The Journey Of One Thousand Kills

Eren was a young boy who dreamed of joining the Scouting Legion. He would watch as the soldiers rode in from titan country on horseback. He knew some did not make it back. But the young boy had a dream. Read as Eren goes through a journey to join the Scouts. He wants revenge from the titans,he wants to slaughter every titan that he crosses path with. He finds he can turn into a titan by biting his right thumb. His journey is long. He loses friends and his mother. But he will do anything,to get his revenge.


1. Just Some Feelings

It was mid-day,Eren and Mikasa were sitting in the grass,picking flowers.

"Eren?" Mikasa asked.

"Yea?" Eren replied.

"How do you feel about your-" Mikasa was interrupted by Eren.

"WE DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT MIKASA! WE NEVER WILL,SO DON'T START THE SUBJECT" Eren yelled,dropping his flowers and running off,his  eyes were filling with tears. "Why does she have to start that conversation?" Eren thought to himself.

"EREN! WAIT!" Mikasa yelled as she ran after Eren. She caught up with him. "Eren,I'm sorry for starting that!" Mikasa said in a worried voice.

Eren stopped running,Mikasa did the same. "Well your words didn't think the same about my feelings.She is gone,I do not want to talk about her gone. She was the only mother I had,she did what she did to keep us safe. Now if you don't mind I am going to go see Armin." Eren roughly spoke to Mikasa. "Well if that is how your going to act,I am going to see Armin too." Mikasa told Eren. Eren glared at Mikasa in despite of her wanting to follow him round and round. "Mikasa,I am NOT your little brother alongside I am NOT some snot-nose toddler" Eren was frustrated with Mikasa.

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