Avengers book 1 prefences

book 1 has - tony. thor and loki
you can message me or comment for request for one and I try to respond soon as possible. - Mystery Girl


2. # 2 date ?


~~Tony : you were at your fav café and your drinking coffee and having a doughnut. Than you heard a deep vocie and there was tony
Tony: hey…I was sponsed to meet pepper but she cancled
You: join me
Than he sat down and you too started to chat and laugh. After while he turn seriouse
Tony: I don't know what pepper said about me isn't true
You: so being a jackass, playboy and a jerk isn't true
Tony: that was the old me, and I have a really good feeling about you so can we. Try?
You: yes
Than you gave him your address to your aparment than you left the café.
Thor: you were working the night shift at the dinner and your usual costumer came in.  Thor, you learn his name and this time he brought a friend he had  dark brown hair. I brought the usual.  Coffee and apple pie,
You: for your friend?
?: coffee
Me: okay
Than you got the coffee for his friend, when thor payed for his meal like always. Than something happen that was different
Thor: will you go out with me, ( your name ) ?
You: yes, met me here
Thor: tom at 7 pm, in front… do you like stars?
You: yes
Than he left with his friend
Loki : you came home from a long of the day, and you noticed a bird outside your aparment window. But it wasn't flying and was in mid-air , than you heard a voice and turn and loki was in the kitchen.  Than you walk over and there he was
Loki: hello?
You: (your name)
Loki: you must know mine?
You: yes, it's over the news
Loki: you are different to me…why did you saved that girl?
You: becouse it was the right thing to do, like when you saved us
Loki: yes…would like to go on a date with me?
You: sure?
Loki: I'll meet you here at 6 pm
You: okay
Than loki disappear and the bird flew by the window

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