Super stardom


3. behind the scenes

Today was the worst day ever. My parents are fighting again. They have been ever since I was 5. I don't know why they never split up though. Maybe it's because my dad has no idea how to cook and he needs my mom to cook for him. She isn't his chef so he shouldn't keep doing this and just split up with her. I know my mom feels tortured and the only reason she's staying is because it's the only way to ever see her children. I'm a Muslim and it's Pakistan doesn't offer the best education in the world so I can't go there and live with my mom and neither can all my other siblings. Every time they fight, I go upstairs to my room and I just cry at how horrible my life is. But I couldn't do that now. I had to go to rehearsal. I was still a crying mess by the time I got there. I walked in and backstage, I saw Ashton. Yes the Ashton from 5SOS. I would be okay and excited to see him and talk to him but he couldn't see me like this. I tried to move away from him as fast as possible but I was frozen in place. He turned around and smiled but it faded when he saw me, still crying. He ran up to me and asked me what was wrong. I couldn't answer cause I was too busy crying. Ashton hugged me and I was crying in his chest for a while. All Electric an the other guys of 5SOS walked out if the dressing room and saw me crying into Ashton's chest. They all came up to be and asked what was wrong. They led me to the couch and waited till I stopped crying to again ask me what was wrong. I told them all about my situation because I honestly couldn't keep it all in anymore. I never told anyone this. Not even my closest friends! I just couldn't deal with it all an luckily the guys got the message too. Michael and Calum started making jokes followed by Luke and Ashton and soon, everyone was joining in and laughing and smiling. Even I forgot everything that was going on. I just laughed along and smiled with them. I skipped rehearsal cause I wasn't up for that but the rest of the guys from both bands worked on their music and stuff so I left them to it and walked around trying to clear my head. Once they were all finished with everything, we hung out a bit and then left to head back to our homes. At least, my bandmates and me did. The other guys had a hotel to be at. I went home an my parents were fighting again. I couldn't wait till the tour kick started out of Canada. Or Ontario for that matter. I couldn't handle all of this. My parents were so in love before. What happened to them now? They're like, completely different people.

I have no idea how U can make them stop. It seems impossible.

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