Love at first sight

Kayli has moved to Sydney, Australia for her birthday with her brother Xavier. He gets her tickets to 5sos and they go. Will she find the love of her life or will it go down hill ?


3. at home at last

We pulled up in the driveway and saw our new house. It was a 2 story, baby blue house.

"Wow it really is a beautiful house" I said

"Yea", he said


I finally finished unpacking and went down stairs and saw that Xavier (za za) had just walked in.

"Hey",I said

"Hey guess what",he said

"What",I asked

"I got tickets to 5sos consert for your birthday", he said

"Really cool , wait my birthday is tommorrow", I said

"I know", he said and smiled

Looked like tommorrow was going to be a long happy day!!!!!

Sorry for the short chapters lately I've been super busy but ill update them ASAP thank you

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