Love at first sight

Kayli has moved to Sydney, Australia for her birthday with her brother Xavier. He gets her tickets to 5sos and they go. Will she find the love of her life or will it go down hill ?


4. the perfect day

It was the day we were going to the consert!!!!

I woke up,brushed my teeth,and put my hair into a messy bun.

"Are you ready birthday girl",Xavier yelled

"Yes hang on",I said. I walked downstairs and sat in the kitchen.

"Happy birthday",Xavier said

"Thanks, I can't believe I'm finally 18, I said excitedly.

"Yep well you are",Xavier said.


"We're here", Xavier said.

"Yea i can't wait",I said

"And plus I have backstage passes to meet them" he said.

I screamed loudly!!!!!!!!

We walked up and we saw 5sos on the stage! I saw a michael with his perfect green hair.

"Omg look at Michael he is so hot", I yelled so he could hear me.

"Well I bet you glad you get to meet him", he said

5sos played amnesia, good girls, she looks so perfect, and don't stop.

"I'm ready to go meet them", I said

We walked backstage and saw them!!

"Hi I'm luke, this is micheal,ashton,and calum", luke said.

" I know",I said


"I know", she said.

Oh my god the looked so perfect. With her brown hair and brown eyes, she was beautiful. I made eye contact with her and she blushed and so did I so i wales up to her.

"Hey",I said awkwardly

"Hi", she said.

So we hung out for another 2 hours or so and I felt Kayli and I hit it off.

"So Kayli can I have your number", I said kindly.

"Only if I can have yours"she said

Oh my god she is so beautiful. We took eachothers phone and put our number in it and she had to go so we said our goodbyes and she left.

"I think I have a crush mates"I said to the boys.

"Uh-oh you can't fall for a fan", calum said

"Too late", I said


We got home and I walked up stairs and got into the shower I was singing "good girls" bye 5sos then got out dryed off an pit on some clothes then my phone rang.

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