Ghoul Investigator.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it,
“Nine Hu…ndred and Ninety three… hee” I replied as if my tongue lose nerves to even speak.



Haise was seeing the surroundings rushing by, he was lost in his thoughts at the moment as his right side head was slammed against the nearly black window of the CCGs Black Mercedes,

Fura: ‘We can’t trust him… he’s a ghoul…’

Arima: ‘That’s why he have to… he’s not a complete ghoul he’s half human too and so for that he has a place in both worlds…’

Their dialogue was evoking again and again in his mind as the whole council was against him and there was only one person who was at his side and that was Arima. He made all of them shut up as they all trust his guts but the questions he was thinking then were, ‘Why Arima have put so much trust in me? Why he thinks that I will not end up totally against his judgment? And why he thinks that I will prove to be a pretty good investigator for CCG? Well I guess I’m the revolution… the very first Ghoul Investigator one could ever witness to be an Augment.’

Amon left him in the corridor and heads towards a total different direction as they both entered Kami together and all this was a real time headache for him… ‘why I’ve got a need to go to college?’ he thought but then again he was there because he don’t want to defy Arima as he wants him there to keep an eye; he thinks that some of the students of Kami are ghouls and they hunt in packs together at every night ambushing the stray people. So for that he and Amon are here but it’s not just both of them there… about seven more alike they were there but he was unaware of them all but Amon knows them.

The classes had already started; they both had some words with Principal of Kami as he puts the matter of ghoul students to CCG. He welcomed them warmly and told them that where they could find their classes, after when they both left his office Amon told Haise that the guitar which he was holding right then was once Arima’s, well Haise was showed how to use the weapons inside of it but he haven’t told that it was Arima’s as he think of it same as that of Amon’s. Well this was really blowing news for him.

Haise was seeing Amon getting away that he starts taking normal steps forward as if he had no worries that he was already late. His class was straight ahead from that corridor as he was still taking slow steps but his thoughts were dashing even faster in mind causing him to think that what kind of situation he would embrace in class when he enters? He was thinking all that till he reaches the door that was closed at the moment and he could hear the faint voice of Professor delivering the lecture, he wanted to open the door that someone from his behind hit him right in the back almost making him to fall that he quickly switched to poised by grabbing the facing wall as a support,

“Oh Daymn, I’m late I can’t believe it… so sorry… oh god, come here you stupid documents…” Haise when hears this he turns around and see some stoop figure, grabbing the infinite pages that were then sprawled all over the floor. Haise quickly bend down and helped him collect all the pages and then in the end hands them to him that he grabs them instantly,

“Thanks man.” He says that Haise pass him a smile.




The door softly creaks opens as the Professor Hank was delivering the lecture, they both then enters in with both their bag’s strap were traverse on their front except for a big guitar which was on the back of Haise; they both steps forward as their boot taps softly against the polished floor; But that kid with the documents quickly rushed his way straight from that door to where there were four of his friends waving to him in panic. There was pin-drop silence in the class at the moment as if all were bored from the lecture. Everyone snooped to Haise as he was still standing there as the room was then filled with both boys and girls, they were all staring at him that Pr. Hank stops writing on the White-board with his black marker and by lowering his thick glasses he gawps on Haise with slight bend head as his whole body was facing the White-board still,

“What are you waiting for? Come on in and be seated already you’ve just waste a precious twelve seconds of my lecture.” He says that Haise’s eyes searches for some empty seat that the same kid with documents waves to him as there was an empty seat among the five of them. Haise quickly made his way through to him and in no time he was sitting next to him. He quickly rips out a page from his register and then instantly wrote something with his pen and then tosses that paper to Haise,

[‘Welcm 2 the outlandish nerdiness… here’s Zarkashi at your service… wait r u new admission.’]

Haise carefully read all this and then by taking out his own pen he wrote something below it,

[‘Thanks 4 the warming up welcome… my name’s Haise yes I’m new here.’]

Zarkashi quickly read it and then wrote something again and then tosses it to Haise,

[‘Well then let me introduce u 2 my gang name’s Destructible…infrnt of u is our nerdy frnd name’s ‘Noob’ we call him that bez he didn’t know any stuff about comps haha lol… to his right is our another frnd name’s ‘Indolent’ as he’s really lazy really lazy and so don’t give him any of your notebooks because he will not come the other day and when he came he will forget to bring your notebook… 2 my right there’s ‘Helium’ as he’s so hot in between the girls well I’m jealous from that guy don’t tell’em and yes you better watch out from him bez he’s really a soul on fire… @ my back there are twin brothers we call them ‘Pos and Neg’ just like +ive and –ive ends of battery well here’s the symbol to identify the Pos and that is he’s got a black zit right in the middle of his nose bottom and the Neg has a black zit on his chin and they really love eachother’s presence and well here I am they all call me ‘Malevolent’ because I’m always ahead in fighting, bullying and teasing and nearly I’m a calamity.']

It took 5 minutes for Haise to read it all that in the end he smiles by seeing to Zarkashi who also smiled back. When the period was neared to over Pr. Hector start calling out the names, Haise was just sitting with his bend down head as his white and black hairs were all over his face… he was listening when Zarkashi called out ‘Present’ and then one after the other all his friends says ‘present’ well he was memorizing their actual names that were…

Nash as Noob, Dashi as Indolent, Jaliel as Helium, Pos as Haron and Neg as Norah they were theirs actual names; Haise head was still bend down when Zarkashi nudged him making him rushing back to his present that with wondering eyes he see that whole class of 25 students were staring at him,

“He’s asking for your name.” Zarkashi whispered in his ear that Haise slightly lift up his brow to show surprise as Pr. Hector was seeing him as his glasses were at the bottom of his nose,

“Haise…S… Sir.” he called out that Pr. Hector bend down and start writing something on his register and then in no time he lefts.

“That’s what happens when you see the serial of Love for Torment whole night.” Nash spoke by twisting his head and aligning his arm on the back apex of his chair,

“Huh? What serial?” Haise replied that he sarcastically rolls his eyes up as if mocking,

“He’s all yours malevolent.” He replied and restores himself in the earlier posture,

“It’s a drama serial I can’t believe that you haven’t watched it…” Zarkashi mentions in surprise as his eyes were fixed on Haise’s bend head.

After long three lectures, the forth bell rungs that whole class rushed out to the great Cafeteria, Haise was the one who walked out of the class in the end as his head was still bend down and his both hands were in his pockets; he was taking slow steps out from the haunted corridor that he heard some loud chuckles which were faint but somehow near, not knowing why Haise start following them and it lead him to the down stairs Basketball section. When he steps on the last stairs whole view became clearer to him as he see three strong and heavy students playing catch-catch with the mobile of some long but frail student who was then lurking in between them as they pass his mobile to one another like it’s a game of teasing,

“Hey give me mobile already.” He spoke but they were all chuckling at the moment,

“But first gave us her number…” One of the strong looking spoke out,

“She just had changed 8 Sims before because of you guys but now I won’t gave her number to you.” He replied as he rushed to him that he tosses his mobile to his other friend,

“Give him the mobile because it’s better for you.” Haise spokes in his cold voice as his head was concealed under his white and black hairs,

“Haha, look who’s messing with his mama… so why don’t you come and get it.” The strong figure says as his both friend captures the owner of mobile from his forearms,

“No… hey kid what are you doing?” He cried out as he was still in their grip that Haise walk forward but looks like it’s his bad luck as two more come after behind that strong looking guy maybe they were all his mates,

“Grab’em.” He spoke that his two friends heads to him and then they both encircled Haise in between them; Haise was standing with his bend down head that one of them rushed to him from his back with his aimed fist as he wants to punch him straight right in his spine but to his surprise Haise twists ruining his move that he hurls forward towards his friend who then held him as he was near to fall but then they both heads toward Haise and with a loud yell they started shooting punches after punches at him but neither of their punch seems to hit Haise as he was so fast in twisting himself ruining their every move but looks like the calm Haise has his limits; He shot a straight punch in the gut of one that he lead out a groan and then hit his knees the other when sees this he hurls with rage towards him that Haise block his punch and held his fist in his left hand so tightly that creaks from his joints can be heard whatsoever, he also end up like his friend that when their leader sees this his face just switched to shock,

“Get’em boys…” He spoke to the one who were then holding the mobile-owner but when they heard this he let him go and rushed away with those two who were then beaten well by Haise. That’s when that strong looking guy tosses the mobile towards Haise that he catches it instantly,

“You will regret this… you both will.” He says and then he also retreats like his friends. Haise was seeing him getting away that he tosses the phone towards its owner who was then there standing as if some snake bit him,

“Thanks man… you just save my ass down here.” He says as he catches his mobile that Haise nods as his face was still concealed under his hairs and then he starts walking away out to the stairs from where he came earlier,

“Hey man, just wait up!” He says as he was grabbing his register which was then fallen on the floor and when he grabs it he runs towards Haise as he was still lifting his small steps forward but in no time he joins up with Haise,

“Hey… I’ve never noticed you before… Are you a new student?” He asks that Haise nods,

“Well then… I’m really thankful to you seriously I don’t have words and just WOW the way you beat those guys was really a heroic of you…” He says that Haise slightly smiles. At that time they were once again in the corridor and then they were heading to the Cafeteria,

“Oh I totally forgot… Nishiki…” He says as he comes in front of him and projects his hand for shake,

“Haise.” He spoke while taking his hand and then they both shook hands,

“Oh there’s the Cafeteria… I really want you to join me in my lunch.” He says as they were both then in front of the bustling Cafeteria,

“No… no I can’t.” Haise replies as helpless ever,

“Pretty please…” Nishiki requests and then grabs him from his forearms and rushed him inside the Cafeteria.

 The whole place was full and there was not a free table for them. Nishiki goes to the counter and then he starts giving some order for his lunch as Haise was standing behind him visualizing the place seeing the people eating, laughing, and teasing each other as all this was totally a different thing for him. Nishiki postured back and hands a plate of fries to Haise that he grabs them at once in shock. Nishiki starts seeing the place his eyes searching for some empty seat but whole Cafeteria was full,

“Come on, let’s get out from here.” He says and then they both left the Cafeteria and straight went to the front big green grassy garden; Haise was following Nishiki as he led him to the big old tree under the shadow of which they both then get seated by crossing their legs; Nishiki starts eating his fries as Haise was staring at him as he grabs the fries and then drop them in his mouth and then chew swallowed them. For a time Haise stares at the Ketchup and pepper soaked fries and then by convincing himself he also grabs a fry and led it to his mouth and then start chewing but a moan just lead out through his breath and he covers his mouth with his hand as if he was going to vomit or something,

“Hey man what happened?” Nishiki asks as his eyes were dug deep on his bend down head but then Haise raises his head and Nishiki can see him as he was chewing,

“Nothing… I think that spices are bit high.” Haise spoke that Nishiki smiles as his glasses reflects the ray of light from their margin,

“Yeah but I like …” Nishiki was saying that his phone rings,

“Yeah… oh you were waiting for me!… sorry sorry I’m com’in right up… just runn’in already… even if I’m rushing with your strawberry ice-cream… Haha I know you will fell for it so I’m gonna hung up okay… byee.” He says and stood up as if something bit him on his butt,

“Oh my friend you know the feeling when your girlfriend went mad on you… so catch you up some other time…for all this I’m really shameful.” Nishiki says as Haise stood up too,

“No problem…” He says to Nishiki that he smiles,

“Thank you again.” replies Nishiki by patting Haise on the shoulder and then postured back and vanishes quick as he was running. Haise was then left alone with those fries which were drenched with ketchup and spices, he glances at them for the last time and then he too starts heading somewhere else he don’t even know. The crows from the trees lands straight right then on the ground and start eating those fries as Haise glances back to catch that scene.

Haise was surrounded by crowd that he felt as if he was being followed, he glances back and revolved it to his sides and found out that those strong looking baseball players have surrounded him in every direction; he went panic as he was then lifting quick steps to somewhere that they all started following him… he starts taking steps even faster but their steps also speed up,

“Here you are! Haven’t you ashamed of what you’ve done… come we have to get out from here quick… follow me.” Zarkashi came out of nowhere from Haise’s back and then held him from his forearm as he was speaking in his left ear. He then pulls Haise and led him to somewhere about the Cafeteria and then there some distance away his ‘Destructible’ gang was waiting for him; they both join them in no time and by seeing this all those strong Basketball figures just went away as they now found out that Haise is not alone anymore,

“What were you thinking man?” Pos asks,

“You barely just got here and you made some really hostile friends.” Neg mentions,

“Don’t think that you’re over smart… sometimes this is what drowns you in the end.” Noob called out,

“Why don’t you just chill man… lie down low for a while sure you got a need to mess with those guys.” Indolent just yell out,

“Just wonderful now we have to take care of this mad brat.” Helium states as he was really angry at the moment as they all were,

“Guys…guys slow down a bit he’s just new here he didn’t know all this stuff before he will be careful from now on.” Zarkashi says as he was seeing Haise snooping towards all of them as they were lecturing him at the moment.

They all then sit on the knee raised boundary wall of the great garden,

“Malevolent looks like your love just refused to arrive and thank you for what you’ve done.” Neg teases Zarkashi that he snoops to him,

“Maybe something had gone wrong because she never miss her college whatever the reason turned out to be.” Zarkashi mentions as he was holding his chin while thinking something hard,

“Well friend you have totally lost your heart to a girl that never understands this feeling… Hmm, ‘Touka’ even her name is full of coldness.” Noob says that Zarkashi gawps at him for just some seconds and then takes out a pack of cigarettes out of his front pocket and then in no time he lit up one and was smoking it out in the fresh and perfumed air of garden,

“Cigarette…” Zarkashi then offers that pack to Haise; who stares at his aimed hand that he took out one from it while grabbing the Lighter from his lap. In no time Haise also lit up that Cigarette and was smoking it out too but then his sudden cough just made all of them giggle,

“Looks like you have stepped on this Earth from some heaven or so… Welcome to our world.” Indolent says as he was still laughing. The sound of ringing bell just filled the surroundings that the crowd starts fading away steadily as all the students were rushing to their classes,

“Oh there is so long and boring period of Math and I totally forgot to bring my assignment today… oh holy craps.” Indolent called out as his smile fades out and he was patting his head hard with his right hand,

“Yeah I don’t want to take that class it’s so boring.” Pos moaned as his whole face was then flushed with fret,

“So there’s only one thing left boys and that is… we have to bunk our class.” Zarkashi said while nudging Haise who then smiles.

The last bell rungs that whole vast area of College just filled with cheerful squeals and then in no time the classes went empty and the whole ground just floods with students. All the four gates were then opened and in no time the ground was getting lighter with the running out crowd. Zarkashi and Haise then interlock their same hands to made one big fist and then Zarkashi left after saying good bye to him; Pos and Neg then pats on Haise’s shoulder before they could left after saying, ‘Meet you tomorrow bro’. Indolent and Noob shook hands with Haise and then they left too in the end Helium and Haise collides their opposing shoulder and then pat each other on the back after that Helium also joined his friends as they all have Heavy bikes. The College was still bustling with students that some serious taps were heard by Haise as they were approaching from his back; he stances back that Aurora approached and thumps her register straight at his left shoulder,

(Headphone up!!! and Bullet Train by Stephen Swartz)

“Where were you in the Math class… you idiot… you bunked it didn’t you?” She was glaring at Haise, who was then messaging his shoulder,

“Don’t do it next time! Hey did you smell this?” She says as she was sniffing something but then she leans forward near to his front,

“Oh my god… did you smoke?” She asks as her eyes were flying off in surprise and she was continuously seeing Haise who was then standing with his stoop reflection and bend head as if he was hiding his convict face under his hairs, at the moment Amon showed up,

“Let’s go…” He says as he was seeing both of them facing each other that Aurora hugs her register and then rushed away from him after leading out an unfriendly hum and with the serious taps she left them both there as Amon was seeing all this with his surprise flushed face.

For once again Haise was riding out from there with Amon in that same Black Mercedes whose windows were black too, he had slammed his head against the window at his right and was seeing the surroundings rushing by as he was lost somewhere in his thoughts; his cold eyes just fixed on the same spot on the darkened window as if he was seeing his reflection in it but not the rushing beauty of buildings and people… the day indeed was close to set and the dusk was rising.

Hmm, readers Haise is changing. But one could not tell whether this change is good or bad because all he wants is to delve in to the society… the people around him but he’s just confused a little as he was seeing all this for the first time in his this life. This part is more like a teaser so wait until the next part come out till then byee :D 


<<TO BE CONTINUED>>........?


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