Beyond The Darkenss (Pt 2 of Wonderland)

Voldermort is back and the young couple must face the challenges together.


3. Chapter Three

Missy's POV


"Professor, how are we suppose to learn defensive spells when we are reading from a text book meant for 4 year olds?" I asked as I pulled out my text book I had already bought and read. 

"Why would you need to learn defensive spells?" She asked her voice sickly sweet. I wanted to throw curse after curse at her and her shitty little toad face. 

"Oh I don't know... maybe because Voldermort is back and some of us want to live!" I spat everyone falling silent. Nobody dared speak his name. Fear if the name only increases the fear of the thing itself. 

"You brat. Sit down. He is not back!" 

"Oh yes he is. Even if that shitty little ministry of yours doesn't believe it. I would be scared." I smirked. 

"DETENTION! Miss Slytherin I will not be talked to this way. You will join Mr Potter in detention. As you both can't keep these false accusations to yourself." 

go Harry

"Cedric Diggory died. Explain that." I smirked. hiding my sad eyes. I wanted to cry. My best friend died and nobody fucking cared. 

I left my seat and walked out. I can't be bothered with this shit. 

I stormed into the Slytherin Common room and fell into the sofa. I screamed into the pillow wanting to cry but nothing came out. My hair stayed black. My emotions weren't there. Nothing. 

"Missy! Why would you even do that? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Draco stormed into the common room after classes had finished. Nice to know he cares. 

"Haven't you forgotten! I'm immune. Voldy and his little friends can try and kill me. I won't budge. Nobody believes me anyway. They believe the paper. Go be a suck up!" I laughed manically. I didn't want to be this mean. My emotions got the better of me. It was this fucking mark. It controlled my every move.  

"Why have you become so mean? Yes your best friend died but who cares! Grow up!" He spat. I felt myself sadden. It was quickly replaced with anger. 

"You wanna know why I have been so depressed and angry. It's because of this!" I screamed. Forgetting my deal with Narcissa I rolled up my sleave showing him the fresh dark mark. It hurt and itched. I wanted to cry out in pain yet I felt nothing. Emotions make you weak. My father told me that. 

"You wouldn't! What if people find out? You will be sent to Askaban. I will be alone" He pleaded. Almost crying. Thank god the common room was empty. 

"Well then. You can get some much needed practice. We are done. I can't risk hurting you Draco. I love you. I must fulfill my duty" I said regrettably. What was I doing? I needed him.

"Don't do this!" He pleaded. 

"You are using the wrong tense honey. It's already been done." I said my head down. I walked straight out heading for my detention with umbridge. 



"You must write 'I must not tell lies' as many times as you see fit" The toad said. I nodded picking up the quill.

"You haven't given us any ink." Harry questioned.

"You won't be needing any" 

I began writing.Everthing was normal. Until I noticed Harry squirming in pain. 

"What's wrong." I asked. 

"Look at your hand." 

I did as he told me to, and there it was. What I had written was engraved in my hand. Why didn't I feel pain like Harry did? 

"I didn't feel it." I whispered. He looked puzzled. 

"You may go." I didn't hesitate and ran out the room as fast as my little legs could take me. 

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