Alone: The Sequel

The sequel to Alone! After Lily's betrayal, Vanessa has a dream that changes everything, and the prophecy begins to make since.


6. Here Go's Everything

A dewy, nature filled smell filled Vanessa's nostrils when she arrived. Everything was hazy and unreal, and soft light danced before her eyes, a small opening revealing the sky surrounded by tree tops. She felt so warn and delicate lying on the forest floor in her robes, dazed and happy. She smiled to herself, soaking in all the warm sunlight. "Aghhh!" She immediately sat up and looked around. "Scorpius?" A groan came from her left. "Scorpius!" She cried. She followed the noise down a hill and soon she saw him. He was lying against a tree, blood streaming down his leg. "Scorpius! Scorpius what happened!" Vanessa cried, running towards him and kneeling beside him. He looked at her, pain reflecting in his eyes. "Help." He mustered, struggling to get the words out. Vanessa quickly whipped out her wand. "Episky!" She cried. Some of the blood stopped flowing. Scorpius let out a sob. "It's okay, it's okay, shhh." She assured him, casting the spell over and over again. The cut began to close up, ever so slowly. Finally, the pain appeared to stop. He stopped screaming and met Vanessa's eyes. "Better?" She asked. "Yeah." He whispered. It was dark out now, and the trees loomed over them like phantoms in the night. "Why- w- what happened?" Scorpius asked after a moment. She stared at him for a moment. "I suppose I'll have to tell you." He nodded. "It's sort of complicated... I... Lily attacked me because... The teachers attacked me because... I..." He nodded for her to go on. "It's okay, you can tell me." Tears welled up in Vanessa's eyes. "I'm Voldemort's daughter." With out a shadow of doubt, Scorpius kissed her. 

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