Death by the book


6. your wrong

Nate just smiled and nodded, "indeed my young chi..." Nate didn't finish.

"What the fuck do you mean we're not human! You fuckers must be saying that to your selfs so you could feel better! You demons make me sick!" I yelled, what they honestly believe that were not humans?

"Mary please calm down" Nate stood up from his seat, coming to Sally's chair. Sally's squeezes her eyes closes, years running down her face.

"Please don't hurt me, please let us go" Sally kept whispering to herself.

"Leave her the fuck alone," I screamed, "what fuck do you think your doing!" Nate grabbed a knife, a old kitchen knife from one of his pockets.

"I'll show you the true Mary" Nate was bring the knife close to Sally's neck!

"Mary! Stop him!" Sally cried

"Stop it! Leave her alone!" I yelled, pulling at my straps! Leave her," my straps broke "alone!" Nate froze, stepping away from Sally.

"Mary!" Sally yelled, I walked to Nate.

"Mary calm down, I only did this to get a reaction out of you!" Nate stated. I was pissed. my eyes hurt, tears I felt tears coming down.

"My god," Sally screamed,"your eyes, your tears there" I put my hand to my face and saw what was wrong.

"It's happening!" Nate screamed "Mary you have to believe me! This is what we're trying to control. If you don't calm down you'll blow up everything!"

I only smiled, looking at Sally I saw the same thing in her eyes saying do it.

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