Your not one of us


2. what?

The moon is up, the howling of the hunt is on. Shutting my windows, and locking all the doors. Looking at the clock, 6:30.

"why must it be like this?" i question.

"That's the way it works.We may hate it, but life isn't fair." turning around, i saw two yellow eyes. I don't have any room mates.

"Mai, what are you doing here. Diana will be worried if she doesn't see that your home?" i stated while sitting on my couch.

"Diana doesn't like me being home when she isn't. Angel's found our house" Mai, said laying her head on my lap.

"Angel's! How they find your house." I yelled while petting Mai's ears, "I told you guys to be safe! This isn't being safe. You need to move if they found where you two live!" Mai stayed silent, and walked to my kichen to look for food. I followed, about to contiuned my argument.

"Diana, says that..... Angel's hate me. For being a... a" Mai started crying while putting her hands on her face. I ran to hug Mai.

"They have no right to say such things!" We contiuned to hug what felt like forever. The only sounds of our breaths, Mai's tears, and the howling of werewolves outside in the woods. " Are you hungry?" i questioned. Mai only nodded.

I pulled away from the hug and went to the fridge, "I have fish?"

"Fish!" Mai jumped up and hug me and took the fish, "nom!" taking a bit of the fish.

"It's not cooked, you know" I giggled, Mai finshed the fish.

"doesn't matter," Mai smiled, then yawned. I giggled at her.

"Ok, kitten. Go to sleep on my bed. I'll see you in the morning" I explained, Mai went to my room, and closed the door. I went to the closet and got myself a blanket and pilliow. And put them on the couch. "I need a shower".

I went to the bathroom, turning on the water to hot. I took off my shirt and and stopped looking at myself in the mirrior. More importantly my neck. The tattoo we all got that day. The day when everyone was discovered for who they were.

There was screaming, and shouting everywhere. And pain, so much pain.I took off the rest of the clothes and got in the shower. Getting all my body wet and clean.

"How did Mai, and Diana's house get found. And why are they so important. Neko's and werewolves are not hated. It's mostly us. The demon's." I got out of the shower and put my black and red pj's. And went to the living room and went to my couch. And got under the blankets,

"Good night, nobody" I feel asleep.

I saw a light, a small light surrounded by a dark tunnel.

"Drop!" A boy voice sounded, "Drop, hurry. We need to go! Now."

Nock Nock Nock

I woke up in a cold sweat.

Nock Nock Nock

Looking at the clock it was 3 o'clock in the morning.

"Drop, open this god damn door!" A voice shouted throught the door. It was Diana! I ran to the door ans opened to be nocked down by Diana.

"Diana! What's the deal" I stated.

"where's my sister! She wasn't at home. When i went home. Our entire house was surrouneded by angel's!

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