It a play back on my fail work (which hadn't fail, if it had I wouldn't be doing this) enjoy and once again know it Moral.


4. A trip to Cloud city

Author note:  Today is another great day to publish and read, it is because of the moral meaning of these story that I make them, well here is another chapter.

Proverb note: When you read your bible, don’t read it like a story, but as a book of wisdom, I know the wisdom won’t arrive sometime, this can only mean that you are in sin and you refuse to leave that sin, even if you are not, you need to check yourself regularly, only then when you regularly check yourself and read your bible, then you are in road and make sure you stay there, may Jesus help you stay in the road.

Sabata sat down and sigh, he was listening to Daniel explaining the whole event, he wasn’t too keen on the thought of one of those immortal knowing his past, he went to the tree at the near east and lean on it, Sabata look down and finally spoke, “Okay, we need to figure this in another direction” he said, Daniel had a confuse look on his face, Sabata then explain, “by trying to find it, we walking into its trap, instead of finding a way to find it let look for a way to purify it without it fogging away” he said thinking of different ways to do it, Daniel thought of a suggestion and finally spoke it after he make sure it wasn’t stupid, “we could try sealing it, when it arrive” Daniel advise, “it only know only one Lunar sealing, and that Soul sealing, unless it is a soul, it won’t work” he said, Daniel stand from the log, that he was sitting on  and look up to the sky for an answer, “maybe a cloud child could help us?” he said, he pause and continue without looking at Sabata, “ they use wind sealing that trap anyone from using their power for a limit time” he said, Sabata thought of it, true be told, he notice that Cloud children doesn’t purify immortal and like the Earth children assist the town that have been free, they use a special type of seal that power a certain type of power from been use, use mostly for immortal or enemy like a un-dead, “where  can we find one?” he asked, Daniel finally stopping looking upward and rub his sun burn eyes while answering, “um, Alex can us, she is a Cloud child and is a B rank….or A, meaning she at least already know it” the answer, “where is she?” Sabata further asked, “in Cloud city, the only city where Cloud children can master their ability” he said informally, Sabata perform some tired movement, he haven’t slept for days, ever since this Fog people kept appearing, Sabata groan and rub his hand on his face, he really haven’t slept, even last night was just he groaning all night, and he could not remember the last time he slept soundly, he has been looking everywhere for the Fog, Daniel watch him with concern, “dad, have you slept? You look tired” he asked, Sabata just wave him off with his arm, he stood up and move toward the wall, their location was east of a town, the time was about 5:23 pm in the evening, his body was begging him to sleep, but his mind dominated it, “Daniel, isn’t Alex and you together?” he asked, Daniel blush slightly, and stood up, “yeah, I guess, but what that have to do with anything?” he asked back, Sabata nodded and channel Lunar energy in his hand place it to his body, it spread the energy everywhere, this gave his body a boost like when a child eat too much suger or something, with that out of way, he face Daniel and warp his bike, “Ground shaker!” Daniel shouted as he saw his bike broken and not in a usable shape, Sabata fold his arms and started to walk toward the clearing, the Town was in a deep forest which make it a good place to find solar fruits and other items needed, “fix it and get your girlfriend to Zone hybrid 10” he said plainly before warping away, truth be told, he didn’t know how his son bike ended up like that, but it didn’t concern him much, since Daniel will most likely improve it, he always upgrade his bike when it get broken, so no much worry was really needed.

Daniel enter the town with his broken bike, ashamed and still shock on how it got this way, it look like a beast torn it to pieces, he went to a repair shop, the owner of the shop was a woman was had some geese in her face and some in her shoulder, she look about thirty something, She was behind a large box, on it was some screws and bolts, Daniel walk toward her with his bike, he took his bag and brought about four hundred and forty sols, he gave it to her, she took it and place it in a bag, “so you want it fix?” she asked, “how much for upgrades and repairs” he asked folding his hand and looking at her with a confuse look, ‘the way she said it, is like the whole money was for repair’ he thought, “about ten hundred thousand Sols for that rust bucket” she said rudely, Daniel sigh, and put his hand on his pocket, “how much for repairs only” he asked, “listen Kid!” she shouted, and point at a bored at the left without looking at it, “it state the price for all the options! Now shut up and check it!” she shouted, Daniel look at it then at her, “but it fill of geese and not even visible” Daniel said, that was the was last straw for the woman, she then point at the door, ”get out of my store, you brat!” she yell, Daniel sigh in defeat and quickly gone his bike out, only to have the door shut behind him as soon as he left, Daniel look around and started to walk out of the town, ‘perhaps cloud city has some engineers or something’ he thought , he soon decide to call Sabata but refrain when he realize, Sabata has already change his phone number, it was a habit Sabata got as soon as he got his hand on a phone, he always change his numbers and do a complete new one, this was to stop people from calling him for any reason which he doubt would be important.

With no other option but to walk to Cloud city which was about 300km from here, Daniel decide it was best after throughout thinking, to destroy the bike, in order to take it piece by piece, and use his Cloud energy to rush to Cloud city, which like Sol city was in the sky, but the area under it is what matter most,  taking his Gun del Twi, he fire some few rounds at it, adding further damage which destroy the bike, or at least broke it to piece, using his ice element, he form a bag, an d place all the part in it, he could use fire, it would have burn them or earth or wind, as cloud would have rust them and Earth may grow some plants on them, with this gone, he focus his wind energy to his feet to take off, he might run out of energy about 250km on the way, but he can easily gain it back by resting, all elemental children but the solar child, use a energy, energy is just the amount of bugs energy or Elemental energy you have in your body, if it run out you can’t use elemental powers, like if he lost his Twilight energy, he cannot be able to use his Cloud ability, since it was a solar and Lunar added ability, all but Solar children can refill these lost energy by simpy taking a break and two minute later, their energy is resource, but solar children due to being depended on the solar bugs or the sun, which has the energy of solar bugs, have to use the sun to heal, this does not affect him much as his Twilight energy can be refill by resting.

Put his goggles on, Daniel walk out of the town, while running that fast, his eye won’t be of use and would be hurt by the rushing air, looking at the sun he could tell it was afternoon already, by adding cloud to his body, he could allow it to move as fast as a shot of his gun del twi, he then wasted no time speeding off, he soon started generating energy to keep his Twilight energy from dying, this is another way only he can do to refill his energy, as he sped through the open, he dodge anything that was in his path, it was quite easy as the Goggles allow him to see what was coming his way, even at the speed at he was going, he soon reach the spot and stop that instance, he look up and found the City float in mid-air, he saw a Seal, this seal allow him to warp to the city but Immortal can’t use it, this was a safety system for which people hide in from the Un-dead and Immortals, though that Era has past but people still lived there.

When Sabata walk to the cave, it was smelly and dark, he smile at the sight, on the ground, it was a giant worm, he had been tracking that for months but when it went too deep under ground, he saw that there were no way of getting the worm, he forgot it, it’s tunnel was fill with sand, but now he found it taking a nap on the cave, he notice that little worms were wigging around, he brought his Gun del Lunar and shot the little worms first before they dig away, he shot the mother worm a few shot, it woke up from its nap, and attempt to dig away, but Sabata charge his Gun Del Lunar and fire the charge glowing dark blue ball at the un dead worm, it blast it at the middle segment, the lower part fell away and started to shake a few time before it start  burning in red fire,  the upper segment was already burning, Sabata quickly place a Lunar seal on the lower part before it burn away,  Un dead can’t be purify and also they also come back when they are destroyed, but nowadays, special seal have been made to stop them from taking in Dark bugs, it the dark bugs that bring them back and as a such, when they can’t get a supply of it, they remain dead, in fact Un dead are actually made of Dark bugs so they are made anyway, anytime, but Elemental children have made a formula to solve this problem, by planting a Solar tree, when a Solar tree reach Maturity, it create a force field that cover a Country wide space, this force field destroy any Dark bugs in that area, but due to many trees being planted, that field have expanded by every tree planted, breathing hard, Sabata walk away, he had been holding his breath as he shot it due to the pressure he knew he had and off the he fact that when its died, it releasing poisonous gases, he nodded and walk out, after placing the seal, walking out of the cave, he smile knowing where he was heading, he was heading to where the King of vampire lived, King Dario, the new lord of the Vampire clan.

Author note: well this have been very long, one of my longest, hope you understand something, it very important, fun is just the instrument  you can use to find what this story  really talking about.  

Proverb Note: “well you know the world today, all fun and games, it more like a win and lose it, thing”  is the normal or somewhat thing you heard from people, when you heard it or something like this, you understand that the world is corrupt, which is more true than you know, single yourself out, you, right now, can, and must, if you desire salvation, right now, must pick up that bible, and read it, must pray, and be honest and devoted to the faith, right now, may the lord bless you and be you guidance on your road to salvation, thank you for your time truly.                                           

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