Death by the book


1. The thing i call life

When does this pass by God? Wasn't God suppose to watching us all to keep us on the right path? Or to keep the good people safe and punish the wrong doers. God, why don't you help us anymore! I've waited and waited for the day for when you come and save me from them. I can't even speak there name anymore! It makes my blood boil. God I'm starting to lose faith. For 10 long years I've waited, but you never came. You never came! These humans, no there no longer human. There monster. Monsters from hell. I want them to go back. And burn, burn till they can't even scream anymore. Let them burn next to a lake. And lock them up so they see the water. But know they can not reach it. That's how much I hate them. God, I gave you many chances to come and save me. But that was your last chance. I hate you. As much as I hate them! Good bye. And thanks for nothing!

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