Ghoul Investigator.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it,
“Nine Hu…ndred and Ninety three… hee” I replied as if my tongue lose nerves to even speak.



4th day’s dawn.

Time: 6:15 am.                                                                                                                          Day: Thursday

I was lying as my eyes were closed, everything was ready as I’ve succeeded in losing the vent which was at the top of my room well, that’s not it… I’ve changed… changed in the appearance… I’m stronger now with the work out of 500 pushups each day and that’s what I want myself to be.  The faint thumping just made my thoughts panic a little as if someone was smashing something; surprisingly then a small but sharp sound just trek through walls and departs in whole place as if something got loose from the roof. I jumped off from my bed and walks to the wall facing my left, by slamming my ear I wants to hear what was going on,

“Why are you not in your bed?” Someone spoke as if speaking right in my ear. I winced and fell on my back,

“How did you know…” I asked that he interrupts,

“Well I picked your scent… as yours different from the other… a little strong.” He answered me leaving me surprised,

“What’s all with this thumping?” I asked him while getting back on my feet once again,

“Well I’m escaping…” he says that I barely hears this as if he was really far away and then the thumping starts once again. To my surprise I heard some bustle outside the door as if they came to know about that sound. In panicking came to realize that before it’ll be too late I have to break out from here and from here I mean now… I run to my bed and with a flip I jumped on it as my feet bend its Metris, the reaction force in return pushed me up to the lose vent. When I reached it I grasped it’s lose end and crawled get inside and aim my head down as the bustling was going on at his door. I sigh and turn my head while posturing my body too that his devil face scared the spirit in me, I was almost going to let out a yelp that he grips my mouth with his hand while aiming his finger to his lips… shushing me.

We were heading in between the vents together as I was leading the way,

“Wow you know these better than me.” He said that I don’t took any notice just keep on crawling through these vents.

“There… we will climb down here as we are above the laundry room.” I spoke as I halt at once that his head collide with my abs as he was not concentrating to me,

“Yeah… yeah… okay.” he replied when I glared at him,

With a sound of thump we jumped in as the floor was just 12 feet down, I get on my feet and get away from him flaunting that I’m examining that place because I was seriously not liking his presence with me; he keeps on sniffing me… disgusting man.

 I manage to get away from him as I have to change my blood sodden clothes to blend in; surprisingly they were some shirts marked with CCG Police being hanged on some rod, I picked one and then wear it on my shirt as I don’t want to leave any clue. I got dressed completely in CCG Police uniform, In search of something I aim my head up while twisting it sidewise as my eyes were visualizing the cemented walls and there I found it. The clock was stroking 7:00 am of the morning of the 4th day.

I walked to the only door concealing us in there; by projecting my hand to fore I grabbed it’s knob and twists it slightly that it opens with a small creak as I was holding it ajar jus to catch the sight of what was going on outside, to my panic some sweeper was walking straight to us as we were still in Laundry room as everything was clear before him.

“Now…” I spoke in almost a whisper as he had got dressed too in CCG’s. He jogs to me and stood before me that I opened the door before that sweeper could get inside with his mop. He got scared to see us both as his eyes were reflecting panic,

“We were keeping an eye on you. Have you finished all your work?” I asked him that to my surprise he two steps back and then posed away  but his back rotated  head and his eyes were aimed at both of us; he got away with quick footsteps through a door on the straight left of that blackened hall as I was watching him,

“Why did you let him get away? He had seen us… Never let the witness get away from your sight, either put him to dreams or wrap’em up in the ropes and put a cloth in his mouth so that he won’t scream.” He lectures me as I was vexed stunned seeing him,

“Ah, some detective you are. Okay I got it.” I answered him as he was wondering,

“Hey lad, I’ve got a hand written experience of my Detectiveness.” He says as his brows while lifting his brows slightly up showing the superiority. When I heard this I became attentive,

“Hand written experience… you mean?” I asked him while posing back; we haven’t left the room yet,

“I’ve written A loads of books on Detectives and stuff like that.” He replied to me as he sees out through the door as no one was there just our gossips filling the space,

“The Mystery of Missing peoples, is that your book?” I asked him that he turned to me, his eyes questioning as we were then out from the Laundry room and making our way to a door on the straight right in that hall opposite door to which the sweeper had gone,

“Yeah?” He asks that I grinned,

“I’ve read it…” I was saying as we both were about to open our chosen door that the door at our straight back jabbed opens through which that sweeper had gone earlier; sweeper walks in with five more CCGs police officers being laden with guns. We went panic and jabbed our way through the door.

“Run… run…run…run… go… go… go” He yelled as I was still leading the way,

“Halt or we will force to fire.” One of them orders that we didn’t listen and rushed out in hurry while locking the door behind.

We were seeing them roaming beneath us… checking everything as we were once again in the vents. We started crawling our way through those vents carefully without triggering any sound, but looks like this all was a bad luck for us. The alarm goes on that we hurried crawling in panic. I bloomed with smile as I see a clean ray of sunlight supplied with scattered dust particles falling enlightening our path ahead; washing through a pore from the small casement right in front of us which definitely means that the sun have rose which was probably then scattering its light across the horizon just all these thoughts were the cause of vim for both of us… we were going to be free. I project my hand forward to lose it but there was something tough behind through that casement that was blocking our exit… it was a heavy glass maybe bullet proof.  I was pushing it hard and then tried to smack it with my fist but no use… “There are up there quick get them.” this was the grave voice which we both heard and then the lights of the torches starts gaining on us as if someone was already inside and making his way quick right to us; I lose my guts then as I know that we will be arrested in no time but the consequences we will face later will be more crucial,

“Move your head…” He says that I rush back to my present and did what he asked as he was projecting a punch on that glass; he smacked the glass that cool breeze of air quickly rushed inside refreshing us both,

“Go… go… out.” He yelled as his hand was bleeding. Panicking, I jumped out and lands on the big trash drum being fitted right under that opening. I pulled him outside and then we start making our way out fro that haunted street and then in time we were rushing past the people who were wandering there across the foot paths as we both were running to the big shopping mall ahead as we both know that they will loose us in so many bustling Area. The space then echoed with bursting sound as if the gun was fired that I aimed my head back and see one of CCG’s officer was shooting at us while we were running,

“Don’t look back just move.” He yelled and so I did. We entered in the mall and made our way straight go to ‘Gent’s washroom’.  We rushed get inside panting, breathing hard and so much frustrated as we have locked the washroom’s door, to my surprise I see him holding some garments which probably he had snatched while rushing through the ‘Garments Section’. They were ashy T-shirt and tights and cream T-shirt with blue Jeans. I was feeling the pain as if some nail was being hammered in my head because I picking so much scent of humans around me for the first time; this all was like a headache to me but a really severe one,

“Get dress quick we have to leave ASAP.” He orders by holding tight my shoulder and quivering me to get my attention,

“I can’t do this… there are so many humans around I can’t blend in them… the scent is killing me.” I moaned while grasping my head in my knees as I was so much freaked out from the world I was seeing after a very long time.

“Get yourself together… you will make it… stop thinking at all, stop feeling and sensing it all… just focus.” He shrewd at me while tossing me one of the garments he had stolen. Without thinking anything I went in the portioned washroom and in no time I got out… dressed. I approaches for the tap and then I run the tap and start washing my face as my hands were splashing the cold water all over through my sweating pooping face; in end I slithered my saturated hands on my hairs all the way from my fore-head to my back  as my head was steaming hot. During this I gasp out air that my sight caught my reflection in the fitted that he also got out from the portioned washroom dressed in cream T-shirt and jeans,

“Now, let’s get out from here.” He says and opens the door exposing the undeniable human crowd bustling through the place,

“Okay…” I sighed. We got out as I was walking with the broken steps beside him trying to act like a normal person as all the humans who were there then. In no time we walked outside through that Garment Section that we both see the CCGs police rushing in with guns as they had surrounded the whole Mall. But we were unnoticed by them as one of them passes beside me and didn’t notice me at all. We got out from the main Mall gate and smoothly crossed the road like some normal person and hit the streets in no time. Something caught my nose, some scent like blood.

“Hey did you smell this?” I asked as I was sniffing but he didn’t reply; I turned to him and stunned to see his bleeding front as he have pressed his hand on his gut but this couldn’t hide the widening blood across his cream color T-shirt, “Oh my god, you’ve been shot.” I cried out in panic and held my head while walking to him as he was also stunned as me that I see the three of CCG’s Police officers rushing with their German shepherd Dogs as one of them was holding my blood sodden shirt which I’ve left at the washroom when  was getting dressed.  I freaked out even more when I see his blood drops trailing the hostile dogs right at us. “You go… I’ll lead them away.” he says while patting me on the shoulder at that time they’ve spotted us and were rushing towards us even fast. “I’ll miss you my friend.” I mentions that he smiled, “I will miss you too… we will meet again soon my friend… some day.” He says and run opposite to me and I run opposite to him, blending in the crowd among us. I was running on the foot path beside the road facing me at my left that some car stopped by and then the side window of the driving seat went down, a face loaded with goggles exposes.

“Haise is that you?… come in… quickly oh god.” She says that I rushed in through the door at the back of her seat. She droves away quickly as I was panting hard, “Oh my god, look at you… break out from the greatest and the toughest prison ever… I have to do this as you know that writer is a celebrity and you don’t tell ‘No’ to them.” I was hearing but looks like I’m not conscious to her, I was thinking about him… thinking what if he had gone arrested by now then what will they do to him especially the Investigator Fura, he would not be happy to find out that I lead a prisoner escape one more time. What about Investigator Arima? Well I’m pretty sure that he will murder me with his bare hands.

Suddenly, the car stops making me rush back to my present right away. I see out through the window when I see Aurora getting out from the car. The sign at the ahead street says ‘19th Ward’. I got out after closing the door while examining the place fully; we were in front of some Café as it was then loaded with people. “Come… come quick.” She says that I followed the tap of her heal leading in to that place. We got in, I was stunned to see so much people together and what were they doing… just eating, talking, laughing, smiling and then eating again. She goes to some empty reserved table and sit there while thanking the waiter and giving him a handful of money. I followed, and sit aside her after reeling out the chair. “You know what you’ve done?” I spoke finally breaking the crucial silence as she was seeing in to her mobile again and again just looking time I guess, “I know, don’t tell me.” She shushed me, “Well I think you’ve got a pretty plan for yours this action, didn’t you?” I asked her that she takes off her goggles and glanced at me, “Yeah… I’ve got a serious plan for this…Um, we will die together okay… so please don’t let go my hand when my cousin shoot me and then you.” She says in a worry that I chuckles, “What’s so funny in this… it’s a matter of life and death.” She cried out that I chuckles even more, “Ha ha ha, you have to think about it earlier, well I wonder your cousin shoot me on the spot and hang you up by law.” I answered her that she giggles; it was the very first time I see her laughing. She sees her mobile once again, “Where had she gone?” She utters as she glances at the door, “Oh…oh here she came.” She exclaimed out that I followed her sight and see her jogging to us really fast as her hairs were fluttering behind her head, she dragged a chair out and sit as she was breathing fast, “Oh… so sorry Aurora. I over slept.” She says while slamming her hands together in front of her face as if apologizing.

Aurora wants to order as the waiter was going to wrote that She spoke, “Just Coffee please… I need to go somewhere else… some other time okay?” She mentioned that Aurora did what she asked. In no time three coffees were on our table and we were sipping them and then imbibing it in while radiating a steam through breath. She was continuously staring at me, “Have we met, because you look somewhere familiar?” She asks me that I finally sees her in the eyes as if searching that face in my any memories but no… I can’t recognize her anywhere. “No…” I was saying that Aurora interrupts, “This is Haise, he wrote that review for your book.” She says pointing at me, “Ah, I know… well tell you what Haise that was my difficult book ever and you… you (stares) just make it wonderful, the way you wrote was really tremendous.” She ends as she was continuously staring at me which was really odd to me, “Thanks.” I expressed. “Well here I see that you are not going to college as you are a really bright, so here I did some hard work in making some call and walaa, you are now registered as a student of Kami now… get joining your classes In a week all your fee is on me.” She says that I became stunned, Aurora followed. “No please, I didn’t want to…” I was saying that Aurora interrupts me again, “He will be coming I give you my words.” Aurora exclaimed as I frowned. She then hands some envelope to Aurora that she takes it at once. Her phone rungs that when she sees the number she cut the phone as her face was flushed by worry, “I need to go somewhere… it’s really nice to meet you both.” She says and stood up as she hugs Aurora and shakes hand with me. I then watch her go through the door and then we both walked out from the Café some moments later. We both get in the car that she drove it away as I was again at the back seat seeing the view that was rushing before the side window.

My head slammed against her seat as my whole body drifts fore; she tapped hard the breaks leading to severe immobilization which cause the car to stop at once with a shrill screech. With wondering eyes I approach for the front view that I petrified by scene I see then, “Shit…” She lead out, “Get out from the car now.” Someone dressed in CCGs police uniform shouts aiming at us with his guns as our whole area was then lurking with the CCG’s officers who all have point their guns at us.

I see Investigator Fura approaching me when I was on my knees as I was getting cuffed, He was so close that Investigator Arima come after me as foreign immigrate have intentions to protect me from  what he will going to do to me; Investigator Fura  posed away mumbling  when sees him standing in front of me. He nods to the officer who was holding me from my forearms that he pushed me to fore where there was a black car parking. For the first time it seems that I was relieved… relieved by him.

Wow the story had gone twisty even more… well what will be going to happen next? So stay tuned until the next chapter come out till then have fun.

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