Avengers book 1 prefences

book 1 has - tony. thor and loki
you can message me or comment for request for one and I try to respond soon as possible. - Mystery Girl


4. # 4 be mine




~~Tony: you were at work and you just left the meeting with your boss and coworkers. Than you went in your office and when you enter there was. Tony with a huge tebby bear that readed " be mine" and you kind giggle and laugh.
Tony: I got you that and choclate and rose's and wine. This my way asking you be mine girlfriend… so ?
You: yes
Than tony pour you wine and open the choclates and you two enjoyed the moment.
Thor: you were working the late shift at the dinner for one of the girls. For the last 10 min's, thor walked with red roses and he had necklace and you. Hugged him and he waited for you finshed, after closeing up. Outside the dinner, thor gaved you flowers and necklace
Thor: this is my way of asking you be my girlfriend ?
You: yes
Than thor walked you home after the woundful gifts.
Loki: you just got home, you been dateing or seeing loki for a month now. He would pop out of no where, he was a such sweet guy but he had made bad choices and he felt misunderstood. As you walk through the door, there was a huge  bouquet of roses. But they were frozen and had snowflakes and you heard his voice. There was loki
Loki: you like them?
You: yes…they are beaufuil
Loki: just like you…um…will you be my girlfriend?
You: yes
Than you too stay in and talk for the rest of the night.

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