Kings and Blood

Vampires rule the night but none can rival the true kings. Dio Brando, a vampire that commands time itself. Alucard, the vampire of the Hellsing organization. When these two lords of darkness clash the pits of Hell will howl in hunger and death will awaken to claim the damned soul that falls.

-------------------(For the Anime/Manga Competition)


3. Restored Glory

 As the sun disappeared behind the horizon a figure in the dark began to stir. The figure rose from the corner of darkness where it was hidden and began its hunt for its new prey. The prey this night was a rather well dressed woman standing at the entrance to a dark alleyway while attempting to make a phone call. Unfortunately, the woman would never be able to complete that call.

From the darkness a figure of a man with golden eyes, pale white skin, and yellow hair began making making its way towards the woman, the moonlight illuminating the figure. The man wore a black tank-top, a heart-shaped circlet, green pants with suspenders, gray clogs, shiny black cuffs on both wrists, and heart-shaped knee guards. The man's clothing alone was enough to grab one's attention and his overly masculine body forced his image to remain in the minds of all who saw him.

The woman looked up from her phone for just a moment when she heard the sound of approaching footsteps and the last sight she saw was two fingers speared through her eyes. The body of the woman shook twice before falling still and beginning to wither away as the blood was absorbed through the fingers of the man, no, of the vampire that killed her. Once every drop of blood was drained from the body the vampire pulled its fingers from the corpse's eye sockets and began to let out a maniacal laughter.

As the vampire's body was completely restored with the last bit of blood it had required it began to speak with a voice so full of arrogance and pride, "Finally, I have been restored. I, DIO, HAVE RETURNED!"

The vampire known as Dio Brando had survived coming so close to death that he felt its claws around his throat and now he has returned to claim his rightful place as the king of this world. However, Dio knew that he could not stay in Egypt long. He would have to find a way to leave this country and quickly. He was smart enough to know that the Joestars would be looking for him once they sensed his restoration and the last thing he needed was to fight them unprepared.

Dio began to walk down the street, not bothering to clean up the mess from his latest meal, and started pondering what he would do. Should he take one of these cars the humans loved so much or maybe go by plane? Fortunately, Dio didn't have to ponder long. His mouth twisted into a smug smile as he looked up into the sky. A plane flew by overhead and using his heightened senses he could smell something delicious on that plane. Dio couldn't tell exactly what it was but something told him that this new meal would be the greatest of all time. It was a meal fit for a king and this king demanded that he would have it. Dio licked his lips before he began to chuckle and make his way towards the airport in order to find his new meal.

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