I never meant to hurt you.

A new boy starts in Megans school, and he can't help falling for her. How will he fit in, and will she ever love him back?


1. New chapter

I opened my locker and grabbed my history book. Another goddamn monday i thought, while closing the locker. I ran my fingers through my light pastelblue hair and walked to class.

I stepped into the classroom, looked around, and sat down on my usual spot, in the back of the class,

Mr. Williams arrived, and startet talking right away. "Sit where you want Marco" he said.

I liften an eyebrow and looked up. A new boy. Brown hair and dark eyes. Pretty but absolutely not my type.

He walked to the back of the class, and sat down next to me. I looked at him, and we got eyecontact. He looked up and down at me, and smiled to me. I rolled my eyes, and looked back up at Mr. Williams.

Ugh, such a cliché. He would fit in very well, in the popular group, with all the other football guys and the cheerleader girls.

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