Ghoul Investigator.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it,
“Nine Hu…ndred and Ninety three… hee” I replied as if my tongue lose nerves to even speak.



            I terribly lead out a screech, lean forward and sit in the bed as my whole body shuddering heavily being soaked with sweat. She heads to me at once and fill up a glass of water being placed at my bedside table and then she hands it to me that without any delay I gulp it all in and sigh at the end. Ahead of me at the left corner, a lamp was glowing on some table which was being placed to the side of windowpane’s corner. The table was composed of bundles of books scattered all over it as if she was studying something.

When she satisfies that I’m fine, she walks again to the chair of her desk and lost in her books. I heard some beep like that of clocks do after every hour and then there I find it being placed on her desk’s corner, the time says 3:00am of the morning. What she was doing? She was studying all night! But why? I was asking myself this that instantly her phone vibrates and she takes it, “I told you not to call me in the work hours… You don’t have to worry about me… I can understand… Yes I’m sorry… just freak out from the study please don’t mind it… Yes I am still because I haven’t finished yet… Well I think that I still have to work on the review… I know I’m silly to pick that Book… Yes I know that it can cost me 20 marks and I’m taking that chance… I know I sound completely ridiculous…But there insn’t any time left to do that now… you sound completely insane how do you suppose I could read all that now?… I know… yeah my English project will not be complete without the review from that Novel… Okay *She postured to me and surprised to see me staring at her*… Okay bye jab head… Bye I’m gonna miss your pep talk… just don’t mark it sarcastic… Okay love you.” She said and then hung up.

“Can I see that book?” I spoke that she strangely postured towards me and start seeing me startled,

“Yeah sure…here it is.” She said while grabbing it from her desk and tossing it over to me that it lands in my lap. I held it in my anemic hands and then rolls over the front hard cover of it. The name was Torment by Eto Yoshimura  I've remembered… I’ve read that Novel somewhere. Its like its from a writer who is filled with despair and hatred towards the world and lose hope very long ago but I remember it... all of it I don't know why. As I start turning over the pages one after the other, the whole story seems to appear in front me.  “Can I have something to write on?” I said while my eyes were fixed on the Novel, “Yeah sure…” she said and instantly moves to her desk while lifting the books off from their big stack, she grabbed some pad and hand it to me. I take it and ogle at her with a smirk, “Oopse… here’s the pen… I..aa.. totally forgot.” She said while grabbing it from her desk and lending it to me. I take it and start writing, filling the page quickly with my broken words because I don’t want my thoughts to run out. She was standing aside me seeing my motion hand filling the page after writing letters after letters, after a while she goes to her desk leaving me like this and pick some other topic to complete her English Literature Project.

I was nearly going to end that the clock at her desk beeps; I quickly twist my head and see to it. It was 4:00 am of the morning, oh gosh the time runs really fast that I can’t feel that a bit then I see she was packing her bag putting everything in it really fast and then she gestured to me, “Are you done yet?” she asked that I wiggle my head and offered her the pad and the pen, she takes it quickly and put them also in her bag pack. She then wears her stuffed bag and sits down, leans below her desk and start searching for something. To my surprise she pulled some heavy looking, lustrous briefcase out from there and rushed to the door, “I’m late… I’m damn late… Oh god… Thanks Haisi for everything you’ve done.” She said volubly while standing by the door that I smirk, wanting that smile to look real but it seems that I was lost somewhere in my thoughts with my eyes dug deep on that glistening briefcase whose shimmer just sting my eyes that I lowered them.

When she gone, I was then alone thinking hard about that briefcase it seems that there’s something I’m missing; something really important I tried so hard to remember it that my head goes ache so I had to give up this brain teaser problem. Maybe there’s something positive about my ‘Not remembering’ thing which fate doesn’t want me to reveal so I don’t push it as there must be better thing in not remembering it I guess. My eyes were fixed on the side window witnessing the sunrise as my right hand was under my head and my left leg was raised almost notch. My mind scrutinizing every single detail, the free birds flying over, the traffic bustling, the scattering light of the sun, the bright blue sky were all the source of vim that my heart started to feel like it’s finally at peace.

5:00 am:

Dr. Miranda came inside and told me that she have to run some tests on me so I agreed. For 5 hours, I just roamed in every single room one could find in Hospital; every single of them lush with new machines. After when it done, Dr. Miranda takes me to some psychiatrist who with his bulky spectacles starts asking me different questions all based upon my previous memories if I had any, my favorite color, my keen interest towards something, my fondness to something, my favorite fruit and some boring stuff like this.

12:00 pm:

After these long tedious tiresome mind-numbing 7 hours, I exaggeratedly just lay down my bed in that same old room. The clock was stroking 12:15pm. I closed my eyes as my head aches; I was really tired by then and want to get some sleep that the door steadily swish opened I don’t know but I felt it strange. Dr. Miranda walks in with her same gleaming face but I can’t felt that gleam for real as her face seems flushed with tiredness plus the trepidation. She straight comes to my lying sprawled body and surprisingly she sits beside me that I have to get up from that lazy stage, she smiles as her eyes crinkled at their corners after all that tiredness all over her face she never seems to please me with her enchanted smile,

“Haise… there’s something I need to discuss with you.” She said while looking me in the eyes sweetly,

“Yeah sure.” I replied getting attentive as I see some heavy file placed in her lap,

“All your reports are clear, everything suddenly seems fine… Your brain is recovering fast and your metabolism is outstanding… But I need to ask you something again… Do you remember anything that had happen any previous memories?...” She asked me worriedly that at once the briefcase, which I see with Aurora, streamed in front of my eyes,

“Haise?” She asked again that I swallowed the air,

“Yes, there’s something … the girl you sent to look after me, during the night, she seems to have some type briefcase which I think have to do with my lost past… wait a minute… why you bother to send her during the night? I was better off without her being there…” I asked her that her face switched to anxiety,

“It was not me… that’s for your security purpose… well do you know that you are different from others.” She replied me but her eyes seems to hide something,

“What do you meant by word Different? Why sent her for security?” I asked her doubtfully,

“Haise…” She was almost going to answer I was finally going to know what she want to say that she was being interrupted by some profound voice,

“I think it’s enough for now Doctor, you may leave.” He said that I turned my head but his polished shoes attracted my sight, I start seeing him from toe to head as soon as I was seeing him the more enchant I get from his get up which was some kind of very well costume for some man like him. I don’t know why but I think I know him, his cloudy hairs seems familiar somewhere. When Dr. Miranda hears this she stood at once and walks out of the room that he holds the file making her halt at once, she let go of it and glance to me worriedly and then left immediately by closing the door. I don’t know but this all thing scared me that my heart starts pounding hard. He was still standing by holding that file in his left hand while the other hand seems holding something as he turned around my eyes want to discover what was it that the shimmer from it stings my eyes so I have to lowered them, yes it was the briefcase but in some more organized form, he get a hold of the chair on which Aurora sits doing her work and lift that to my side. He sits on it places the briefcase aside his legs and gaze me in the eyes, the stare just seemed as a pen knife infiltrating through my heart. That cold eyes and placid face is not normal and from the looks he had on his face it’s like there’s something mysterious about him from the inside. The scrolling of pages he was turning one after the other, starts reverberating through the entire room and to my surprise he picks some hand full of something and start tossing it in front of me, they were some pictures; pictures of different people 20 in total number, but why he bother to show me this?

“Well what should I call you? Haise Sasaki or Ken Kaneki.” he said in his cold voice that the end name he called seems familiar; Ken Kaneki …was that name seems to do something with my past. He said and then toss a picture that lands in my hand, someone smiling in that looks really endearing… but that black hairs seems somewhere familiar, ‘Please don’t forget me…’ the dream in which I see same person with that black hairs saying that to me just streamed in front of my eyes,

“Do you recognize all of them?” He asked me while interlocking his fingers and positioning them under his chin as his elbows were on his knees,

“No… not at all.” I replied him that he heaves sigh while smiling,

“What a heartless killer who didn’t even remember their anguishing faces when you killed them all…” He says that his words seems to be a slamming hammer on my head, my heart starts pounding so fast, my body starts shuddering heavily and my breathing seems to fasten. What was he talking about? Am I some killer in my past?

“There must be some misunderstanding officer; I didn’t have a bit memory about that doing it…” I said with my shivering voice as my throat was gulping the tears,

“Not even if there are some video evidences of you doing that.” He said while standing that the door jabbed opens and three men rushed inside the room and start seeing my flabbergasted face,

“I’m not a killer… you are lying.” I cried aloud while sitting as he was standing,

“You are a murderous monster; you don’t know how many lives you’ve taken these 20 photos in front of you were found dead but there are some other cases in which the bodies were not have found just some ripped organs…” He said placidly and then toss more pictures in front of me, they were ripped hand soaked with blood, slay heads, ripped guts and blood soaked clothes that I can’t bear them longer. I don’t know why but I waspishly scroll off the pictures with my hands that they started floating feathery to ground,

“I told you I’m not a killer…” I said as I was cringing on my bed my temper shooting and shooting hard,

“Hmm, a ghoul you are a killer of your beloved friend but still you’re at peace...” He says and toss another picture in which someone I think I know…

but why I didn’t seems to remember all of this?... Why? I’m not a slayer… that my temper shoots off; I lean towards him as my knees on my bed and my hands gripping his collar as he was standing,

“For the last time, I will say that… I’M NOT A KILLER…” I said aloud in his face that his glasses turned smoggy, the three same well dressed man then to my surprise their briefcase just turned in to some weapons which I don’t know; he gestured his hands towards them that they stop at once,

“Look your beast in the mirror…” He said while nodding his head to the wall on his left where the mirror was being fitted, I look towards it and can’t believe what I see. My left eye was switched to blood red with the blood vessels encasing the whole area down to my side cheek. Who was me? I didn’t know. My grip on his collar then loose and the tears starts streaming down to my eyes,

“You are under arrest.” He was saying that a big smash was felt on my head as if it was stabbed heavily, everything then switched to dark which started immersing my existence if it was any…

Well how’s the chapter, I’m sure you’ll be startled and thrilled so please don’t get upset the next chapter will be published in next two days until then… Tata :D


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