Death by the book



4. what to do now

"Mary!" I heard screams, it found familiar. but I don't know who it is. "Mary wake up please! Save me, save me!" It continued. All I see is pitch black, nothing but the screams of the voice. The voice went on and on, until it stopped and I opened my eyes.

"Where am I?" I question, while sitting up.

"Mary!" Said the same voice, I turn to see Sally running up to me and gave a huge hug.she had tears on her face, red puffy eyes. looks like she was crying for hours.

"Sally, are you alright? Why you upset, how long was I out? What's-" I tried to continue.

"You question to much," Sally giggled "nothing is wrong, you just out for a while. And.." Sally stopped herself from saying it. I was now confused to what is hurting her.

"What is it?" I went to cuddle with her to calm her down. She was now balling, and worst is, I don't know or even remember why! "Sally, its alright. just calm down." I whispered to her in her ear, rocking us both.

"How can you be so calm, both Mark and Olivia are-are gone." Sally struggled to say. Oh shit, I remember now! Mark killed himself. When the demons put me in back in our room, they must of told Sally why Mark or 'subject 11' to them wasn't there.

"I know it's sad, but we need to move on. they would want us to." I ever so calmly said to her. We stayed sitting there, until it got late and we both got up to put Sally to bed.

"Are we ever going to leave here?" Sally questioned, while I pulled the make shift blanket over her.

"I don't know, Sally. I don't know" I stone faced answered her sweet question. After a while I think she'll find out that. asking that question isn't going to help. "God has turned its back on us, I don't know to think anymore" i kissed her good night and turned off the light and left her room.

I went to my own bed, I now have the same question Sally asked in my mind. Are we ever going to leave her. I say up, I need to escape, its time to plan. I got up and went to the paper they leave here and started to think of our final escape. And it will work.

"Mary? It's time to get up, the demons come and get us at 8 it's 7"Sally explained to me, while shacking me awake.

"I'm up I'm up!" I said sitting up, running my eyes. I got up and hide the paper with the escape plan under my bed. "come on let's get ready." I said and went to get Sally ready. We will leave this hell hole, tomorrow night.

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