Soaring Thoughts #1


2. Chapter 1

Naomi P.O.V


I laid in my bed for a while, thinking about what would happen this year. My last year of school. Turning my head to my bedroom window, I found a little bird perched on top of the windowsill staring at me. It stared blankly at me for a minute and then flew away. Usually I saw that same bird perched on my window for some unusual reason but it was probably just a coincidence. I sighed and sat up on my bed, rubbing my eyes and stretching myself out. My feet touched the cold wooden floor as I set them onto the ground and stood up. I made my way to the bathroom first and took my hairbrush, combing my long blonde, brownish hair out. I always brushed my hair out in the mornings first because when I got ready for the day with messy hair, it seriously irritates me. Afterwards I just took an elastic and tied up my hair, adding a cute little red checkerboard bow. Nothing too fancy. I went back into my room and grabbed my notebook and pen, then went to get some yummy breakfast.

Walking downstairs towards the kitchen, I saw mum just getting ready to go out to do some shopping. My mum didn't work but my dad did so I saw mum way more often than dad. I scribbled down in the notebook 'good morning mum' and held it up to her.

She smiled back at me. "Good morning sweetie. First day of school again, how are you feeling?".

I wrote down some words and held it up, 'I feel nervous'.

Mum chuckled. "Don't be, darling. You have your friends with you and I guarantee that you will have a great year. Oh and are you going to stay after school and dance?"

I nodded at her. I always went to book a time after school in the dance studio at school because it really did help me get my mind off things and stop any stress I had. I took a box of Fruit Loops out of the pantry, then grabbing a bowl and some milk. I poured in the milk and then the Fruit Loops while mum just watched me.

"Well you have a fun day because I'm going to head out now for some shopping, sweetie." Mum walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. "You get ready for school."

I smiled and nodded then digging into my breakfast as she left the house. When I was around the age of 6 my parents realised that something was obviously wrong with me. Either I was not talking on purpose or that I couldn't speak. A child like me should have already been able to talk a bit around that age so my parents took me in to the doctors and asked them what was wrong with me. The doctor said that I was mute. My parents were pretty shocked that I couldn't speak and they took a while to actually accept it but eventually they knew that it was just the way I was and no matter what I was still their daughter.

Finishing off my cereal, I then washed it quickly and headed back upstairs to get dressed into a cute baby blue floral skirt along with a baby blue halter top. Then I took my bag and stuffed in my notebook, pen and my huge device which was especially for me. My device or how I'd liked to call it, The Lucifier, helped me for my communication with people. I know, weird name to call something. I carried The Lucifier with me everywhere and I always used it at school. Basically, its this device made for only me and I type up on the keyboard whatever I would want to say and then The Lucifier says whatever I typed up, out loud. Pretty cool huh? Its like Siri, only 100x better.

It was about time for me to go to school so I quickly headed out the door while carrying some books that I couldn't fit in my bag. The school was pretty close to my house which was only around a ten minute walk. I took out my phone while carrying my books in the other and connected my earphones to the hole, fumbling around with it a bit. Then I popped each of the ear phone heads into my ear and picked one of my favourite song, 'Maps' by Maroon Five. Old or not, I still loved it.

I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram and crossing the road which was a bad idea, when a leaf that fell off a tree decided to smack itself right into my face. I couldn't see where I was going as the winds direction kept the leaf in place on my face. Suddenly I heard a car honk at me a few times until I felt some hands gripping me by the waist, pushing me off what seemed like the road.

Two hands were on either side of my shoulders and I noticed the leaf wasn't on my face anymore. A tall guy who looked around my age was staring deeply into my eyes, with worry. As his eyes bored into mine I stared straight back. His eyes were a blue type of colour with a hint of green that blended against the blue. His brown hazel hair looked a bit messed up probably from the wind and his strong jaw was clenching.

"Answer me! Are you okay?!?" He shook me a bit.

I snapped back to reality and nodded, too zoned out by his voice. It must have been amazing to be able to have a voice like that.

"You should have watched where you were going!" He said sternly. "You could have died!"

I nodded at him as his hand raked through his hair.

"Why aren't you talking?!" He raised an eyebrow, frustrated.

I looked down, blushing slightly and took out the small notebook and pen I always kept in my bag. After scribbling a few words on the paper I held it up to him.

'I'm mute ' it said.

He stared at the paper and cocked his head to one side, confused.


I brang the notebook up closer to his face since it seemed like he couldn't read my handwriting. To be honest my handwriting was really neat so how could someone not read it?

He gave me another confused look and I just rolled my eyes which was pretty rude of me considering he just saved me from dying. I took out 'The Lucifier' and typed on it.

"I'm mute." The Lucifier played.

I looked up from the screen to the guy.

"You're a mute?" He asked. "You mean you can't speak?"

I nodded and typed on the keyboard, 'why were you acting like you couldn't understand what I wrote down?", then played it.

"Why were you acting like you couldn't understand what I wrote down?" The Lucifier said aka, me.

"I wasn't acting." He muttered.

I frowned.

"Look, I need to go so catch you around." The boy said and walked ahead of me but turned around. "Oh and watch where you're going next time because another lead could smack you right in the face again."

I gave him a small wave and walked slowly, far behind him.

By the time I reached school the bell had already rung for Role Call class where we would get our names marked off to see if we were present or away. I rushed to my classroom for Roll Call since I was around 2 minutes late. If you were late by four or five minutes you would still get in huge trouble. I sat at my seat the teacher had gave me and luckily got there just in time. I took out my book out of my bag and my eyes began to flick through the pages when the teacher arrived... With the boy I just bumped in to.

"Alright class! Set your books down on the table for a second!" Our roll call teacher yelled across the room.

Everyone immediately did as she said and looked at the boy. In less than a second I heard girls gasping and smiling at him. Some were even flicking their hair or winking at him. I was the odd one out. All I did was stare at the boy I saw before. His eyes were gazing around the room when they clicked on to mine automatically. I met his eyes and rapidly looked away.

"This is our new student! His name is..." She faced the boy. "Whats your name again?"

I swear I saw the boy trying not to roll his eyes as he told her his name. "My names, Austin Costello."

Then all I could hear were murmurs and whispers from everyone. The boys looked like they envied Austin and the girls were saying stuff like 'he's hot', or 'he's mine'.

"Alright Austin, tell us about yourself." She smiled at him.

Austin faced the class and put on a cocky grin. When I bumped into him he was not like this at all.

"Sup class." He started. "I'm Austin Costello, 17 years old, my parents moved here because they found a new job or whatever, I'm not the type of guy like others that fuck girls, I hate school even though I'm pretty smart."

I heard some girls saying now how hot his voice was and I gotta admit that it was gorgeously beautiful but that was all that seemed good about him. Austin probably heard some girls talking about him because he looked at them and wrinkled his nose. Some guys were offended by him saying he wasn't the type of guy to f*ck girls.

The teacher didn't look to pleased but sent him off to his seat. Which was the table in front of me. Ugh. He gracefully walked to his seat, his bag against his back and flopped down into the chair, leaning back into it.

"Mr Costello. This class requires you to have a book and to read it." The teacher told him firmly.

He shrugged.

The teacher ignored his shrug and pointed to a stack of random books. "There are some books there. Please go take one, Mr."

Austin rolled his eyes and hopped out of his seat and walked to get a book. He went back to his table and opened the book which seemed to be 'Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone'. I smiled at his choice of book. I went back to my book as Austin opened the book to the first page and started to read. After around 10 minutes I looked back to Austin. He was still on the first page.

The teacher soon started to call out the roll and I got ready for my name to be called out. Almost every teacher at my school knew I was a mute so they new I had to bring Miss Unmuted with me to every class I had to answer questions, etc.

"Naomi Ainsworth!" The teacher called out.

I typed on my computer, 'here' and pressed play, then raising my hand.

"Here!" The Lucifier played.

The teacher smiled at me and continued with the roll.

"Austin Costello!" The teacher said out.

"You already know I'm here, m'am." Austin stated.

The teacher ignored him and mumbled something under her breath.

Roll Call class was half an hour and when the bell rang for first period which was English for me, I went to my class but before that I had to ask something. Austin was like the last person to leave so I waited for him, not that he'd asked me to or anything. He got up from his seat and walked out the door where I was, stopping.

"Oh look it's you again. The girl I saved." He grinned. "What are you waiting for?"

I typed and pressed play.

"Just wanted to ask something." The Lucifier said as I smiled.

He raised an eyebrow. "Go ahead."

I scrambled with my typing and clicked the same button I always used.

"You were on the same page for that whole half hour." I gave him a questioned look as The Lucifier said.

"Thats not a question." Austin smirked.

I gave him a dead look.

He frowned. "Why? Were you looking at me the whole time?"

I typed again as he watched me silently.

The Lucifier spoke. "I wasn't looking at you the whole time. I was just looking at you every now and then."

He grinned at me. "Yeah, alright. Well we both have classes to get to so you better get going."

I nodded and started to head off.

"Oh and Naomi?" His voice stopped me as I turned around. "You gotta let me try out that device sometime." He nudged his head to The Lucifier and smirked.

"Her names The Lucifier."


Heres the first chapter of Soaring Thoughts! I won't be continuing Her Best Friend since that was really just a practice story to start off with Wattpad. You can read it if you like but it won't be as good as these. Thanks for checking this story out. Xoxo.

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