Weekly Story Prompts

As a way to motivate me to write more, I've decided to a movella where each week I give a phrase, picture, set of words or something similar, and write something from it. This can be a poem, short story... ANYTHING.
I hope that you guys will join me, and I will copy in your things if you give me a link :)


6. Week 5: Prompt

Hey guys, sorry it's been a while (and by that I mean like a month)

This year at school has proven to be much more hectic than I'd planned for, so prompt are going to be a bit sporadic. Wow I have NEVER used that word in a sentence before XD

As usual, co-authors are welcome :)

This week's prompt is to write a description about an urban setting e.g. a shopping centre or a motorway.

Good luck!

QW x

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