Tori Burnley is a senior, 2 more weeks and she's set free from anymore homework, sleepless nights, assignments, and dumb jock's. She simply cannot wait for this year to be over...That is until her new substitute teacher Mr. Sorrels fills in for Mrs. Johnson for the last couple of weeks that are left. Tori got into some trouble with some of her friends when they were caught skipping class, Mr. Sorrels has no choice but to punish Tori for her irrational behavior...


5. Dismissed

I rolled my eyes but before I could walk away he grabbed me and kissed my neck, I tilt my head back allowing it, he reached for the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head. I stepped out of my sweatpants before he picked me up and sat me on his desk, I grabbed his tie and yanked it so my lips caressed his neck he unhooked my bra and watched with satisfaction as my breasts bounced out of the cloth, he sucked my nipple and tugged at the other one. He kissed the valley between them and laid me down, he took a step back and started to unbutton his shirt he looked at me with intense eyes and grinned sensually he tossed it to the floor, took his tie off and placed it on the desk he then yanked my legs to him separating them and kissed me up my body to reach my neck. I could feel his erection grow between me. He whispered in my ear softly,

"you have to tell me I can punish you, miss Burnley"

I run my fingers down his body and look into his eyes

"please punish me, Mr. Sorrels"

He grins and grabs his tie, he wraps it around my wrists and ties it to the side of the desk...I'm so vulnerable he's in complete control now.

He flips me over on my stomach, he circulates his erection on my backside getting me more and more excited. He then steps back rubbing and squeezing me then slaps me hard, i moan unexpectedly. He does it again and gets the same reaction. He rubs between my legs, stimulating my clit and making my panties wet.

"mmm, ready for me already?"

i breathed heavily. i heard the unbuckling of his belt and he slid it off, he rubbed the belt between my legs then lightly spanked me...teased me. I grew impatient.

"please do It already Mr. Sorrels, I want it so bad" I whimpered 

The belt hit my ass hard i jumped pleasurably 

"You call me sir. greedy girls don't get to cum, do I make myself clear?" 

I bit my lip and nodded 

"yes sir"

He pulled my panties off and slid his finger inside me, I moaned and tensed up.

"good girl" he said seductively 

without warning he rammed himself inside me, making me scream.

"shh kitten, we don't need anyone interrupting us do we?"

i shook my head. He pounded me with sharp sensual thrusts grabbing my waist he pounded harder and harder, I moaned loudly each time. He reached under me and rubbed my clit, i squirmed and he spanked me. I moaned loudly, He stopped everything. Breathing heavily he walked over to my arms and untied them he pulled me to my knees, my face directly at his impressive erection.

"You love to back talk don't you?"

"Yes sir" i answer 

"let's see how good you talk with this in your mouth, baby"

i take him in my mouth and wrap my lips around him he tilts his head back and groans, he pounds himself into my mouth I want to gag but he's enjoying it so I hold it back. He groans louder and louder as he grabs my hair with both hands. He pulls me up, bends me over, and pounds harder and deeper than before.

"fuck" he moans loudly 

i whimpered breathlessly. I was sore...but sore felt so good.

I held it off as long as I possibly could, my muscles tensed, my legs shook and my body swelled, my body drained the same time his did we laid breathless for a moment.

"I hope you learned your lesson, miss Burnley" he said panting  

"Yes Sir" 

we put our clothes on and he smiled at me

"you're dismissed, hotstuff" 

Maybe missing Jolie's party wasn't so bad after all.




























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