V Fantasy

An immortal women whose been alive for centuries.
Searching for love.
Her love became cursed.
Only to have her children to also be cursed.
Being reborn and turning into ash is a horrible death.
what will become of them in the human world?


1. Prologue

Between two worlds life hovers like a star,

Twixt night and morn,

Upon the horizon's verge.

Moonlight of sins a lady gorges the darkness. Celestial white, drowned in misery she mistreats the heavens gods of the all mighty.

Punishment for her sins she is said to be cursed with no love and no family. But the celestial witch has a family sadly only to watch them ash into the ground.

She will lose all, but will have to bear to see her children reborn and dying over for many centuries.

In the twixt night world her children are not at all mortal but they will be the V fantasy family only to rejoice the curse to save both tragic worlds.

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