Soaring Thoughts #1


7. Chapter 6

Naomi P.O.V


Today was only the second day of school and I already felt completely drained out. In the morning I was late for school so I had to go to the office and get a late note and sign all this random stuff which seriously sucked. After that I just sat in my boring classes hearing the teachers annoying voice, craving for food since I didn't get the chance to eat anything and now? Well now I was stuffing my mouth up with food basically. Whenever I didn't eat breakfast my stomach would grumble and hurt a lot. I can never bare with an empty stomach in the mornings however I wouldn't even last thirty minutes without food.

My friends were just staring at me as if I was a crazy lunatic and they were giving each other looks that said 'well-here-comes-cookie-monster'. You know how Cookie Monster eats up his cookies so fast? Well that was me except I wasn't eating any cookies. I was eating a bunch of fries that I chucked onto my tray and I already ate two burgers. I was a pretty big eater most of the time and I liked big meals but I never really gained much weight. I'm not saying that I'm skinny or fat I guess I'm just average.

Whilst I was still enjoying my delicious food and blocking out all the noises Rebecca just  had to interrupt my moment with food. "Are you done?"

I looked at her with some fries still in my mouth and typed on 'The Lucifier' keyboard.

"Do I look like I'm done?" I raised my eyebrows, annoyed.

"Yeah." Rebecca shrugged in reply.

"Well I'm not, now shoo." I waved her away as the others just sat and watched me.

I was super close to finishing my meal when the loud bell rung into my ears. Ugh. Kristen went to my side and pulled me out of my chair, taking the tray that had some leftover food on it. I quickly grabbed my bag and 'The Lucifier' with me.

"Come on. No more food for you." She said, heading towards the bin and chucked the tray of food away.

I quickly ran to her side and gave her a glare. "That was a waste of food."

"You ate too much, now let's get to class." Kristen rolled her eyes and turned to the others. "See you guys later!" She called.

They nodded and headed out of the cafeteria. I walked along with Kristen through the hallway as some students were passing by to go to their classes.

"Oh I almost forgot!" Kristen said.

I tilted my head to the side, confused.

"Last night you were telling us on text that Austin was in the principals office!" Kristen grinned like a little cheeky kid who just stole a cookie.

I shrugged.

"So! What happened?!" She urged.

I rolled my eyes and opened 'The Lucifier' and started typing. It was kind of hard to type while walking but I didn't want to burst Kristens happy bubble.

I pressed play. "Well during class I was sent to the principals office and Austin was there." I shrugged.


"And, when we found out that Austin was illiterate he-"

"Wait what's illiterate again?" Kristen frowned.

I rolled my eyes. "It means that he cannot read and write or it could be one of those."

Kristen nodded, understandingly. "He's still a hot dude." She then put a finger to her mouth. "Shh, don't tell Chace. He'll get mad as."

Smiling at her cheekiness, I continued, "Well anyways. The principal gave Austin the book Romeo and Juliet and told him to read the title and after a few minutes Austin admitted he couldn't read." I frowned. "I wonder if he can't write as well because the principal didn't ask him that."

Kristen gave a brief shrug. "No idea. So what happened next?!"

"The principal said that I should help Austin write and read because we both have like 'problems'. I quoted the word with two fingers. "Austin said he'd think about it and I don't know if I really should. He'll be in every one of my classes.

Kristens eyes bulged out of her head. "You have to do it!"

I shook my head and suddenly realised I hadn't told her something. "I forgot to tell you."

Kristen tilted her head to the side.

I sighed. "I was crossing the road this morning but a huge leaf flied right into my face and I heard a car honking at me when Austin chucked me straight off the road."

Kirsten gasped in disappointment. "I thought he was better than that I mean why would you chuck someone off a road."

I rolled my eyes. She clearly didn't see what exactly I was explaining to her. "No doofus. I was just over exaggerating the word. What I really mean is that Austin saved me from getting hit by a car."

I think Kristen then understood she said, "Aww, how sweet of him! See! All the more reason to help him because you owe him."

I gave her a death-glare. "No."

"Oh stop being such a Debbie Downer!" Kristen said. "Come on, walk faster or we'll be late to class." She quickened her pace as we walked down the hallway.

We reached our class and rushed to our seats. Surprisingly the teacher wasn't here yet so that was a relief. The class was just sitting around in random spots and talking to each other whilst some boys were being idiots, throwing scrunched up paper into the bin trying to see who was the best. Just then 'Queen Bee' sashayed into the room. Of course you couldn't forget her two little minions behind her. Everyone stopped what they were doing as if Madison just clicked a switch in them and turned to her.

"Hello my honey pies! I'm back!" Madison smiled, batting her eyelashes at all the boys. "Anyways! I just had an announcement for everyone that I'm having a back to school party on Friday night! Get a pen and paper out!" She ordered. Everyone took out a pen and paper. "Alright write down this address, *********. Don't forget to come!" She ended and left the room, swaying her hips and that big fat butt of hers.

"Slut." Kristen grumbled.

I smiled.

"Are you going?" Kristen asked.

I backed up and gave her a what-kind-of-question-are-you-asking-me look?

I shook my shook my head.

"Good because I don't want to be the only one not going." She grinned. "We shall suffer together."

I typed on 'The Lucifier'

"Nah, I'm not the suffering type." I joked.

The teacher then arrived at that moment. Huh. Talk about late students, what about the teachers?

"Good morning class!" The teacher greeted.

"It's the afternoon!" Someone called and the class laughed.

That wasn't even funny.

I slid down into my chair and rested my head on the table, just staring at everyone around the classroom.

When the bell rang for lunch I bursted out of my seat and flung my bag around one shoulder, heading out to lunch. I think I forgot about waiting for Kristen because she had to catch up with me.

"Hey, wait up!" Kristen said as I slowed down.

I gave her an apologetic look. "Sorry I was just seriously desperate to get out of there."

"I noticed." She said. "Come one, let's go to the others. Oh and you should tell them about Austin saving you."

I smiled and we made our way to the cafeteria. Once we arrived Kristen and I met up with our friends in whatever conversation they were talking about.

"Yeah, she's back." Chace groaned.

"Who's back, babe?" Kristen joined in.

"Madison." Ben answered for him. "And her sidekicks of course."

"Yeah, I know. She came around to our class and announced this Friday she had a back to school party." I explained.

"She went to everyones class to announce that." James scoffed. "Like anyone would go."

"Actually you'd be wrong about that. Guys love Madison as fuck so it wouldn't really be a surprise if everyone went and especially for girls dying to get a boyfriend." Rebecca disregarded. "Not that I care about any of this."

"Well are any of you going?" Kristen asked. "I mean I wouldn't have a problem with that."

I stared at her.

"Are you thinking about going, babe?" Chace asked.

Kristen groaned. "I don't know. It's a party and you know I can never resist them."

I smiled. "You do what you want Kristen."

"I can't go alone!" She pouted.

"I'll come." Chace wrapped a reassuring arm around her.

We all thought about it for a while. "Fine, we'll come since we are your friends." The others grumbled and turned to me.

I widened my eyes. "You expect me to come?"

"Why do you think we're looking at you?" Rebecca said.

"Fine, I'll come." I sighed.

"Thought so." Rebecca grinned at me.

"Oh, guys I need to tell you something." I turned my head to Kristen.

She nodded.

"Well yesterday morning while I was walking to school, I was crossing the road and a huge leaf randomly flew right into my face so I couldn't see where I was going but then a guy saved me by pushing me off the road. Guess who it was?" I explained and waited for the others to reply.

"Is this mean't to be a riddle or something because it definitely isn't a good one." Chace said.

"No I'm saying the truth." I gave him a flat look.

"Omg was it Austin?!" Rebecca guessed correctly.

I nodded.

"Oh my gosh! It was Austin!" Chace imitated a girly voice.

"Oh shut up." Kristen bumped her arm into his.

"Why didn't you think about telling us before?!" Rebecca complained.

"It slipped my mind." I shrugged.

"You're saying you almost got ran over by a car with a leaf on your face in the process and it slipped your mind that Austin saved you?!" She mocked.

"Yeah, basically."

Rebecca shook her head and laughed when the cafeteria doors burst open and in came the 'Bad Boys' of the school. I hated how they always acted like they were gods of the universe like seriously. The cafeteria quietened down as everyone watched the 'Bad Boys' walk past tables. But at that moment a random guyI didn't know accidentally had his foot popping out from under the table and as Georgio, Jacob and Jake walked past, Georgio plopped down onto the floor, tripping over the boys shoes. The guy quickly tucked his foot back under the table and his eyes were full of fear. I saw some people trying to hide in snickers (mostly boys) and as Georgio got up from the ground his face was full of embarrassment which turned into anger. He turned to the guy and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling the boy up to his feet who was pretty short.

"Did you just trip me over?" Georgio hissed.

"N-n-no, not on p-p-purpose." The guy whimpered. "I-I-I'm sorry."

"Your apology doesn't make anything better!" Georgio glared at him. Then Georgio pushed the guy down, back into his seat but after that Georgio grabbed a milkshake that was on the table, pouring it all over the poor guy. That fucking idiot had no respect at all. The guy shivered and just sat there looking a bit freaked out. Actually seriously freaked out. A girl who was sitting next to the guy jumped out of her seat and took her own can of coke and walked up to Georgio.

"This is for picking on my best friend." The girl said and before Georgio could do anything the girl tipped the can of coke onto his hair. I have to admit at was hilarious.

"You little bitch." He muttered and grabbed a burger from a random kids tray, flinging it at the girl who looked amused.

The burger landed straight into the face but fell splat onto the floor. Her face was covered in tomato sauce and other disgusting stuff but the girl just licked her lips. "Yum."

"FOOD FIGHT!" Some random maniac called from the crowd.

They seriously should have security guards here like this school had no protection for their own students. In a flash everyone was out of their seats and began throwing food at each other. I had to even dodge some stuff people were throwing.

"Wow." Kristen said, slightly amused.

"Well we can sit here or join in." Chace suggested.

"Sit here." I wrinkled my nose as people were running around everywhere.

"Sure." They all agreed.

We just sat there for a while, watching food flying back and fourth.


Here is chapter 6! So they have a food fight which I added in because I thought it'd be cool. Idk i have a weird mind. Anyways, thanks for reading! I might post a new chapter today again. Xoxo.

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