Ghoul Investigator.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it,
“Nine Hu…ndred and Ninety three… hee” I replied as if my tongue lose nerves to even speak.



“Don’t make me regret it.” Arima says positioning his face towards mine staring continuously with the gravest sight I’ve ever seen, I bows my head down as my hands were cuffed before me and I was made to sit with him at the back seat of CCG’s Black Mercedes while two CCG’s officers were at the front driving. The shimmering light from his queen-case just stung my eye as my head was still bending and concealed in my hairs as if I was hiding my convict face from him.

Arima postures to front and pulled his right hand to his coat’s pocket as I was seeing all this from the corner of my left eye; he then took out something which was concealed in his fist that he tossed that to my lap. I winced to find out that it was a key… KEY? a key for my cuffed hands but why? I snoop to him and finds out his cold face beaming with slight smile, maybe he wants to end my pain which was radiating from my cuffed wrists or … or … or … I don’t know but this was not normal as I felt from his wild intentions, why he saved my ass from Investigator Fura or CCG even? Why he took the custody over me? So many answerless questions starting and ending on ‘Why’ yielding only confusion.

In his grave sight; I found the strange bliss flickering… it was then I think of nothing… bends my head down as my nose got aligned with my thighs I then held that key in my lips and by twisting my head to left I tosses that key at my back where my cuffed hands gripped it hard and from the help of my right hand I twist enters it inside the keyhole and in no time I freed myself from that aching pain but still Arima staring at me with that slight smile lighting his face as he didn’t even blink for this long; his eyes fixed on mine covered under my stray hairs. I start massaging my wrists one after the other as they were then red and trailed with marks,

“Hmm clever really clever… no one has ever escaped from Cochlea … Hmm I see … ‘Vents’ its where we need to give a final touch…” He mumbles as if he was complimenting me but talking to himself by pursing his lips as if his mind was sunk in some delusion thoughts; when I heard it my face went wry,

“So … so this was all a setup … to see how I escape?” I asked him with my narrow opened mouth and flabbergasted face,

He snoops to me as previously his head was bowed at his lap and his lips have gripped the first finger of his left hand that he nods slightly adding more confusion in my already muddy thoughts. His eyes gawp on mine that I can’t stand his gaze and bends my head to right and pressed it against the window pane of nearly black window. I was seeing the surroundings rushing by as if the world was accelerating back and we were just sitting stationary witnessing it, I became disturbed when the car takes the twist turn and with the screech it heads somewhere away from the grand building that says ‘Cochlea’,

“Where are we going? I thought I was going back at the Jail?” I asked him as he was tapping something on his apple i-phone6,

“Yes you will but there’s something to do first!” He answers still bending on his mobile and tapping with his extraordinary flexible fingers, I snoop to my window again with my flabbergasted face. That place was bustling with 20 more CCG’s Black Mercedes and crawling with CCG’s Investigators and Officers all over as if some kind of emergency situation was called out there. With a jerk I slam my back against the seat my right fist aligned with my right cheek and elbow hitting the arm of the car’s door my eyes wondering and my face reflecting apprehension.

In no time we were in front of the huge building bustling with all kinds of people but mainly they all look somehow injured or sick, Arima clicks opens his side door and got out when the car got parked in the main parking lot but I was still tuck in … afraid to see the place and the people and everything there; he left his door open as if he wants me to come out through that and so I did after putting my hesitation aside. My head was bending at the ground as I was following Arima my eyes crossing everywhere as I was catching vision from the corners… afraid to face the outside world as my heart rate was rising and my breathing goes fasten. We were not alone as I felt by seeing some strange peoples who were there gazing at us they were almost twenty in number and they were probably the Investigators in ordinary suits as if they were on some secret operation or so. I became afraid even more when I start getting the scent of blood and every man or even people around me, my mind start getting dizzy switching to headache which then influenced my eyes too. Arima winced when I hugged his left arm as my breaths getting elongating and heart pounding off its limits and I think that he have sensed it all with his pressed arm against my chest as he comes to halts at once … his face snoop to mine which was slammed with his arm; I quickly let go his arm and step away from him a little as he was there stunned froze to ground. I start following him again seeing the peak of his stride which was making him glide his way through. I joined him from behind… nervous from the world, walking across him so close that it seems my head was glued to his left shoulder.

While getting in through the entrance, I read the name of building that says ‘Tokyo International Hospital’ with ease we move in that the guards at the front door nods to him with smile switching their faces as if they know him, he nods back and pass through them that they gawp on me by seeing me walking so close to him maybe. He straight approaches for the main staffroom of heads while passing through the corridor supplied with infinite rooms along its periphery as the whole site then was poignant with the odor of medicines stinging my brain like a thousand needles. He stood in front of the door marked by words that says ‘Head of Neurological Department’. He twists the door knob that the door got opened and he steps inside; I followed him but this time it seems my front was glued with his back as I have slightly projected out my head from the behind of his right shoulder just to catch the gaze of one who was sitting on the office chair. I surprised to find out that it was Dr. Miranda,

“O’oh, Investigator Arima what a surprise? That was quick… well how’s my patient?” She asks bending to her left side twisting her spine to catch my sight as I was standing behind Arima that He gestures forth while taking a step ahead from me,

“Well your patient just had done breaking out.” He replies while snooping to me that she beamed with smile,

“Ah I know the story … well it’s really a brave of you to break out just for her and truly romantic…” she says exclaiming with joy that Arima also smiled back,

“Oh forgive me please come sit!” she mentions at once with shy that Arima drifts a chair out and sits facing her, I followed and got seated beside him my eyes examining the room which was filled with alien alike machines which I don’t even know,

“Why his diet is not good? look he’s got skinny even more…” she complains him that he snoops to me again twisting his head to right where I was being seated,

“This happens when you do 500 pushups everyday …” he replies that I winced and bend my head even more at my lap as my hands were locked on my knees,

“Oh my god … Haise is that true?” she asks while lending out a sound of grief that I nods,

“WONDERFULL” she compliments,

“Do what you may Dr. Miranda.” he says to her that she snoops to me,

“Oh yeah… Haise could you please come and sit here… I need to examine your brain metabolism…” she says while striding her way to some kind of machine fitted with a comfortable chair but fixed with some kind of mechanic wires being suspended at its right like some curled snakes. I got sit on it; hesitating.

She opens my first four buttons of T-shirt that my breaths goes long and my heart start pounding; she took out some wire being suspended at the left side that she gripped it in her right hand and projects her left hand to my face that I in react jerk it aside… away from her hand. She winced and then she beams with smile that softly she aligns his warm palm against my left cheek that a pleasing warmth from it slows my hyper heart calming my fire soul; I smiled back that she sticks the sucking mouth of that wire on the site where my lower jaw locks with my head, she projects other to my unbutton front and sticks it on my the site above my calm heart. Arima also joins then as he stood aside her staring at me continuously but softly, in the end she locks a huge helmet like thing that crowns my head and my whole front then I sees nothing except the dim red light which switch the darkness. My breathing goes fasten when I start feeling the heat radiating from that light but it was then too late… my mind gets dizzy and my sight went blur with no further ado, I was put to sleep as my lids cover that dim red light maybe it’s time for dreaming … maybe it’s time to meet him again.

For Once again I was in between those fluttering field of white roses perfuming the air with their scent, I inhaled deeply by opening my arms wide as if I was going to hug someone but with a deep sigh I drive my arms to my side as my eyes searching for him … but he was nowhere … he likes to tease and so maybe he was playing another prank with me but this time I will not fell for it… I wondered in mind.

I became disturbed when the sky above turned ashy and still there was naught a sign of him anywhere. My beats got increase and my thoughts turned dark ‘Where are you?’ this question reflecting through my sight as I was searching. I winced when the white flower at my right bloomed red and then one after the other in straight line with pace they bloomed red as if leaving a trail for me and want me to follow it. I start following them as they were bloomed to a long path. I became disturbed to find out the spot where they’ve ended and that was the area where enormous number of white roses were stomped as if some tank roll over them ‘This is not normal’ my reflexes told me that I start striding my way on that stomped site which was trailed a long way, I become worried when I accidently happened to touch a white rose and it… it … it didn’t bloomed to red it was then I start running my mind webbing enigma thoughts and my heart going mad even more. My fortitude runs out when I see the infinite numbers of red bloomed white roses at the very end of the stomped trail. I quickly made my way through and happen to find myself in front of her grave… her grave that was dug out… but why? Who did this? With questioning eyes I followed the path lending before that grave where I and he once used it to walk our way to that grave.

*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************(Headphones up!!! and Unravel by Kuraiinu)***********************************

My breath got stuck and my eyes piercing the sight which I then caught, some person strange was sitting on the path’s periphery as his black hairs were fluttering aside his head and his back was slammed against the field of white roses but he seems to holding someone maybe in his laps as I only happened to see the legs projecting out from his laps to left which was facing me. I start making my way to him with my broken steps and increasing breaths with my eyes fixed on the one who was in his laps but I couldn’t get his vision as his head and black hairs were preventing me. I got closer even more by progressing my way forth as my broken steps reeling on the ground, when he heard my steps closing in… he aims his head up that I found his face sodden all over with tears … my eyes quickly projects to the face of the one who was in his laps that I became stunned what I see then! it was him … It was really him … but how can this be? Is he sleeping or just acting that way? Why a trail of dried blood has spilled across his side lips lending to his neck? Why his face was pallid and his body was emotionless? Why? Why? Why? I lands on my knees in front of his lifeless body being supported by his gentle hands,

 “He tried so hard… so hard to save her body but it was too late…” his head was bend at his pallid face… he spoke when he finds me on my knees in front of him,

“Who did this?” I asked him that he snoops to me, I was exploding with rage as the volcano of patience were then spout out,

“The man that came in your dreams… those aren’t dreams Haise… those were to warn you from them … but looks like you figured it too late when he’s dead…” He replies by quivering his body in the end showing me he’s not alive anymore. That Man… I remembered him but why he did this to me? why me? why ripped the part of my soul? just why?

“They’re after your friend now … ‘Hide’ … you have to save him before it will be too late…” He answers me that I was so helpless so helpless that I lose the control and in no time tears of agony were trailing down from my cheeks but not a snivel not a cry just my inside exploding with rage. I can feel my incised soul… I can feel the part where I was ripped… I can feel my inside bleeding but I was helpless … helpless … helpless.

The sky got ashy even more and the dark then starts swallowing the whole place; the white roses they were… they were… fading away that I quickly snoop to his lifeless body it was … it was… shedding ash that was arising from his body dissolving him … with no further ado his ash rose up whirling with the breeze which takes it away from his lap as he was still sitting with his raised hands in which he was no more… his lap was then empty … empty as if an Oyster without a Pearl.

I led out a piercing cry of pain as if my soul is ripped as if my heart was incised as if I was buried alive but so helpless at the moment, my scream of pain then echoes through the whole area tearing the tranquil. The sky got darken even more and darkness then starts dissolving our intellect as if the whole field of white flowers were put to Eclipsed….

With a loud squall I woke up and then I didn’t know what happened to me as I keeps on screaming as if not with pain but with anger. I straights heads for the wall where I used to practice my punches while jumping off from my bed, in no time I was slamming punches after the punches after the punches on that wall unaware of my cracking joints which then started bleeding as I was seeing the cemented wall in front of me getting saturated with my blood when I finally sensed the pain I stopped at once and then heads for my bed, I ripped it from the wall to which it was welded and throw it to the wall facing it on which I‘ve practiced my punches with the sound of thump it hits the wall and landed as if some truck notched it. The whole place felt that force and jerk with which I slammed it on the wall that I heard some bustling at my door which to my surprise at once drifts open and three figures crouched walked in they’ve held the guns as some long figure with broad shoulders was standing behind them, they all were not seeing to me but seeing the floor which was getting flooded with my oozing blood from my hands. They step back and that door got closed for once again leaving me to the laps of selfishness, my punches then again quaking the walls sending the strong vibrations through whole area.


After a day:

I was stretching my arms with the dumbbells which Arima had brought me after taking out my 500 pushups; my whole body was sweating oil. I have to be strong… I have to be strong until they make their fucking move… I have to dominant pain in this way I will experience less from what they will going to gave me…

After 3 Days:

I opened my eyes right away when I heard some really close presence around me, I turned panic when the light went out but I can still feel the door that was drifted close… definitely someone was inside and I’m not alone. I got to my feet right away and sniffed hard ‘Arima’ my mind whispered as the scent I got then. I creak my first finger of right hand with thumb and then I stood facing him, I have his red washed vision with my left eye standing far but in front of me still in his suit. I smirked when I see his hand summoning me then it was me and him face to face.

I hurled to him and project a high speed punch at him that he dodged it; I want to kick him with my right leg but he just jumps in the air and by flipping lands on the ground. I was hitting him with everything I got but it wasn’t enough as he was there like some wind which can’t be harmed. My fortitude was running out with my draining power and that appeared to be my bad luck, I heaved a punch and want to strike him at gut that he held my fist in his left hand whose fingers webbed against my fist; I cried with pain when he oblique my fist and locked it before me… I was sniffling but I’m stubborn too I stroke my elbow at his chest that he instantly let go my twisted arm and heave back as if it hurts… I smirked and hurled to him with a angry yell that he went panic and at once twists in air that my move goes empty, I see him landing on the ground before me while flipping his way through*Slow-motion*: He strikes his left legs straight at my chest that I went thrusting before and in seconds I hit the wall before me, my head stroke it that my whole world went upside down as if my head was stabbed…

After 5 Days: (Headphones up!!! and Tomorrow Artist SR-71)

It’s been a while, practicing my punches and taking out my pushups. My hands are now stiff as my joints turned wart. My palms also have increased in volume as I got stronger even more.

My shoulders went broad as my muscles strengthens, my abs are raised out as my chest flattens with my biceps that are now grown in volume. Tufted of veins have now covered my side neck, my abs and my biceps all over. I can feel the power rising in me I can feel my core darkening; I can even feel the pain dying in me I can feel the humanity as it brittle in me. With my new hard core I’m totally a different person now… Well person is weak word of what I’m right now… Hmm I don’t want to praise myself with my own tongue but… Um………………………………………………………………………………………………………..I’m a Monster Now.

I’m literally sobbing, weeping and sniffling right now of what I had done with Haise but it’s how it have to be. Carry on reading because there’s so much coming you can’t even imagine. Wait for the next part to come out until then take care… (Wiping my tears) 

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