” it said, Dan release a ice burst, it work, the fog left him, he stood up and saw someone came out, no, two people  came out, one was a blue haired woman with white eyes, she was in a white dress, the other was a brown hair boy, he didn’t have any face but was wearing a black dress that cover his whole body, Dan glow black and created a Lunar Sword, a sword made from pure Lunar energy, he charge at them  but they disappear when he was close, he stood there tired and confuse.

Lita was walking toward the shop happily, today seem great, it was a cool but good morning,  Lita open the door and saw Violet who has grown up standing behind the desk, next to her on the left side was Nero, the Cat was as found out part Immortal, it was protect from the shield because it was part, like how Django was part Vampire or Sabata was part dark boy but they could move freely, anyway Nero was par immortal as it was bitten by a vampire sometime after Sabata two years stay, the vampire turn into a mouse and bit him in his mouse state and due to the Vampire size the poison was small and deal small effect, and turn Nero into a Half Vampire Cat, they found out after a series of bloodless dead rats, Django thought it was a Vampire rat and turn into a rat at night to track it down, but was attack by Nero who had red eyes, Django at the last second turn into a bat and flow a couple of distance apart and turn back, he then inform the rest on the discovery and suggest to purify it, Violet didn’t want that and Lita supported her, so they had to live with it, Ziziz made a spell to keep its Vampire hunger from turning the city into a place of bloodless dead rats decaying around, Lita went to her and smile at her, “hey Violet, how are you?” Violet look sadly at her, “fine” she said turning around to head to the back door, Lita could see that something was wrong, “Violet” she called, Violet stop and turn toward her, Violet smile but it was fake, Lita was not fool, “Violet what wrong?” she asked, “nothing, I am fine, thank you” she said turning around, Lita look at Nero who was sleeping, “is it about Nero?”  she asked, Violet this time didn’t response but let, Lita was stun, ‘what happen?’ she thought, she then heard crying from the door, ‘what happening to you Violet?’ she thought, she said good bye and turn around, she knew Violet would not answer her if she try to comfort her, she walk back to the inn to check of Ziziz who was still sleeping, but she glance at the shop before leaving. Dan was riding his bike chasing the fog of cloud, he just saw it and had follow it for a long time, he was beginning to think it was leading him somewhere, that he doesn’t like to know, he stop the bike and fire a Twilight shot at it, but it pass through it, the cloud stop and the same people came out, this time the blue hair woman was younger and didn’t have a face, and the brown hair boy was older about 26 years old and had a face, their cloth was switch, “Dan! I want you to tell Sabata that am looking for him!”  he yelled, Dan brought his Gun Del Twi, he was going to put a stop to this running around, “hey Immortal, come and fight, am not letting you hurt my dad or anyone else” he said, the Boy glare before looking at the woman who just smug, “Red Dan, you are as foolish as you are annoy, come and die” he said running as Dan in remarkable speed, Dan then form Cloud element on his feet and ran just as fast at him, but at the last minute he move the right and kick the boy out, the boy stumble down and fell face first, Dan charge his Gun Del Twi and fire  a big charge twilight shot at him, but he disappear, ‘not this again’ he though, then the boy appear beside the woman, “I wasted enough time with you” he said walking away, “hey come back here!” Dan yelled, but a sharp pain came, he hadn’t properly heal since that bitten attack and was suffering from the vampire poison, “ahhhhhh!” he shouted before collapsing on the floor motionless, the woman look in worries, but the boy summon the cloud that engulf them both and disappear, Dan was paralysis but was still alive, ‘help, I need some help’ he thought before closing his eyes and fainting.

Sabata has been sitting in a desert rock, this wasn’t his day, the old time hag was dead, it has came to him that the last time he met her was 20 years ago, so she was long dead, he decided to just stand in the desert for a while before leaving to pick up Dan and hopefully a defeated Fog immortal, he been in the desert for 10 hours, which was for 10pm to 8am, he hope this was long enough, he then warp back to Omega Slash zone 5, on the reaching there, he didn’t see anyone, so he decide to use his Lunar warping, a advance version which track the target as longer as she/he is not an Immortal, he learn the side effect after doing it a lot of times, that is drainage of powers and energy and pain in several area in the body but it was worth it, he then rise his Gun Del Lun and he warp out, as he enter the location, he was planning to get the key target but he decided against that, as Dan would be in a tough fight and the sick effect was kicking in fast, so he warp somewhere else, about 6metres away, then he witness Fog engulf his son and heard yelling, he couldn’t help, his body was drain and it was night, so he can’t recharge with the night energy (Lunar), he was helpless, he then saw the figures that came in and Dan attempt to destroy them only for them to disappear, after a few minutes he regain some of his strength and got up but only to heard his son ride off with his Bike after the Fog, his body was aching everywhere, so he couldn’t even warp, he soon got his strength back and the pain left, with that out he warp to Dan, as he landed, he saw him on the ground, “……….”  Was the respond to the scene, ‘that Fog will pay for this!’ he thought angrily, as he warp all two of them back to Omega slash zone 5.

“NOOOOO!!” was heard in the garden of Omega slash zone 5, Dan had just woken up with a nightmare and just scream, Sabata wasn’t there, he left for Intel on the gas Immortal, Dan was sweating badly, he look around, the place was normal, he was place on the ground, with his jacket and shirt strip off, the bite mark was gone, but could be felt, Dan look everywhere before calming down, ‘glad, that over’ he thought in relief, he had a dream about fighting the Fog and it won and was about to kill him, when he woke, Dan was glad the dream over and done, he rest his head back on the grass ground and try to relax, he soon close his eye and fell asleep.

Lita was walking from the inn, she got what she needed, a bunch of flowers, she founded at the back of the inn, she didn’t manage to get the Sun flower girl to wake up and she was afraid to do that after what Django has told her, Lita was walking back to the tree, she was going to decorate the tree, not that it itself wasn’t beautiful but she like to put this flower basket at the top of one of the branch, she soon came there and saw the heart crave, she smile and place the basket of flowers under it, “this look perfect” she said, she then stood a few distance to get a look at the picture, she sigh and left, it did nothing but reopen old wounds, it always did.

Author Note: And we end here, this is just an explanation chapter, the next chapter, we being ready for that, will see it in a less explanation view, now Good Night.

Proverb Note: The Lord is God, read your bible twice a day, Don’t just read, but with understanding, so pray before reading, Good night.         


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