Beyond The Darkenss (Pt 2 of Wonderland)

Voldermort is back and the young couple must face the challenges together.


1. Chapter One

Missy's POV

"Mistress your mother would like to see you." The small house elf whose name was Daisy stuttered from the door to my bedroom. Since The Dark Lord's return I have moved into my family's manor, I have been branded with The Dark Mark and my emotions have disappeared. This summer has been one of the worst. I have yet to see Draco who I know should bring back a tiny bit of who I was not only a month ago. My hair is permanently black, my mother says it is a sign of depression or lack of emotion and said not to worry. That's easy for her to say, she can control her hair. My eyes are red still. I gave up on trying to change them. 

I thanked the poor elf before making my way to the library where my mother waited for me. I had on a black dress and black boots. My makeup was extreme. Big eyelashes and blood red lipstick. 

I pushed the library door open and saw my mum sat across from Narcissa Malfoy. 

"Narcissa!" I gasped, I sped walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. She was like a second mother to me. 

"Oh darling you look wonderful. Draco sends his love and apologies for not being present, you see he is spending the day with his father discussing what is to come." She replied, smiling. I nodded, thankful to finally have word of Draco. 

I took a seat next to my mum and she grabbed my hand.

"Now Missy, The Dark Lord has told me and Lucius he will not be making Draco a death eater till next year. Draco will not be told about you already becoming one because it will worry him greatly. I am sorry for having you dragged into this but we must not let him find out. Will you do that for me?" Narcissa asked me sweetly. I nodded shyly. I'm so glad Draco has another year of freedom before this terrible curse in placed upon him, but I do worry for the summer. What if he sees? 

"Thank you my dear. Will you be coming to our Manor on September 1st?" She changed the subject. 

"Yes that would be wonderful, thank you Cissa. I have already bought all my books and robes so I am ready to go. Only a week left. Please may you tell Draco I say hello?" 

"Of course my dear"


I lay in my bed reading through my spell books for this year. They were much more challenging then last year. Apart from the Defense against the Dark Arts, which was basic as hell. I bought some books on dark magic that would come in hand over the course of these next few years. My wolf sat at the bottom of my bed. I am thankful that she has stayed with me. They are very loyal animals. 

As I sat staring at the beautiful creature I felt myself drift away. My head was heavy, my eyelids closed. Sleep at last. 


a/n THANK YOU! This is the new book in the wonderland series. I hope you enjoy it. I have a huge plan for this book and i think you will like it. YAYAYAYAYAYAY 

This chapter is just a refresher. So you can all be updated as to where she is. This is 5th year if any of you dont know. Her and Draco are still together. I am thinking of what will happen in the next chapter..... will you enjoy. 

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