I never meant to hurt you.

A new boy starts in Megans school, and he can't help falling for her. How will he fit in, and will she ever love him back?


3. New chapter

How awkward i thought, but he just walked in and got his food, like nobody were watching him, but everyone was. The cheerleaders started whispering and giggled.

"Now's the big moment" whispered Casey, as he was looking for a place to sit.

"Marco" shouted Bella, the most popular girl at school, one of the cheerleaders of course. Marco looked at her. "Come sit with us" she said, waving him down to her. Marco turned around, like he didn't hear her.

"Oh my god Meg" said Caysey.

(Yup that's my name. Or, not really, my name is Megan, but everyone just calls me Meg. But enough about that).

"What now" i mumbled with food in my moth.

"I think he's coming towards us" she wispered.

I shook my head, "No way".

But right then he sat down at our table, across us, he didn't say anything, he just began to eat.

Casey lifted an eyebrow and looked at me.

"Meg, do you think he's deaf?" she whispered to me. I lifted my shoulders.

Everyone were still quiet and watched us.

Omg, i thought, what if he IS deaf.

"Are you deaf?" said Casey, just like that. I could feel everyones eyes on us. Marco looked up, and my heart started beating faster.

"What the fuck" he said with his dark and crispy voice, "why?"

Casey obviously didn't know what to say. A guy sitting behind Marco, broke the silence "You do realize that Bella just asked you to sit with her, right?"

"Yeah, so?" Marco said. Is he completely stupid?

"Uh, uhm, nothing" said the guy, and turned his head away from Marco.

Now everyone started talking. You could hear Marcus's name being said by everyone. They were all talking about him. The only one being quiet was me, Casey and Marco. It felt awkward to me, and it seemed like Casey felt the same.

"I'm gonna go" i said to Casey when i finished my food. She nodded, "okay, see ya"

While i walked out of the room, i thought, that maybe i shouldn't leave Casey alone with him. I felt so bad for her, that would be so awkward to her. Too late, i had already left the cafeteria.

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