Tori Burnley is a senior, 2 more weeks and she's set free from anymore homework, sleepless nights, assignments, and dumb jock's. She simply cannot wait for this year to be over...That is until her new substitute teacher Mr. Sorrels fills in for Mrs. Johnson for the last couple of weeks that are left. Tori got into some trouble with some of her friends when they were caught skipping class, Mr. Sorrels has no choice but to punish Tori for her irrational behavior...


3. Lucky me

     That week felt like it took a whole month to pass, if Mr. Sorrels hadn't been a spawn of Satan it might of went alot smoother. I could tell the rest of this week was going to be hell too, Mr. Sorrels had filled last week with baby punishments like standing in the corner, sitting right beside him during class, and rewriting the sentence  "I will behave in class" over and over again and to top it all off I wasn't going to Jolie's big party tomorrow, she said she could reschedule it but everyone would be pissed so I just told her to have fun without me.

I kept thinking about skipping Mr. Sorrels class but I knew he had already seen me. Oh what the hell, the longer away from him the better. I locked my car and went straight to the bathroom, I looked at myself and realized that I dressed up for some reason. My long brown hair was curled and my makeup was nicely done. I put on brown eyeshadow to bring out my hazel eyes and outlined them with a black wing, I don't know why I was so passionate about makeup all of a sudden but I was. I spent the rest of the day sitting in the bathroom and that's when my phone rang.

"oh my god Tori, where the hell are you!?"

"The school bathroom"

"Tori, me and Nathan are coming to you"

"I'm on 500 hall"

I got my bag and walked out to meet Nathan and Jolie but a unfamiliar hand gripped my arm.

"going somewhere hotstuff?"

Mr. Sorrels flashed his perfect smile.

There is no way Jolie was going to have to cancel her party because of me.

"it was all me, I told them to meet up with me I'm sorry, just don't punish them"

"very well, your detention time will be extended"

I took the slip and nearly passed out.

"3:30pm-9:30pm!?! No way, I have places to be"

"The only place you needed to be was in class, whine and I'll settle for longer"

I walked slowly to Mr. Sorrels class, he was the last person I wanted to see at the moment. As I approached his class I saw him talking with a student. I ignored both of them and walked in.

For the rest of the class I ignored him and rolled my eyes every time he called my name.

The 7th period bell rang and once again I was the last one out but Mr. Sorrels stopped me. He stared down at me.

"you're the only one who has talked back to me, you deserve to be punished."

"maybe a little communication is exactly what you need, Mr. Sorrels"

I pushed passed him and went straight to 7th period. The whole class talked about the incident that occurred earlier today, i figured what else is new...I hate this school, gossip spreads like wildfires.




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