Ghoul Investigator.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it,
“Nine Hu…ndred and Ninety three… hee” I replied as if my tongue lose nerves to even speak.




“Hey let me go… Let me go…” I said while struggling that someone knocks a punch in my gut I lead out a screech and start breathing heavily as there was some kind of cloth enclosing my head opposing me to even look. When I got a punch I lose my guts to even walk but then I was being dragged as my both arms were cuffed before me and someone was holding me from my both forearms and they were dragging me to somewhere, I can hear my reeling legs being dragged on smooth floor. I heard some door opening and then the atmosphere was totally changed as felt by me, the cold just switched the place. “We have found the blood match… its him.” the one who was holding just spoke by quavering me in the end, “Hmm, put him there…” some muscular voice just spoke that the cloth on my head was being lift out, then I can see the place it was nearly to freeze as the floor beneath me was thinly encrusted to icy. I was seeing him as he smirks, a heavy looking man that has muscular looks was seeing me in my vulnerable eyes but something about his eyes was not normal as they were encased with blood vessels not him alone but all of them who were there, “Fit him in the pod next to him…” he said that I struggled even more and lead out a moan through my breath but they start dragging me again to some sort of cylinder glass conserved water filled container, I didn’t believe what I see then beside the empty pod where I was being dragged there was another pod just like it and it was floating with hibernated body of the same person with the cloudy hairs who came to me in the hospital lately and arrested me. But what he was doing there? What they want from him? But the question was; what they want from me? I asked myself as I was being dragged to the empty pod in front of me.

I want to struggle but in vain, every time I do it their grip on me tightens even more, “No please… you are being mistaken… please somebody help me…” I cried out like a baby when I got so close to that pod as they were ready to dump me in to that. They masked my face first that have a tube at its one end that something Cold start getting in to my nose to my lungs then they dump me in that pod, I lead out screech as the water stings like thousand needles being pinched in to my body; I start shivering and my heart start lowering its beats the air just seems stuck in my throat; not going in nor coming out. To my surprise something like a crawling snake just come in that pod too, it was some kind of long slender tube its free end was heading to me; I did my best to over swim it but my body seems froze. That tube came so close to me that its free end just switched to some sharp needle like structure, my eyes went abroad when I see it swims before my back. With a great thrust its needle straight goes in through back; the pain was unbearable but then something cold from it start entering in my body and within a few moments my eyes got dizzy but before they would slam closed I see four more same tubes approaching towards me then I don’t know when I stepped in to the darkness from that purgatory.

I lead out a large gasp to inhale as much air as I could as I sit on my bed but some gentle hand just pressed against my front pushing me to remain in my lying stage that I lie down again. I was on ventilator and the air from it was getting in to my lungs as my half face was masked with it. With vertigo eyes, I searched for the one who was holding my hand as the warmth from it was highly peaceable to my heart. By bending my head to left I recognize that gleaming face with the eyes that were crinkling at their corners; she was smiling.

“How are you feeling now Haise?” she asks me as she smiles that I nodded showing her that I’m fine but how could I? I’m supposed to be dead. When she sees this she slither her hand around my side face I can see her drenched eyes. I heard some heavy steps directing to me, those cloudy hairs and that well dressed man was same as I see him in my dream he was in some kind of trouble I have to warn him from them, I have to tell him what I see before it was too late. By thinking all this I push myself forward as my hands get support from the bed matrix and by advancing my hands toward his fully suited arm… I held him, to my surprise he was still placid and doesn’t even freaked out from this,

“Haise please stop you may hurt yourself.” Dr. Miranda cried out when she see the I.V reels as my hands were approaching to him; they’ve put me on cannula once again,

“You are in a great trouble… they are coming for you… please I’m scared… I need your help… they’re gonna kill us…” I was saying that Dr. Miranda pulled me from behind my shoulders and drag me to my bed in the previous lying stage. He doesn’t even show any concern from my warning and he was standing still where he was. I was seeing Dr. Miranda as she was pulling the piston of the injection loading it with some kind of sedation inducing medicine after seeing the oozing blood through the stitches from my gut but I don’t want to go back to my dreams; the dreams are killing me I don’t want to see myself dying in my dream. “Please Dr; I don’t want to go back… I don’t want to dream anymore… please don’t do this.” I said as I hold her wrist preventing her to inject that drug in me, her eyes just goes sodden even more I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but I was suffering; suffering heavily and she was the only one who I trust as my mother and from mother you don’t hide anything. I saw a tear trailing down to her eyes that she wipes it instantly as if she don’t want to show it to him. “You’re gonna be okay Haise… I’ll never let anything happen to you as long as I’m alive; okay… I’m sending him with you… in your dreams so that he could see what’s in them that are torturing you.” she said pointing to him as he was continuously seeing me… if he want to see what I see then so be it; I let go off her wrist and then I can feel the sharp pain of needle infiltrating through my skin and the injected coldness tingling through my arm, I posed my head towards him and he was taking off his coat and then he unbutton his cuff and fold it upward Dr. Miranda heads to him with the other injection and start loading it with same drug. My eyes were getting dizzy and dizzy after every sec that in last, Dr. Miranda poses to me as He lies down on a bed next to me that she presses some button that something at the base on which I kept my head switched to some inner curled rods thin as sheet; they encircled around my head.  I didn’t know what happened next as my eyes got close.

(It’s better to hear Unravel theme song by Kuraiinu but it has to at low volume… have fun)

I was suffering heavily but it was of no use, my hands were cuffed behind me and the harder I tried the more pain I get in return, for once again I was in that cold water pod. I turn head to my left where he was and to my surprise he was also glancing at me, the tubes on his back was sucking out his blood as he was miserably responding in return; but me… It was like that I’m already deflated as my eyes were slamming and my heart was losing its beats… I was dying as I see my reflection getting cold in the polished conserved glass in which I was kept.

A sharp hot pain… pain like as if something was stabbed against my chest which can burn down my skin… it straight goes in to my heart that with a large gasp I was pulled up and surprised to see that my front was open and Dr. Miranda was holding the Paddles of Defibrillators the monitor beside me on which my beat was being displayed was beeping very hard. I gasped out air and then I felt as if the whole world goes upside down, my head hit the pillow and then I went unconscious again.

My eyes got opened and the first thing I see is the white-washed roof above me, I bend my head to my left side and then revolve to my right side investigating the whole place,

“What did you see?” a voice spoke probably outside the room and I only took an instant to recognize it… its Aurora,

“Something I don’t want to see… Can I have a moment with you Dr. Miranda?” He replied but cutting her off in the end. Then his voice almost goes in whisper as if he was far away. The door then softly opens and with my half closed eyes I bend my head towards my right and see Aurora entering. She was smiling; my beat shoots off when she uncomfortably sits beside me on the bed. I drift my back away in reaction giving her more space but suddenly she holds my hand; something… something like an electric shock felt by me that straight goes to my heart increasing its beat even more that I snoop my head away from her as if I was hiding my reddening cheeks,

“You know what?...” She says in order to get my attention, “The review you wrote was seen by Eto Yashimura herself as she was informed by my college. The author even startled to read your review and she asked me if I wrote it but then I told her that you wrote it, she asks for your name and I told him everything and then she asks me that where she could find you and I told her that you would meet him in my College.” She says all in a single breath as her eyes were fixed on me but I was not looking at her but when I heard what she has said I winced and took away my hand from her and pressed it beside my back to manage myself in sit posture,

“You know that I can’t…” with a little moan I was saying that the door opens and he walks in by seeing this Aurora stood at once her cheeks goes red as tomatoes. I can see the discomfort from his face that Aurora want to say something but he pulls open the door and hold it from its knob showing her to leave and so she did making me uncomfortable even more, he then walks to me with attractive gait after closing the door and stand beside my left where she was sitting recently,

“From when you’re having the dreams like this?” He asks. His eyes dug deep on me as the light from the window gets reflect from his glasses brightening his cold face even more. When I heard this the whole scene I see in my dream streamed in front of my eyes,

“Recently…” I answered him as I was lost in my thoughts,

“Hmm, I see…” He said that I glances at him and see his pursed lips as if he was lost in his thoughts,

“What’s wrong?” I asked him that he glances back at me; his eyes reflecting the nervousness as felt by me,

“Hmm… Nothing… Are you ready to go back?” He asked me that it seems like I can’t breathe, he was asking me to go back to the place that was nothing more like a nightmare. He felt the discomfort from my face that to my surprise he smiles… Well he never smiles before… ever to my point of view,

“When you’re ready just tell me.” He said and walks out of the room shutting the door softly, with surprise flushed face I was seeing his reflection getting away,

A Day later:

I was once again in that same old room, that same old place, that same cold floor, that same damp bed and that same old soft gleaming light at the top of the roof but I was not alone he had brought me three books to read and all are about the detective and stuff like that. I know I’m a fool to make this decision but I have no elsewhere to go and here at least I have a cover above my head separating me from the world in which I don’t belong anymore and whatever I do whatever I’ll try nothing could change the way I am now. I’m a ghoul.

I was constantly lost in those books, reading them as there was so many thrill in them. While reading the whole story was streaming in front of my eyes as my mind creates all the images. The main character in the book; the detective solves the mystery of missing peoples who were get kidnapped by someone and the poor detective solves it from the clues that he gets when he roamed in the house of all five kidnapped people and there he finds the same clue; the handkerchief. Well I know its completely odd as I get it for the first time but the amazing thing starts when the detective researches on that cloth; investigating that where could this cloth was manufactured and then he finds out. There was textile factory near some Great graveyard where that cloth is manufactured as handkerchief and so when the detective gets there he investigates the whole place but finds nothing; that’s the part which gets interesting  as he was returning home disappointed in his car that he remembered he have to bought the bread and eggs for his breakfast. In shop while paying off some man also came beside him as he has got some carpet cutters. When he pays off his eyes and detectives meet for some moment that some scent like machine oil was picked by detective and he then sees his hands drenched with some machine black greasy oil. Detective follows him and that man led him to the same factory but not it but the graveyard; some type of rift was there in cemetery at the heart of wilderness right in the middle of that creepy graveyard and a dark gloomy trial was there in that rift. Following that man he gets to those Kidnapped people who were kept as prisoners by him; he calls the Police right away but he have to save them all before that man could open their guts. Well I find it really interesting tho the book reading was like my best pal in the loneliness. The strange dreams I was getting were also just stopped suddenly and now I have the most relief sleep.

5 days later:

I’ve finished all the books and it seems like the time has slowed down… it’s just the relativity of time… I know that I sound completely insane but let’s take an instance, the time seems slow when you put your hand on a hot sauce pan but the same time will seems like ‘Flying away’ when you put the same hand on some hot girl.

It was awfully really boring now and it was like I miss reading as I’ve finished all the books. Consistently  my eyes were fixed on that door and my ears focused on a tiny sound as if they are waiting… waiting for him as my minds imagines him entering through that door and lending me some more books to read.

 It was nearly 2:00 am of the morning that I heard yelling and bustling footsteps this all made me freaked out. I quickly get on my steps and jog to the door; by pressing my ear to it I started hearing what was going on there.

“Open that door, that room is still book for this filth.” Someone said sarcastically that I was hearing some faint moans; probably they have caught some ghoul as a prisoner. I don’t know why but I start yelling hard,

“What’s going on? Investigator Arima is that you?... Please answer me somebody.” I said while beating hard the door with my fists. To my surprise some gossips and whispering starts,

“Who is this ghoul? Well sure he's got some spirit…” that heavy voice asks, it was then I know that I’ve done a mistake,

“Sir this room belongs to prisoner 5086D… the name's Eyepatch, Sir.” Someone replied him that he led out a chuckle through his breath, such a sarcastic person.

“Hmm Arima’s chicken… I see well let’s meet’um.” He said that my heart start pounding so fast and something starts churning in my stomach,

“S…Sir?” Someone asks amazedly,

“Yeah you hear right… open this door sergeant! Now.  I’m dying to meet that half-breed chicken which Arima’s petting these days.” He said that I went alarmed, my eyes finding some spot to hide but in that plane room there was nothing in which I can get shelter from that man. The door skates open towards the roof and I see some outline standing and behind it three more of them. I alarmingly run to the space between my lifted bed and the floor and try to hide there. That outlines approached in and the door closes,

“Oh so cute… look …that chicken is afraid.” He said again making me scared even more that everyone there just chuckles aloud,

“Oh come here you…” He said, something opens with a sound of clash and in an instant some strong grip squeezes me that I screamed, I was pulled then… pulled towards him. Whatever that thing encircling me… it was just glowing sparkly blue and seems like if it’s pounding as some type of was wave was generating through it from the inside,

“That’s the way you treat the invited guests Hmm? Well look at you… the CCG’s greatest foe ever… now so helpless like a rat in grasp of a snake...” He said while looking at me by smirking as I was whimpering with the pain; it’s like that something penetrating through my wrapped arms… something sharp as the pain was unbearable but still I was controlling it,

“What do you want with me?” I asked as I was suffering.

“Oh you wanna know… Well it’s all your mess that we are clean’in… you damn Gold chicken. It’s your entire fault that in a time like this we are out hunting the ghouls you’ve led escape, and that idiot… that damn idiot’s got a care for you in his heart?” He says and knocks a heavy slam on my face with his other free hand. The heat and the agonizing pain on my cheek just triggers the tears with which my eyes turned sodden,

(Headphones up you guys!!! and hear Unravel by Kuraiinu, it’ll be fun)

“Hah, some ghoul you are… you should be ashamed of yourself… Oh, but I totally forgot; You have an eluding cause for this as your pretty brain is suffering from Amnesia…” He was saying and saying making his words hammer on my head and I was so despicable at the moment that I can’t load my ears with my fingers to stop hearing what he’s saying as I was shivering with my eyes that were then pinched,

“Investigator Fura, please… Sir, it’s time for us to go.” Someone spoke humbly by putting his hand on his shoulder’s hem that he glare at me for the last time before tossing me away like a stone that my back hit the wall; a globule of saliva and blood spout out from my mouth that I shudders on my knees as my hands were holding my corresponding arms that were then incised. He left me there and pose back to go and in no time out from my room leaving me stunned as I was hearing his steps getting faint and fainter. With sodden eyes and my burning cheek  I was wondering if I led all those prisoner escape then all of this happening to me has finally got a meaning now… a bitter meaning. But I know this is not it… There’s more.

Hmm, Well readers I hope you like that part. Um, there’s something I’ll be doing from now on… which is that the chapters I will publish later will include words same as this and this chapter has now 3,579 words. Because the actual story I’ve sketched is really lengthy. I know you can understand this.

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