Tori Burnley is a senior, 2 more weeks and she's set free from anymore homework, sleepless nights, assignments, and dumb jock's. She simply cannot wait for this year to be over...That is until her new substitute teacher Mr. Sorrels fills in for Mrs. Johnson for the last couple of weeks that are left. Tori got into some trouble with some of her friends when they were caught skipping class, Mr. Sorrels has no choice but to punish Tori for her irrational behavior...


1. Almost there

"I absolutely can't wait!"

   I jerked my head up expecting a Mrs. Johnson breathing down my face instead I got Jolie, Me and Jolie had been best friends since 6th grade she could barely subtract on her own but somehow she managed to stay on the cheer team and graduate, she says she started going to "helping classes" but the only thing she was helping was our principal and our school coach get off. But besides being a total moron, Jolie knew how to throw a party and next week's party was significantly special, considering the whole school was going to be there. Her dad owns a beach house and a liquor cabinet, it's not even close to a cabinet... it's more like a closet if you ask me.

"I still can't believe your dad lets you do all of this stuff"

Jolie fluffed her dark auburn hair and looked at me with her big emerald eyes, 

"you know my dad as long as there isn't any sex in his bed he doesn't give a shit"

"so sex in your bed is acceptable?"

"Yeah I guess, why?"

"Who knows, I just might meet Prince charming"

Jolie scoffed 

"oh what? You don't think I could have sex? I've done it before"

"I didn't say anything, just try to keep your dusty desert off my new sheets, I don't want to see sand dunes in there when I walk in"

we both paused, looked at each other then laughed. Mrs. Johnson gave us her familiar shut-the-hell-up look and we obeyed immediately, I rested my head back on the desk and closed my eyes, but it wasn't too long until Mrs. Johnson's voice rose above the silence jilting me wide awake.


I jerked my head back to look at her and smiled 

"thank you for waking me up, I was having a nightmare"

"well I'm sure the class would love to hear"

"I was sleeping in prison and then the voice of Satan woke me...wait a minute"

The classroom filled with laughter but Mrs. Johnson yanked me up by my arm and walked me to the office, I could tell she was heated by the way she slurred her words and how hard she held my arm.

"ah, miss Burnley"

I was nervous, I'd never been to the principal's office for anything...I never really noticed how old our principal was, He looked like he escaped from the nursing home and hitched a ride to hell with Johnson.

"I know the status, tell me what the punishments are"

I shifted in my chair and inhaled deeply 

"Well since this is only your seventeenth warning and it's the end of the year, you are going to have to be set with after school detention on Tuesday of next week" 

"That's it?"

"Would you like cleaning duty?"

"N-No thanks"

The 7th period bell rang and for once out of the four years I'd been at westburge high...it was music to my ears. I grabbed my slip and shoved it in my pocket. My 7th period was slim but Jolie yanked me into the seat beside her.

"you are everyone's hero! Don't tell me...cleaning duty?"

"No, he let me off easy"

I dug into my back pocket and pulled out my detention slip, she examined it as if she understood it then gasped.

"what's wrong?"

"Your detention date is on the day of my huge party"

 I buried my face into her sweater...the only thing that I'd been looking forward to besides the end of school for us.



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