Weekly Story Prompts

As a way to motivate me to write more, I've decided to a movella where each week I give a phrase, picture, set of words or something similar, and write something from it. This can be a poem, short story... ANYTHING.
I hope that you guys will join me, and I will copy in your things if you give me a link :)


4. Week 2: Response

Lonely little girl

Sitting by the empty road

No one knows her name


Yeah, I probably need to work on my haikus... But that's the point of this, right!

If anyone watches Jacksfilms, I was totally doing this to the haiku song. No counting syllables on fingers required!

In other news, the prompt tomorrow will be for two weeks as I am going on CAMP and won't have access to Wi-Fi :( I won't be able to do a response, but you guys can if you want by either LEAVING YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW (Jacksfilms reference - I promise I'm not as obsessed with him as I seem, I'm WAY more obsessed with other YouTubers) or tagging me in a Mumble.

I love how this part is longer than the actual response.

So yeah, keep an eye out for the TWO prompts tomorrow!

QW x

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